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A CALL FOR THE CHURCH AND FOR THE WORLD. We have reason to believe – based on the official data on the epidemic in terms of the number of deaths – that there are forces interested in creating panic in the world population. In this way, they want to permanently impose on society forms of unacceptable restriction of freedom, controlling people and monitoring their movements. The imposition of these unfreedom measures is a disturbing prelude to the creation of a world government that is beyond all control.

The Breakdown of the European Union

The Breakdown of the European Union The European Union will have a total of 27 member states in 2021. Since its founding, the EU has thus grown from 6 states by an initial 22 states. With the exit of Great Britain, the number has decreased again. The expansive and aggressive eastward expansion, driven by the majority Socialist parties in the EU Parliament, has created a host of problems that may and hopefully will lead to the failure of the Union. The attempt of the socialists to force the new countries into a multicultural, multilateral and globalist corset has become a nightmare for the citizens of the European Union.

Josef Ratzinger – The Truth destroys his life

Josef Ratzinger – The Truth destroys his life. Joseph Ratzinger is and remains a controversial figure. This also applies to his role in the abuse scandal. Now the truth has caught him up. The chief investigator of child abuse, failed to speak The Truth. Another prince of the church is caught up with the truth and exposed.