Ukrainian parliament bans pro-Russian parties and Russian music

On June 19, 2022, the Ukrainian parliament (Verkhovna Rada) decided to ban pro-Russian parties and Russian music. The laws are effective immediately. Guest appearances for artists with Russian citizenship were also banned. Artists who publicly condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine are allowed to enter Ukraine and perform.

That should actually sound familiar to us. In Germany, too, unwelcome opinions and blogs critical of the government are blocked or even completely deleted and the people behind them are accused, sentenced and locked away. With us it is enough to destroy the livelihoods of the critics, in Ukraine they don’t even bother to destroy the livelihoods of the oppositionists, but they burn them on the spot in public in the middle of the beautiful city of Odessa or bang them simply remove them, as in the Donbas since 2014. But that’s no longer possible, because the Russian army, called for help by the Russians living there, has clearly shown the bloodthirsty Kiev multi-millionaires who is the master of the house.

Volodymir Zelenskyj has understood that membership in the worthless European community can only succeed if freedom of expression and the press are suppressed and critics are eliminated. Admittedly, his methods are somewhat archaic and brutal, but the results are crucial. An opposition that is no longer allowed to say anything is perfect for the EU.

The fascism practiced in Germany and Western Europe disguises itself with the cloak of democracy, and this is the only way that fascism has not only arrived in Western Europe, but has also been accepted by the majority of the citizens. The US apprentice Zelinskyj will most likely have to stay in detention.

On April 1, the Verkhovna Rada passed a law banning the activities of pro-Russian parties in its first reading. With this bill, Parliament regulates the procedure for the ban, dissolution and violent dissolution of undesirable Russian parties.

On May 3, 2022, the Parliament of Ukraine passed the Law on Amending Certain Laws of Ukraine on Prohibition (Dissolution, Compulsory Dissolution) of Political Parties (№ 7172-1) in the second reading. According to the deputies of the presidential party Olha Sovhyrya, the deputies supported the decision with 330 votes. The opposition voted against or abstained by 131 votes.

„Finally we will stop tolerating in our political sphere the Russian world that is bringing so much destruction to Ukraine,“ she commented.

„Finally we will stop tolerating the Islamic world in our political sphere, which has brought so much destruction to Germany,“ I comment. In our spheres, not a single Muslim is allowed to influence political events. Unfortunately, they do that simply because of the stupidity and naivety of „our“ politicians, giving Muslims the right to vote is a huge faux pas, an impossibility. The SPD and the Greens only regained government responsibility thanks to millions of Muslim votes.

„The reasons for passing such a law were popularization and propaganda for the Russian authorities, their officials, persons and organizations controlled by the aggressor state,“ writes the Kyiv Post on May 4.

Political forces that publicly deny Russia’s armed aggression against Ukraine and annexation of Ukrainian lands, and justify violations of Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty, will be banned under the new law.

Commenting on the passing of the law, Verkhovna Rada Chairman Ruslan Stefanchuk said: “The passed law provides an opportunity to react immediately to the activities of anti-Ukrainian, collaborationist parties in Ukraine by banning them. The procedure is as follows: the Justice Department collects evidence of such activities and submits it to the court, which is supposed to ban the party working for the enemy. If the party is banned, property and other assets become state property.”

Earlier, on March 20 to be exact, the National Security and Defense Council banned all activities of a number of pro-Russian political parties during the period of martial law. The ban covers 11 parties, including the opposition platform For Life (OPZZh).

There were no votes against, but one abstention by deputies Vasyl Nimchenko and Serhiy Dunaev from the Platform for Life and Peace faction. Curiously, 40 MPs from different factions, including Yulia Tymoshenko , Iryna Herashchenko and 15 members of the presidential faction, were present in parliament but did not vote for the new law.


Double standards – In Washington and Berlin, neo-Nazis are persecuted; in Ukraine, they are freedom fighters.

In Washington and Berlin, neo-Nazis are persecuted; in Ukraine, it is freedom fighters who receive financial and military support from the allies.The Russian army has detained several hundred fighters of the Azov Brigade in Mariupol. According to Russian commanders, most of the fighters had swastikas, skulls and SS runes tattooed on their bodies.

Western media once again jumped the gun and declared that people with Nazi tattoos are not neo-Nazis. So Nazis in Ukraine are good Nazis, but Nazis in Germany are evil.

The history of the Asov Battalion goes back to the time before the current conflict in Ukraine. Between 2005 and 2010, Arsen Avakov was governor of the Kharkov region, the main industrial center in northeastern Ukraine. During Avakov’s tenure, nationalist Andrey Biletsky, known as the White Ruler, became very active in the region. In 2005, he founded an ultranationalist organization, The Patriot of Ukraine, which consisted mainly of aggressive, ultra-nationalist soccer fans and low-level criminals.

There is nothing to be said against patriots defending their country; on the contrary, we need patriots, especially in Germany, who oppose the repopulation and flooding of our country with Muslims, criminals and other Nazi groups. The patriots in the Asov brigade, however, are serious criminals, racists and murderers, who shoot their own houses, their own people, and also do not shy away from bombing kindergartens and schools, in order to blame everything on the Russians with the help of the Western, morally depraved media. I am not saying that the Russian soldiers are free of any guilt, they will also have done bad things, which is more or less „natural“ in wars. It will not be possible to prevent this, because wars are inherently lawless, disgusting actions that bring to light all the evil that lies dormant in some people. It’s just stupid that the West plays along with this intrigue game and completely ignores the other side of the truth.

After the Western-backed Maidan coup in Kiev in 2014, Biletsky used his connection to Avakov, who had become Ukraine’s new interior minister in the meantime, to set up a battalion for territorial defense that fought in the east of the country (Donbas).

