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Russia’s homage to North Stream pipelines

David Brinkley, the legendary American newscaster with a career that spanned an amazing fifty-four years from World War II once said that a successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him. How many American statesmen ever practised this noble thought inherited from Jesus Christ remains doubtful.

The Ukraine – the well-armed poorhouse of Europe

It’s time to take a sober look at Ukraine. It is a poor country with hardly any prospects for development. Many illusions surround Ukraine. One of the biggest is the idea that, until the start of the war, Ukraine was a developed state whose population lived a good life.

Germany has arrived in a frenzy and completely in irrationality.

There is a drawing of a Ukrainian artist dated March 1945. From the coffin of a Wehrmacht soldier crawls a snake in the Ukrainian national colors. The key message is that German fascism continues in Ukraine in the cult of Bandera. There is a clearly visible influence of fascism in Ukraine, which has become stronger and more dominant in recent years. In Germany, on the other hand, people vehemently deny that Ukraine is currently a de facto fascist state. Especially in left-liberal circles, people turn a blind eye to all the evidence that shows how far to the right Ukraine has become.

The future of road traffic in Europe

The EU Commission is calling for a switch to electric drives. But industry representatives and some EU parliamentarians fear nasty consequences. The future of road traffic in Europe, the protection of the climate and half a million jobs are at stake: the EU wants to tighten the limits on how many greenhouse gases new cars are allowed to emit, and the decisive phase is now beginning in this explosive project. On Wednesday, the European Parliament’s Environment Committee voted on its position on the Commission’s draft legislation; negotiations on the legal act between the Parliament and the Council of Ministers, the legislative chamber of the member states, could begin this summer.

British patient had COVID-19 continuously for 505 days

The patient, who was taking part in a study with eight other patients, died in a hospital back in 2021, but only now has the case been presented at the European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases in Lisbon, Portugal. It is not known whether the unnamed patient also died of COVID-19, since according to the doctors he had other diseases in addition to an immune deficiency, but the observations brought important insights into mutations of the virus.

Declaration of war on Putin

Declaration of war on Putin. According to NATO officials and politicians, the „intervention forces“ will be positioned exclusively in surrounding NATO member states. With the deployment of soldiers, weapons and costs, one can’t help but wonder how long the heavily armed ladies and gentlemen will remain on the sidelines? There are enough mercenary troops operating undetected in crisis areas all over the world, steering the development of warfare in the desired direction, as was possible on the Maidan. I assume that is exactly what will happen and NATO will attack Putin’s troops in Ukraine

NATO Committee of Inquiry 19.02.2022: Ukraine Conflict – War in Europe?

NATO Committee of Inquiry 19.02.2022: Ukraine Conflict – War in Europe? The war preparations of the Western community of values against Russia and China are in full swing. Since the turn of the year, war propaganda against both countries has been massively intensified. In Germany, the American nuclear bombs in Büchel are currently being replaced by a new generation. Once the mobile surface-to-surface cruise missiles of the Dark Eagle series start traveling on trucks through Central Europe in 2023, the nuclear bombs will be able to reach Moscow in less than twenty minutes. So it is high time to focus all energies to stop the nuclear inferno.