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„May the entire republic point the finger at them“. -Brutal reckoning with the Corona system

In any case, it is unprecedented in the history of the FRG what a merciless bombardment of measures and restraints rained down on the people for two years. I, who had lived in the GDR for over thirty years until the Corona pandemic came upon us, had never experienced anything like this before. Keeping a distance („social distancing“), there was talk of a „new normal“ – pardon: who thought up such a thing? And why were the terms and rules suddenly there? Had the WHO already been prepared for this for a long time? Questions arose. The measures were almost uniform in all countries. Wearing a mask – at the beginning still disposable gloves in the streetcar! Many of the measures adopted seemed contradictory, even nonsensical.

Coup of the global fascists (2)

A gigantic power cartel is preparing to dismantle the world under the keyword „The Great Reset“ and to create a „New World Order“ from the rubble of the old order. The „Global Deep State“ is the driver of the „New World Order“. It is made up of Big Money, i.e. the rich and super-rich, oligarchs and plutocrats, as well as capital collectors such as BlackRock & Co., Big Corporations, including Big Data and Big Pharma, the military-industrial-security complex, the secret services, externally and internal secret armies, the PR/propaganda agencies and media conglomerates as well as „Deep & Corrupt Governments“. 

Coup of the global fascists (1)

The western world is in the midst of a transnational coup d’état. Characteristic of this monstrous coup are a constitutional coup, the ongoing Corona state of emergency, constitutional states in ruins and political rulership. In addition, there is the targeted chaos of daily life through constantly changing conditions, surveillance, digital tyranny, the production of fear and lies in the media, and censorship. Also on their agenda is the planned ruin of small and medium-sized businesses in favor of large corporations, the robbery and plunder of state assets, excessive national debt in favor of the international financial industry, impoverishment of large parts of the population and plans for geostrategic reorganization. The collapse of the separation of powers corresponds to efforts to increasingly centralize economic and political power and the ultimate goal of enforcing a New World Order. The rulers have delegitimized themselves. 


In addition to the destruction of the social fabric, entire sectors of the economy, an educational catastrophe, pathogenic psychosocial effects, the permanent violation of democratic and constitutional red lines, senseless encroaching lockdowns and restrictions and a devastating vaccination campaign with millions of side effects and vaccination damage, the man-made corona „pandemic“ has another produced another fatal effect, the scope of which is not even remotely acknowledged in the media and politically: ongoing environmental destruction and pollution caused by veritable mountains of plastic and hazardous waste caused by tens of billions of corona masks, syringes, test sticks and much more have and continue to cause.

Germany’s Corona Committee launches class action lawsuit against the government

The German extra-parliamentary investigative committee COVID-19 (see diagram is working on a class action lawsuit against the government and the manufacturers of the PCR tests, which according to the more honest part of virologists are absolutely unsuitable for Covid-19. Nevertheless, the PCR test was and is touted and promoted by the WHO – and by other leading health institutions in the Western world, such as the US NIAID / NIH and CDC, as well as by researchers at the German Center for Infection Research ( DZIF) at the Charité, Klinikum Berlin. It was Dr. Christian Drosten, Director of the Institute of Virology at the „Charité“, who propagated this test, which was eventually adopted by the respective German government and health authorities, who made it an obligatory panacea to test and count „cases“, mostly to manipulate statistics – which the media then use to get people to inject multiple times. 

„People will no longer be able to afford very normal things. „

The rise in inflation is a global phenomenon that is hitting the working class and the poor particularly hard. One of the biggest drivers of inflation is high energy prices. The same applies to the prices of food, especially fresh fruit and vegetables, and services, which continue to rise. The rise in rents and utility costs also continues unabated. Rising inflation has also been triggered by the effects of the Corona pandemic – interrupted supply chains, production slumps, tight supply of goods.

German health insurers sound the alarm: „17 billion missing from the health fund“.

According to the leading association of statutory health insurers (GKV), the insurers are short 17 billion euros for next year.

Karl Lauterbach’s explanations for the deficit, do not even correspond to the truth.

New York City – The Time After

New York City – The Time After
New York City’s road out of the Corona fiasco, will be a rocky one. The wounds that were inflicted will not heal quickly, and the scars will be visible in perpetuity. Covid-19 and the economic crisis that followed, have plunged New York City – not to mention the entire country – into recession, put millions out of work and crippled public services.