The last act

The last act. Recently, Brigadier General Reinhard Uhle-Wettler also spoke out in an open letter addressed to the German government.  Entitled „The Last Act,“ the letter states in taut, almost laconic brevity the direction to which Germany and other Western countries have slipped. It now appears that the final act of the German tragedy has begun.“ (Blog Peter Krause). For the first time in the history of Germany, the elected! political governing parties are openly transforming the German people, to whose welfare they are committed, into a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi-religious population.

Ukraine – The unspoken truth

Ukraine – The unspoken truth. As in all conflicts, including this one on the Ukrainian – Russian border, it is about the old familiar struggle between „good and evil“. It is indeed so. Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, the supposedly evil and accused in this macabre game, has, if you will, set the stage to give the truth a chance to come to light. We the Germans, the Europeans, the Americans, Canadians, Japanese, Chinese*, what happens on the stage, but report on it and try to influence the further course of the production positively. The opportunity to help the truth come to light unfortunately does not come often

Germany – A total loss

Germany – A total loss – As a rule, one speaks of a total loss when an object is completely destroyed and its recovery is objectively impossible. In the insurance world, this case is referred to as a „technical“ total loss. An „economic“ total loss occurs when the item can still be repaired, but the repair is not worthwhile for economic reasons.

Lies – The foundation of civilized society

Lies – The foundation of civilized society
In the eighth biblical commandment, lying is outlawed. Since Adam and Eve, it has been considered the instrument of evil, of intrigue, of destruction. Or else as the opposite, as the professor has experienced dozens of times: 

The Breakdown of the European Union

The Breakdown of the European Union The European Union will have a total of 27 member states in 2021. Since its founding, the EU has thus grown from 6 states by an initial 22 states. With the exit of Great Britain, the number has decreased again. The expansive and aggressive eastward expansion, driven by the majority Socialist parties in the EU Parliament, has created a host of problems that may and hopefully will lead to the failure of the Union. The attempt of the socialists to force the new countries into a multicultural, multilateral and globalist corset has become a nightmare for the citizens of the European Union.

Josef Ratzinger – The Truth destroys his life

Josef Ratzinger – The Truth destroys his life. Joseph Ratzinger is and remains a controversial figure. This also applies to his role in the abuse scandal. Now the truth has caught him up. The chief investigator of child abuse, failed to speak The Truth. Another prince of the church is caught up with the truth and exposed.

Our weapon is the truth

Our weapon is the truth. Donald J. Trump and his army, are subjected to constant hostility from the socialists, which is often very painful and (should) darken our souls. Their arguments are full of lies and they abhor honest people, upright love of God and truth. Their Fake News media spreads mirages of a brave new world that doesn’t exist. Socialists shun the truth and avoid it like the devil shuns holy water.

Germans receive poverty pensions

Germans receive poverty pensions. Written by Linda Levante and Karlheinz W. Gernholz, on January 22, 2022. „Germany is a rich country,“ the Fake News media is reporting. People from all over the world are supposed to believe that Germany is the best of all worlds. Mirages attract many millions of people to come to Germany to share in the „prosperity“. Once here, the bubble bursts for most of them, and they realize that we are not the rich country that the media and politics would have us believe.

The muezzin calls – harbingers of a culture war

The muezzin calls – harbingers of a culture war. With the beginning of the new year, the citizens of Cologne will have to hear and endure the call of the muezzin every Friday. The “people who have lived here for a long time” were not asked by the socialists.

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