In eastern Ukraine, the indigenous Russian population in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions protested the Maidan movement, and Biletsky’s newly formed battalion was tasked with suppressing it.

Unlike many other volunteer units of territorial defense, the Azov Brigades had a very distinct ideological character from the very beginning. It was a far-right organization that welcomed all kinds of neo-Nazis, from mild to radical. The Asov fighters were known for their obsession with pagan rituals and were considered freaks by regular military units.

However, that was what made the battalion well suited for the task. As fanatics, these people did not shy away from brutal murders. The target from Kiev for the Donbas was:

Vatnik – ukrainian artist depicts russian citizens in donbas

„It will be enough to kill about fifty ‚Vatniks‘ {a pejorative term for those with pro-Russian sympathies} in each town to put an end to all this.“

In the meantime (2014 to 2021), a full-fledged nationalist movement had sprung up around Azov with a number of different groups of nationalists from around the world. Biletsky eventually stepped down as commander and worked to integrate the regiment into the Ukrainian National Guard while maintaining the ideological orientation of the unit. This was eventually confirmed by the large number of Nazi symbols and paraphernalia found on captured fighters and in the regiment’s barracks seized during the battle.

In reports by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, the Nazi character of the Azov battalion was reported, but no consequences were drawn because Azov was doing the dirty work for the US. Because of its unofficial special status and the status of „vatniks,“ who were de facto outlaws in Ukraine, Azov was often in the middle of some of the darkest and most sinister events and news reports in Ukraine from the beginning.

For example, the killers of pro-Russian activists Aleksey Sharov and Artyom Zhudov served in Azov’s battalion. The two men were shot dead during street fighting in Kharkov on March 14, 2014 – even before armed conflict broke out in the Donbass. Their killers have never been identified – we don’t know their names, but we do know that the activists were shot from the office of the „Patriot of Ukraine“ while standing right in front of it.

According to UN reports, in May 2014, after a brief skirmish, a civilian named Vladimir Lobach was murdered near the city of Poltava by fighters from the Azov Battalion. His killers threatened the policemen who arrived on the scene and then simply fled. In June of the same year, fighters of the Azov Brigades Azov kidnapped a local newspaper editor and journalist named Sergey Dolgov, who sympathized with the idea of federalizing Ukraine. Nothing is known about this man’s whereabouts to date.

According to reports by the UN Commissioner for Human Rights, members of the Azov Brigades were involved in gang rape. The „incident“ was never really seriously investigated, and the perpetrators were never brought to justice. The U.S. had no interest in publicizing the „incident“ and exposing its own instrumentalized fighters on the ground.

The Azov Battalion has a long history of crimes and misdemeanors of all kinds, from harassment of homosexuals and looting in a war zone to torture and murder. The strange connection between the neo-Nazis, the SBU and the U.S., is anything but a coincidence. Thanks to the Azov battalion, the Ukrainian security services found the perfect way to prove to their government that they were successful in dealing with the pro-Russian „insurgent cells“ in Mariupol and eastern Ukraine, and are now a part of the Ukrainian army, and financially and militarily showered with money by the NATO allies.

Even though part of the Azov Battalion forces were defeated in Mariupol, a significant group of nationalists remains at large. For example, the special unit of the Azov Battalion formed in Kharkov continues to fulfill its mission.

In short, the Azov Battalion, despite all Western and Ukrainian efforts to portray them as heroic defenders of freedom, is the most heinous group operating in the country since 2014.

In Germany, there are only three or four Nazis, apart from the millions of Muslims who love Hitler because he killed Jews. Ukraine is teeming with Nazis and Muslims. Social Democrats and the media have declared everyone in Germany a Nazi who has a different opinion from them.

Empire of lies – Statement by Konstantin Gavrilov, head of the Russian Federation delegation

Konstantin Gavrilov

Amid the catastrophic escalation of tensions in Donbass, deliberately provoked by the nationalist regime in Kyiv, Ukraine’s Western rulers are taking the liberty of playing with fire and demanding the transfer of nuclear weapons to that country. These alarming signals are coming from Poland, a state that, despite speaking about an unacceptable dialogue with the Russian Federation, has begun actively taking control of Ukrainian territory.

We condemn in the strongest possible terms the irresponsible attempts to provoke a nuclear conflict in the heart of Europe. For that is how we would place the claim by Radosław Sikorski, former Polish foreign minister and current member of the European Parliament , that the West has “the right to supply nuclear warheads to Ukraine” since Russia allegedly violated the Budapest Memorandum have violated. In this regard, we must recall that the Budapest Memorandum was signed when Ukraine joined the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) as a non-nuclear weapon state. Consequently, Ukraine is a non-nuclear weapon state under the NPT and not under the Budapest Memorandum. The Polish politicians, who unscrupulously portray this matter negatively, are essentially weakening the nuclear non-proliferation regime for opportunistic political considerations. Above all, however, they are endangering their own citizens, who are thus being drawn into a nuclear transformation of the world.

