The future of road traffic in Europe

The EU Commission is calling for a switch to electric drives. But industry representatives and some EU parliamentarians fear nasty consequences. The future of road traffic in Europe, the protection of the climate and half a million jobs are at stake: the EU wants to tighten the limits on how many greenhouse gases new cars are allowed to emit, and the decisive phase is now beginning in this explosive project. On Wednesday, the European Parliament’s Environment Committee voted on its position on the Commission’s draft legislation; negotiations on the legal act between the Parliament and the Council of Ministers, the legislative chamber of the member states, could begin this summer.

Difficult truth finding – Vaccine damage is increasing worldwide

Vaccine damage is increasing dramatically, also in California, it is currently reported that an increasing number of fully vaccinated people are occupying wards with severe side effects and are fighting for their lives. In more and more countries, the consequences of vaccination are becoming apparent. According to an analysis of the company health insurance funds in Germany, a study by the Charité and private reports, an increasing number of fully vaccinated people are plagued by massive side effects.

60 Years of Turks in Germany. A balance sheet.

Assalam Aleikum. For 60 years now, we Germans have had to put up with Muslim Turks whose prophet and his subjects call us pigs. It is time to take a sober look at the past and present and ask the Muslims for answers. You have been living in our country for 60 years now. Some of you have built your own existence, parallel to ours. Most of you in the food trade and gastronomy. Even in the last corner of Germany we can find your kebab shops. You have opened countless cell phone stores in our country and founded call centers in Turkey, in order to deceive us demonstrably to get our money. Some of you have gained a foothold in the construction business, others in the car and drug trade. You also play a not insignificant role in the red light milieu. They have set up gold stores, shisha bars and other businesses to launder ill-gotten money from fraud, drug trafficking and the red-light district.

Zelenky’s inhuman Islamic strategy

The war in Ukraine reminds me strongly of Muslim strategies and approaches, which I know well enough from Islamic countries. I have long suspected that Zelensky is either cooperating with the Muslims or has converted to Islam. Everything suggests that he has switched to the side of the jihadists, or is at least very close to them. His language, the language of the Klitschko brothers and his ambassador to Germany Andrij Melnyk (Ukrainian lawyer, diplomat and politician), clearly show Muslim aggressive features against the West. Now I have found an article that supports my assumption, but whether it is true, I could not verify despite hours of searching the net. I present it anyway. Gates of Vienna says:

Muslims: „Use the war in Ukraine to burn Europe.“

The tone on Telegram: „Strike hard, cause pain and terror“. Then the wish: „The war will last until the crusaders are ‚burned'“.
Exploiting the war in Ukraine as a diversion to carry out attacks in Europe and take revenge for former leaders killed. The Islamic State’s (Isis) call to its militiamen, immigrants scattered across Europe, is this.

„NATO expansion to the east does not serve security“.

Leadership Group warns of nuclear danger in Ukraine.
„Regarding the tension on Ukraine’s eastern border, China believes that all parties concerned should exercise reason in the current situation, adhere to the general direction of a political solution, and refrain from any action that could create tension or fuel the crisis. The parties should take full account of each other’s legitimate security concerns, show mutual respect and, on this basis, resolve their differences appropriately through consultations on an equal footing.“

Michele Bachmann on the Russia-Ukraine debacle

Michele Bachmann on the Russia-Ukraine debacle. She believes that the Russia-Ukraine debacle is distracting us from the NWO’s plans. She states: „This takes our eyes off the „main event, which is the rise of global authoritarianism and the abolition of protected civil liberties.“

„Prisoners of their own lies“

The blurb for Peter Scholl-Latour’s book „The Curse of the Evil Deed“ says: „In detail, he illuminates the increasingly uncontrollable conflict in eastern Ukraine, the causes of which he sees not least in the West’s questionable policy toward Russia since the collapse of the Soviet Union.“ And the back cover of the book reads, „With his characteristic perspicacity, Peter Scholl-Latour illuminates a region over which, after decades of political and military intervention by the West, a curse seems to lie – the curse of the evil deed of hopeless interference.“


„TO THE GERMAN PEOPLE“ is the inscription on the Reichstag building in Berlin. Our people’s representatives have sworn to prevent harm to the German people, but that is exactly what they are not doing. With the beginning of the Red-Green government (1998), no more laws were enacted that were for the good of the German„„TO THE GERMAN PEOPLE““ weiterlesen

The Threat

The Threat. The world looks at Russia and Ukraine. The war is dominating all the news. While Putin has so far refused to budge from his course of war, fears of a possible nuclear war are growing in this country.
But how likely is it that Russia will make use of its most destructive weapons and even start a nuclear war?

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