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The future of road traffic in Europe

The EU Commission is calling for a switch to electric drives. But industry representatives and some EU parliamentarians fear nasty consequences. The future of road traffic in Europe, the protection of the climate and half a million jobs are at stake: the EU wants to tighten the limits on how many greenhouse gases new cars are allowed to emit, and the decisive phase is now beginning in this explosive project. On Wednesday, the European Parliament’s Environment Committee voted on its position on the Commission’s draft legislation; negotiations on the legal act between the Parliament and the Council of Ministers, the legislative chamber of the member states, could begin this summer.

The Threat

The Threat. The world looks at Russia and Ukraine. The war is dominating all the news. While Putin has so far refused to budge from his course of war, fears of a possible nuclear war are growing in this country.
But how likely is it that Russia will make use of its most destructive weapons and even start a nuclear war?