Russian President Vladimir Putin recently called the United States and the collective West an „empire of lies . “ This empire was built a long time ago, what with gross distortion of historical truth, „review“ of media space and direct violation of OSCE commitments to ensure free and unhindered access to all information. All of these commitments have long since been buried by the West. In contrast, anti-Russian lies and disinformation automatically receive unreserved support. A typical example in this regard is Liudmyla Denisova, former human rights commissioner in the Ukrainian parliament who constantly spread false stories about adolescents and young children being brutally raped by Russian military personnel. She recently admitted that she was „trying to achieve the goal of convincing the world to supply arms and put pressure on Russia“. On May 31 of this year she was relieved of her post by the members of the Verkhovna Rada. By then, however, their insinuations had received the widest coverage in the Western media and were shamelessly reproduced even here in the OSCE. We understand that it is much more convenient for our colleagues to use Ukrainian lies than to openly face the facts. Now the facts are as follows: that Western OSCE participating States, 

We present these crimes today

Embassy of the russian federation in germany

The Ukrainian authorities, reduced to the level of state terrorism, continue their blind, unscrupulous and aggressive war against the residents of the Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR) and the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR). For the second week in a row, the neo-Nazis have carried out indiscriminate attacks on a daily basis only on peaceful towns and villages in the deep hinterland. They also use Western weapons and shells with the NATO standard heavy artillery caliber of 155 mm. For our colleagues who are not military experts: such a shell can level an ordinary building. This is particularly true of the French-made 155mm OGR-F1 cluster munitions, which are banned under the 2008 Convention on Cluster Munitions.

There has been an increase in armed violence towards Donetsk. Ukrainian troops continue to make intensive use of a French-made self-propelled artillery mount Caesar, which shelled the Kalininskyi district of the city on June 9 and Kyivskyi district on June 11. On June 13, the crowded Maisky market came under inhuman fire during the day. Three people were killed, including a mother and her child. Several stalls were destroyed, cars were torn to pieces. On the same day, the Ukrainian Nazis bombed the Vishnevsky Maternity Hospital in Donetsk. Most patients and staff could be evacuated to the basement. However, intubated infants on ventilator support remained in the pediatric resuscitation department, as well as the medical staff on duty there who cared for them. None were injured, although windows in that wing of the hospital were blown away by the blast. In total, at least 17 civilians were killed and around 110 injured in the city of Donetsk between June 7 and 14. More than 270 homes and 80 civilian infrastructure facilities were damaged or destroyed.  

Will we hear today a condemnation of the barbaric shelling of residential areas and a maternity hospital in Donetsk? Or will our western colleagues be silent again? In this case, why did they get so upset when a maternity hospital in Mariupol, where Ukrainian neo-Nazis had set up their firing positions, was hit? Where have the advocates of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 gone, which calls for the protection of women and girls in situations of armed conflict? But perhaps they will say, paraphrasing German and French TV channels, that the people of Donetsk deliberately „shot at themselves“ and that the Russians are again to blame for everything.

We warn our Western colleagues that direct and public incitement to genocide against the civilian population of Donbass, as well as complicity in such genocide through the provision of military assistance to Ukraine, will result in drastic measures under Article III of the 1948 Convention on the Prevention and punishment of genocide. According to Article II of the Convention, genocide means „acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group“. It means „to intentionally impose upon the group living conditions designed to bring about their physical destruction in whole or in part“. It means „to cause serious physical or mental harm to the members of the group“.

Putin’s goals are being implemented with no ifs or buts

The Russian Federation will continue to resolutely implement the goals set by President Putin to protect the civilian population of Donbass. Thorough demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine will certainly be achieved. In this regard, we note that the use of a Tochka-U rocket by the Ukrainian Nazis to carry out cynical attacks on the vicinity of the Russian city of Klintsy in the Bryansk region (50 km from the Russian-Ukrainian border) resulted in six Russian citizens were injured and more than 50 houses were damaged. This attack will not go unanswered.

As part of the demilitarization of Ukraine, 202 aircraft, 131 helicopters, 1,205 unmanned aerial vehicles, 338 anti-aircraft missile systems, 3,548 tanks and other armored fighting vehicles, 521 multiple missile systems, 1,947 field artillery pieces and mortars, and 3,605 tactical special vehicles have been disabled since the beginning of the military special operation. Air-launched precision missiles were used in the Udachne railway station (DPR) area to destroy a large quantity of weapons and military equipment from western countries. A Ukrainian Armed Forces training center near the town of Novohrad-Volynskyi in the Zhytomyr region, where foreign “fortune soldiers”completed a conversion course was destroyed. A temporary base for foreign mercenaries in the territory of Fedorivka settlement (LPR) has been successfully eliminated. In addition, sea-based Kalibr long-range precision missiles leveled a large depot in the area of ​​​​the city of Chortkiv, which contained anti-tank missile systems, man-portable air defense systems and artillery shells supplied from the United States and European countries. This systematic work will continue.

We reiterate that mercenaries sent by the West to support the nationalist regime in Kiev are not combatants within the meaning of international humanitarian law and have no right to imprisonment. The best they can hope for is imprisonment. Otherwise, they will either be liquidated by Russian troops as part of the demilitarization of Ukraine, or sentenced to death in the Donbas republics for cumulative crimes.  Indeed, that will await British citizens Shaun Pinner and Aiden Aslin , who have been accused of taking part in hostilities on the side of Ukraine as mercenaries.

Although the Western leaders of the Ukrainian government regularly praise the „phenomenal“ heroism and professionalism of the Ukrainian armed forces, the facts are what they are – namely, that the Ukrainian combat group in Donbass is suffering significant casualties. In the course of the liberation of Sviatohirsk (DPR) alone, Ukrainian forces lost more than 300 nationalists in the three days of fighting. They are demoralized and paralyzed by their low level of education, as they readily emphasize in interviews with the international media. Soldiers from Ukraine’s territorial defense complained to a correspondent for the French newspaper Le Figaro that their training before going to the frontline lasted only a day and a half. After being attacked by Russian aerospace forces in the Donbass, 23 of the 30 surviving members of a unit refused to return to their positions. The commander of a company of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Druzhkivka, Serhii Lapko, also told The Washington Post that the Ukrainian servicemen “feel abandoned by their military superiors and are fighting for survival. Lapko was removed from his post and arrested for this interview. that Ukrainian military personnel “feel abandoned by their military superiors and are struggling to survive. Lapko was removed from his post and arrested for this interview. that Ukrainian military personnel “feel abandoned by their military superiors and are struggling to survive. Lapko was removed from his post and arrested for this interview.

More and more evidence is being presented to the public that the Ukrainian government is controlled and directed by the United States. With the US government planning to send $1.5 billion to Kyiv every month, the question naturally arises as to why US leaders do not ensure their proteges stay within the bounds of international humanitarian law and why they do not don’t care about the Ukrainian people. In a recent interview with the New York Times, Mykhailo Podolyak, an adviser to the President of Ukraine, said that the Ukrainian military is building defensive positions in populated cities because that way it is able to „find cover“, „minimize casualties ‚ and ‚to resist longer‘. We must emphasize that this tactic of the Ukrainian government,

This is a gross violation of the 1949 Geneva Convention for the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War , which prohibits action which will result in the killing of civilians, the wounded or the sick, unless strictly necessary for a military operation. We must emphasize that the tactics of the Ukrainian/US government are being implemented by Ukraine at the expense and harm of the civilian population. 

Finally, allow me to say a few words about US military-biological activities in Ukraine. You now have before you a confidential document from Ukraine’s Defense Ministry, which says that the country’s president signed a decree on February 24 ordering the destruction of all records related to employees of Ukrainian companies who have collaborated with US military biology laboratories . This refers to military personnel, civilian personnel and the employees of the Public Health Center of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Mechnikov Anti-Plague Research Institute and the Zhytomyr Regional Laboratory Center of the Ukrainian Ministry of Health. It is again clear that claims that the activities of the US Department of Defense and affiliated entities in Ukraine, aimed exclusively at health issues, do not correspond to reality. Why else would the Ukrainian government delete these databases? We again call on our US colleagues to immediately begin substantive work to clarify the situation regarding their military biological activities in Ukraine. 

End of the statement by the Russian diplomat Konstantin Gavrilov on 21.06. 2022

Federal Ministry of the Interior Nancy Faser: „We can and will help you. Just give us a call.“

Welcome in Germany
You have fled from the war zone in Ukraine? You need information and offers of help, accommodation or medical care?

Nancy Faeser is a German lawyer and politician (SPD). She has been chairwoman of the SPD in Hesse since November 2, 2019, and became the first woman Minister of Homeland Security and the Interior in the Scholz cabinet on December 8, 2021. She is responsible for continuing the redistribution orgy initiated by former Chancellor Schröder and the Greens in 1998, better known as „Agenda 2010,“ and for providing financial support to „people in need of help“ from all over the world and increasingly inviting them to Germany.

While billions are spent on Ukrainian refugees, including family members of Kiev Nazis, refugees from Syria and Africa, under the leadership of Olaf Scholz (SPD), the German flood victims in the Ahr valley (just as an example) are still squatting in the ruins of their houses and waiting for outstanding aid money.

The lament about the exploitation of citizens by a voracious state is as old as there are taxes. The redistribution orgy initiated by then Chancellor Gerhard Schröder (SPD together with the Greens and high-ranking representatives from business, academia and the media, cannot be described as anything other than a crime against Germany’s own people. The redistribution orgy from the bottom to the top, the sale of infrastructure to hedge funds, the introduction of the low-wage sector, the privatization of the education system, hospitals and spa clinics and the admission of 30 million refugees from all over the world, have resulted in Germany being a total loss today. The whole world is doing well in our country, only our own citizens no longer know how to survive the next month. This is treason against the people. This is so disgusting, so malicious and so criminal. Our „people’s representatives“ are no longer worth anything.

The compassion mania of the Germans, who with their megalomaniac world improvement policy, not only distribute tax money in all countries of the world, but even go into high debt for it (6 trillion), in order to improve the world, has caused the exact opposite. Nothing has become better, but everything has become so bad that we will end up in a catastrophe, which has already begun and was initiated by the pandemic and the Ukraine conflict. Systematically the money of the citizens was sent upwards and into the wide world. At the moment, the ladies and gentlemen in Kiev are cashing in.

Jochen Sommer: Just last week, during the meeting of G7 finance ministers in Bonn, German Finance Minister Christian Linder pledged German aid payments to Ukraine amounting to almost one billion euros. This is intended to cover the country’s government’s declared financial needs of five billion euros per month. Lindner also pledged to lobby his counterparts for generous support. In addition, Germany’s KfW Bank assured Ukraine of a second loan of 150 million euros with a term of 15 years, with repayments to begin after five years.

These generous handouts are also reflected in the welfare state’s generosity at home, where as of June 1 Ukrainian refugees will henceforth be entitled to higher state support under Social Code II: Actually, 4.4 billion euros less had been budgeted in the federal budget for this fiscal year for basic benefits for jobseekers. (Jochen Sommer end).

The sum has now been subsequently increased by 2.5 billion euros, but this is not nearly enough for 6 million refugees from Ukraine who have fled Zelenskyj and Russian and Ukrainian bombs.

Let’s take the Ahr Valley as an example. In the Ahr Valley a catastrophe took place last year for many citizens living there. People there lost all their belongings in a matter of hours. They were literally under water.

Jochen Sommer: While the German government is raising these and previously other sums of billions to support Ukraine at lightning speed, the victims of the floods in the Ahr Valley have been waiting for outstanding aid money for almost a year. On the one hand, this is due to a grotesquely complicated donation law that prohibits the payment of donations to entrepreneurs – such as winegrowers – even though they had collected some of the money themselves. On the other hand, many of those affected are being denied the rebuilding of their houses destroyed in the flood because of an incomprehensible new safety plan, and the value of their land is being arbitrarily downgraded to minimum amounts per square meter, which is tantamount to de facto expropriation. In addition, there is uncertainty as to whether they will receive support payments, and if so, how much. (Jochen Sommer end).

Foreigners live more or less carefree in Germany. They are even, according to an EU directive, given preferential treatment when looking for jobs and housing. In court, they also receive special treatment in their favor. Hardly anyone is deported. Anyone who utters the word „deportation“ is immediately discriminated against as a Nazi.

Billions for climate protection in India and other countries, development aid for Afghan Taliban, terrorist groups in Africa plus reconstruction aid for Africa, which is equivalent, or grants for Palestinians and Syrians, are immediately available, even without request is diligently transferred. Donald J. Trump for example, has cut off support for Palestinians. Ours do not even get the idea to investigate to whom they transfer money at all.

The compassion mania of the Germans is part of the multiculturalist ideology, that one must not forget. It is the motor that keeps the asylum policy alive. One cannot justify the billionfold global financial support and the millionfold illegal admission of „people in need of help“, only sad children’s eyes can help.

Ukraine – The rats are leaving the sinking ship

By Peter Haisenko* 

What state must a country be in if its highest representatives not only stash away huge sums in foreign accounts, but also have passports from foreign countries? How can one then assume that they exercise unconditional loyalty to their state, if at all?

One of the root evils for the probity of politicians are countries like Switzerland or Panama and other places where money can be stashed away and hidden. In this way, disloyal politicians can protect themselves if they are held accountable in their own country. They can flee abroad and live a luxurious retirement there with their ill-gotten gains and hidden wealth. To prevent this, there would have to be a worldwide law that forbids all politicians to have bank accounts or other objects of value abroad. This would ensure that politicians and members of parliament do their best to the best of their knowledge and belief for the well-being of their state and its citizens.

There are states whose laws prohibit members of parliament and politicians from owning accounts or assets abroad. Russia is one of these. No Duma deputy may have a foreign bank account. That’s why I had to laugh when the US, as a further sanction against Russia, announced that all foreign accounts of Russian Duma deputies would be „frozen“. There isn’t. Why aren’t we communicating this? Quite simply: one would have to ask oneself why we don’t have such a law. There is no such law in Ukraine either, and that has fatal consequences for the country.

Secret service general wants to move assets out of the country and is arrested

A few years ago, when it was still possible to report reasonably objectively on Ukraine, it was even discussed in the European Parliament that Ukraine could not meet either European or NATO standards because its politics and government were ruled by corrupt oligarchs. For example, the name of former Ukrainian President Poroshenko appeared in connection with the Panama Papers. This has not changed to this day and more and more names are coming to light. The current President Zelenskij has also distributed his billions of assets around the world, including real estate worth millions, for example in Florida. One should ask why he did that. Zelensky also holds a British passport and an Israeli one, including a luxury estate in Israel where his parents live.

Now the message came that the SBU General Andriy Naumov was arrested in Serbia when crossing the border. SBU is the secret service of Ukraine. He attempted to smuggle $20 million (total amount unconfirmed) and gems across the border. Naumov headed the Main Directorate for Internal Security of the SBU. Shortly before the start of the military operation on February 23, 2022, he left Ukraine together with the SBU chief Ivan Bakanov, allegedly taking about $2 billion in cash with him. It should be noted that I am personally skeptical about the 2 billion, because this transport would require a larger van. But either way, he probably smuggled a considerable sum out of the country. The Ukraine-friendly portal reported about this arrest:

A month ago, Bakanov returned, while Naumov continued to buy real estate in Europe. Now the SBU general is in custody in Nis. He faces a prison sentence of up to 12 years for smuggling. The Ukrainian side is trying its best to cover up this fact. Naumov was not only Zelensky’s „wallet“, he is also a close friend of SBU boss Bakanov. One can see from these findings that secessionist movements are spreading among the “elites” of Kiev. These are secured by allowing oneself a luxurious life away from one’s own country with the assets spent abroad. Oh yes, these Ukrainian political clowns are defending our democratic values ​​against evil, autocratic Russia, as our politicians keep emphasizing. What light does this shed on our politicians?

gutezitate.comThe rat that leaves the sinking ship is smarter than the captain who goes down with it“.

Human rights activist was convicted of lying and fired

However, one may be surprised that there is still a little integrity in Kyiv, about which our media are once again silent. The Ukrainian responsible for human rights in Ukraine Ludmilla Denisova was fired. She herself is accused in Kyiv of having invented the horror stories about rapes of women and small children, which she claims were committed by Russian soldiers, in order to agitate against Russia. It also becomes clear why we don’t report about it, because the entire western press has parroted these lies without checking them. Just like all the “reports” from Kyiv are being spread here and the reports from Russia are being suppressed.

The US newspaper Newsweek reported on Denisova’s dismissal and lies: 1711680

Without exception, all oligarchs of Ukraine and Russia are Jews. All have an Israeli passport. But while Putin overthrew the oligarchs in Russia, the Ukrainians have plundered the state. Over the past five years, around $60 billion has flowed into Ukraine without anything in return. Is it any wonder then that Selensky was able to build up his enormous fortune, most of which is hidden abroad, within a short period of time? And how much of that went into the pockets of second or third tier players? One can guess when one has to see the luxury limousines with which some Ukrainian „refugees“ are boasting here. There should be no question that these are apparatchiks in the Kiev government’s orbit. I doubt if they ever want to return to their corrupt mess of the state. After all, there is a risk that they will be held accountable for their actions as soon as a government of integrity is established in Kyiv. One remembers Mrs. Tymoshenko, for whom Mrs. Merkel campaigned so touchingly. 

An honest politician does not need any depots abroad

Kiev’s leaders have made their fortunes abroad for precisely the same reason. The politicians who, at the behest of Washington, send their young men to the front lines as cannon fodder in a hopeless battle against Russia. Who ordered the scorched earth policy and have been responsible for 14,000 deaths in the Donbas for eight years and still refuse to stop the daily shelling of civilians. The report fits in with the fact that the Ukrainian MP Kiwa writes that „there is panic in the security service of Ukraine.“ The arrest of the SBU general by Serbia gives access to very important strategic information. After all, he headed the internal security of the SBU and had access to all internal and external processes of the service. It is to be expected

At the moment, Zelensky is still in Ukraine, although even that cannot be taken for granted. Poroshenko has already fled to London, although he was forbidden to leave Ukraine. If the course of the Russian operation continues as before, it is only a matter of time before the Ukrainian military leadership remembers its responsibility for its soldiers. They may stage a coup against Zelensky to declare surrender and save the young men’s lives. Selensky & Co will then find themselves before a military tribunal if they don’t manage to escape. Let’s think back to the end of the Second World War. It was not the German Reich that capitulated, but the Wehrmacht. 

So I realize that not all rats have left the sinking ship. But the plank for going ashore has been laid and there is already plenty of accumulated refreshment waiting for the traitors on the shore. And yes, how should one call politicians other than traitors (to the fatherland) if they grab everything they can during their term of office and deposit it abroad in order to be prepared for an escape?

An honest politician who does his job to the best of his knowledge and belief does not need any depots abroad. But whoever has that, I assume that he doesn’t just have pure intentions, in the sense of his oath of office. I write that down not only for the politicians in Kyiv, but also for ours in Germany. Confidence in politics and democracy could only be revived when a law comes into force in Germany that bans politicians and members of parliament from having foreign accounts. Exactly according to the model of Russia, which I see more as a real democracy than the degenerate „western values“, which only follows the guidelines of the moneyed and lobbyists and acts beyond what would be really good for the people.

*Courtesy of Peter Haisenko. See also:

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Germany: Worldwide safety notice

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The global risk of terrorist attacks and kidnappings remains unchanged.

Since September 2014, the terrorist organizations „Al Qaeda“ and „Islamic State“ (IS) in particular have been threatening attacks against various countries and their nationals. There have been a number of gun attacks, bomb attacks, and kidnappings and kidnappings.

Even if there are currently no concrete indications of a threat to German interests abroad, it cannot be ruled out that German nationals or German institutions abroad will also become the target of terrorist acts of violence.

Places with a symbolic character are particularly likely to be possible targets. These include well-known sights, government and administrative buildings, transport infrastructure (especially airplanes, trains, ships, buses), business and tourism centers, hotels, markets, religious meeting places and generally larger crowds.

The level of terrorist threat varies from country to country. There is a particular risk of attack in countries and regions in which attacks have already been carried out repeatedly or can be carried out relatively easily due to a lack of effective security precautions, or in which terrorists have the support of the local population.

More detailed information about the threat of terrorism can be found in the country-specific travel and security information. These are checked regularly and adjusted if necessary.

The risk of becoming a victim of an attack is still comparatively low compared to other risks that travel abroad entails, such as accidents, illness or common crime. Nevertheless, travelers should be aware of the danger.

The Federal Foreign Office strongly recommends that all travelers behave in a safety-conscious and situation-appropriate manner. Before and during a trip, travelers should inform themselves carefully about the conditions in their destination country, behave appropriately, follow the local media and report suspicious events (e.g. unattended luggage in airports or train stations, suspicious behavior by people) to the local police or security authorities .

Our government portrayed him as a wanton murderer who lies about Islam by preaching that it calls Muslims to jihad, or holy war. 
Far from being a madman, however, it turned out that he was a world-renowned scholar – a doctor of Islamic jurisprudence who earned his degree at al-Azhar University in Cairo, the seat of Sunni Islamic scholarship for over a millennium had graduated. 
His academic specialty was Sharia – Islamic law.
I immediately began to wonder why American officials from President Bill Clinton and Attorney General Janet Reno down to officials ignorant of Muslim doctrine and culture thought they knew more about Islam than the blind sheikh. 
Then something else dawned on me: the blind sheikh was not only blind, but also suffered from several other medical disabilities. 
That seemed relevant. 
After all, terrorism is hard work. 
Here was a man unable to do anything that would be useful to a terrorist organization – he couldn’t build a bomb, hijack a plane, or carry out an assassination. 

And yet he was the undisputed leader of the terrorist cell. 
Was that because his interpretation of Islamic doctrine included more
The Qur’an (recitation) is considered a miracle by Muslims because it was revealed in perfect classical Arabic (fusha t-turath) to an illiterate (ummi) Arabic man, Muhammad ibn Abdallah, in 610 A.D.  The Qur’an itself challenges disbelievers to create something similar in Surah 17:88: “Say: ‘If the mankind and the jinn were together to produce the like of this […]
Is the Qur’an a Miracle from God? — Dawn Pisturino’s Blog

Germany’s Corona Committee launches class action lawsuit against the government

Written by By Peter Koenig via Global Research

The German extra-parliamentary investigative committee COVID-19 (see diagram is working on a class action lawsuit against the government and the manufacturers of the PCR tests, which according to the more honest part of virologists are absolutely unsuitable for Covid-19.

Nevertheless, the PCR test was and is touted and promoted by the WHO – and by other leading health institutions in the Western world, such as the US NIAID / NIH and CDC, as well as by researchers at the German Center for Infection Research ( DZIF) at the Charité, Klinikum Berlin. It was Dr. Christian Drosten, Director of the Institute of Virology at the „Charité“, who propagated this test, which was eventually adopted by the respective German government and health authorities, who made it an obligatory panacea to test and count „cases“, mostly to manipulate statistics – which the media then use to get people to inject multiple times. 

Other countries followed similar instructions from their highest health authorities and used the test results for the same purpose – planting fear in the unsuspecting population. The media does not report that the error rate of these tests, the so-called „positives-negatives,“ can be as high as 50%. However, all „positives“ are automatically included in the „case“ statistics. People are often tested multiple times and may be reported multiple times.

Agenda ID2020: The Diabolical Agenda within the Agenda. “Genetically Modified Humanity”

That’s how the “case” rates can be manufactured and manipulated. FEAR is the Name of the Game. So that the governments are justified in closing their iron fists even stronger around your personal neck; and by cutting the countries’ economic lifeline – causing countless bankruptcies and unemployment in proportions never seen in modern history – and often deadly misery, famine and suicide.

The iron fist around the peoples’ throats include face mask, social distancing, work from home, semi- or full lockdowns, i.e. keeping people purposefully apart (the separate-to-conquer principle), discrimination against the elderly, who in their loneliness get depressed, sick and may die earlier. Yes, elderly people, especially with co-morbidities are in a higher risk group, but in the same as with the common flu every year, which has never been a reason to discriminate them.

The result we are seeing already today. And the worst is yet to come. This fall and winter in the Global North the merging with flu and “covid” may spell even more disaster in data manipulative mastery, and consequential measures that may, wittingly or unwittlingly be copied in the Global South, although the coming warmer summer climate would suggest the contrary. It’s a nasty and criminal Game that, if we don’t stop it, will not end soon.

The result we are seeing already today. And the worst is yet to come. This fall and winter in the Global North the merging with flu and “covid” may spell even more disaster in data manipulative mastery, and consequential measures that may, wittingly or unwittlingly be copied in the Global South, although the coming warmer summer climate would suggest the contrary. It’s a nasty and criminal Game that, if we don’t stop it, will not end soon.

Dr. Reiner Füllmich

Enough introduction. Listen for yourself what Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, lawyer of ACU, has to say (8-min video below) about the Class Action Suit, and how it might bring these destructive measures to a halt and reverse them, by compensating the damaged people and small and medium size enterprises that had no choice but to declare bankruptcy and lay off their employees.

As Dr. Füllmich explains, this could happen with what he calls a BANG, if millions around the world join in the Class Action Law Suit. Since in Germany and other European countries, Class Action Suits are not well known, especially because they are complicated, lacking a similar legal basis they have in the US, this Class Action Suit would be filed in the US, representing the world population.

Peter Koenig is an economist and geopolitical analyst. He is also a water resources and environmental specialist. He worked for over 30 years with the World Bank and the World Health Organization around the world in the fields of environment and water. He lectures at universities in the US, Europe and South America. He writes regularly for online journals such as Global Research; ICH; New Eastern Outlook (NEO) and more. He is the author of Implosion – An Economic Thriller about War, Environmental Destruction and Corporate Greed – fiction based on facts and on 30 years of World Bank experience around the globe. He is also a co-author of The World Order and Revolution! – Essays from the Resistance. He is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization.

Верховный комиссар Украины по правам человека уличен во лжи.

Людміла Дзянісава, высокапастаўлены ўкраінскі чыноўнік і былы ўпаўнаважаны па правах чалавека ва ўкраінскім парламенце, асуджаная за хлусню. Яна безагаворачна хлусіла ўраду Германіі, Еўрасаюзу, НАТА і сусветнай грамадскасці, каб пераканаць заходнія краіны накіраваць ва Украіну больш зброі і грошай. Цяпер яе адхіліў ад пасады ўкраінскі парламент.

На першы погляд можна падумаць, што ва Украіне ўсё законна, але гэта не так. Дзянісава была звольненая не таму, што яе асудзілі за хлусню, а таму, што яна дазволіла злавіць сябе на хлусні. Ва ўкраінскім парламенце, як і ва ўсіх парламентах, толькі хлусы. Дзянісава адна з многіх, хто бадзяецца па краіне і фінансуе сваё прыгожае жыццё хлуснёй і махлярствам. Мы ведаем гэта ад «нашых народных выбраннікаў».

Людміла Дзянісава дазволіла ўдзячнай сусветнай прэсе, якая таксама жыве хлуснёй, распаўсюдзіць інфармацыю аб тым, што расейскія салдаты масава гвалцяць украінак, рабуюць кватэры і дамы, а нарабаванае адпраўляюць іх сем’ям у Расію. Агнес Штрак-Цымерман (СвДП) і Мары Луіза Бек (Грюнен) з удзячнасцю падхапілі хлусню Дзянісавай і раскруцілі яе далей у СМІ.

Бэк казаў пра тое, што «Пуцін рыхтуе масавыя згвалтавання і экіпіруе сваіх салдат прэзерватывамі. Масавыя згвалтаванні сістэматычна адбываюцца з Крамля”. Я ніколі не бачыў, каб гвалтаўнік надзяваў прэзерватыў перад тым, як здзейсніць учынак.

Ваенны турыст Штрак-Цімерман нават хацеў ведаць, што расійскія салдаты забіваюць дзяцей і немаўлят, каб атрымаць у рукі дзіцячы абутак, які потым адпраўляюць сваім сем’ям, а таксама халадзільнікі, тэлевізары і ўсё астатняе, што не клепаецца і не прыбіваецца. , проста вазьміце яго з сабой і адпраўце ў Расію. Безумоўна, у паштовай і пасылачнай службы ва Ўкраіне на дадзены момант забітыя рукі, а ў ёмістых цыстэрнах столькі месца, што ў цыстэрне можна лёгка перавозіць усялякую гаспадарку ў Маскву.   

Наконец-то говорите правду, перестаньте лгать.

Дэпутат Паўло Фралоў у прыватнасці абвінаваціў Дзянісава ў  распаўсюджванні дэзінфармацыі, якая «толькі шкодзіць Украіне», адносна «непадцверджаных шматлікімі падрабязнасцямі «ненатуральных сэксуальных злачынстваў» і сэксуальнага гвалту над дзецьмі на акупаваных тэрыторыях».

 У інтэрв’ю, апублікаваным украінскім   інфармацыйным агенцтвам , Дзянісава прызналася , што яе няпраўда дасягнула сваёй мэты.

«Напрыклад, калі я выступаў у парламенце Італіі ў камітэце па міжнародных справах, я чуў і бачыў даволі незацікаўленасць Украіны, разумееце? Я казала пра страшныя рэчы, каб неяк прымусіць іх прыняць тыя рашэнні, якія патрэбныя Украіне і ўкраінскаму народу  », — сказала Дзянісава.

Дзянісава адзначыла, што італьянскі Рух пяці зорак першапачаткова быў «супраць пастаўкі нам зброі, але пасля [іх] выступу адзін з лідараў партыі… сказаў, што падтрымае [нас], у тым ліку пастаўляючы ім зброю».

Нягледзячы на ​​​​тое, што яе заявы аб групавых згвалтаваннях былі ілжывымі, яны    неаднаразова падмацоўваліся такімі застарэлымі СМІ, як CNN   і   Washington Post .

«СМІ паспяшаліся абнародаваць заявы гэтай жанчыны, але не паклапаціліся выправіць запісы», —  піша   Крыс Менахан  .

Насамрэч, на працягу ўсёй вайны было незлічонае мноства адкрытых містыфікацый і няпраўды, што так званыя «праверкі фактаў» кідаліся ў вочы сваёй адсутнасцю.

У іх ліку   ўцечкі радыяцыі   з абложаных АЭС, якіх, як аказалася, не адбылося, поўная дэзінфармацыя СМІ аб тым, што адбылося на Змяіным востраве, «прывід Кіеўскага містыфікацыі», а таксама «напад» на мемарыял ахвярам Халакосту, які так і   не адбыўся  .

Яшчэ горш за хлусьню Дзянісавай рэакцыя Захаду, а менавіта ніякая. Хлусня з Украіны з’яўляецца асновай для паставак зброі і тон грошай для Кіева. Паводле Адама Рыза, пастаўкі зброі і грашовыя пераводы павінны быць неадкладна спыненыя. Факты і аргументы аказаліся непраўдзівымі, таму пастаўкі зброі і грашовыя пераводы не маюць апраўдання.

Trump and Putin

Donald Trump has always ensnared the Russian President. That could be a problem for him now. Suddenly Trump strikes a new note – and threatens the Russian President.

Donald Trump called Russian President Vladimir Putin “brilliant”, “smart”, “savvy”, even just before he invaded Ukraine. Trump defended these words to the end, albeit with a slightly different intonation: „The problem is not that Putin is smart – of course he is smart – the problem is that our politicians are stupid,“ Trump said shortly after the war began. But this position is now beginning to crack: Trump seems to be realizing that sticking with Putin could significantly damage his own plans.

(Welt online)

Published on19. April 2022 by Uwe Ullrich

Today someone called me a Russian spy on Twitter and really thought I was upset, so I immediately blocked him.

How idiotic when I wrote positively about Trump, there were just as crazy guys.

Trump and Putin aren’t the same, and America and Russia aren’t the same at all. I’m not trying to find out the worst, I’m looking for the good.

Being a nationalist is not bad, but any exaggeration is harmful, like any exaggeration.

Trump was driven out of office because he did not want to rule the world like previous US presidents without giving the others a choice; he wanted America First and understood this to mean domestic political reform of the country for its citizens and, in terms of foreign policy, a largely joint and equal reform Together without neglecting the security interests of your own country.

Here Putin and Trump resemble each other.

Biden came to power and the old routine started all over again, America as the only world power, no one should have another god but us.

Stupid Europeans were already queuing up again in Washington and worshiping their old god after Trump released them into relative freedom, with which they didn’t know what to do for four years, except to lament about their fate.

Even the most pious cannot live in peace if their evil neighbors, Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, the enemies of the western world, don’t like it.

Governments come and go, the administration stays the same, Trump couldn’t change anything because of the resistance.

Biden, as part of the administration, didn’t want to and doesn’t want to at all, he tries to shake hands with ghosts and plays mix up the tree.

Here comes the dictator Putin, claiming his own security interests for his country and ruining all our plans to get closer and closer to him.

He simply moves into the Ukraine, gets down to business and wants to transform the national-democratic Zelensky regime we have installed into a pact-free, neutral state he doesn’t, uh.

Putin wants war, says Biden, we want and need it, but only a small war for and with Europe, because Europe must not become too strong.

We sanction Putin and Europe no longer buys natural gas from Russia, because we deliver it and earn it, then Europe is independent , while we buy more oil cheaply from Russia despite sanctions and sell it on to the stupid Europeans at high prices so that they don’t freeze.

We keep US citizens in line and energy prices down, otherwise they’ll get upset.

The Europeans should see how they get along.

As far as we are concerned, it can go on like this for as long as possible, Zelensy is broke and needs money, the EU has money, mostly from Germany, they give the money to Zelensy, who buys weapons from us, which helps our armaments industry.

We and NATO don’t interfere in the Ukraine and play the clean men and when the Russians and the Ukraine have bled to death, we’ll come out as beaming victors and, as an added bonus, we’ve finally democratized Russia too, as Biden said, Russia isn’t our enemy, it’s only Putin, eternal peace on earth and goodwill to the people.


Here we go: The first government merges digital payment data and grocery store receipts

7 June 2022 | Warnings that government social engineers could soon determine what kinds of food we be allowed to buy have seemed far-fetched, until now. Currently, the first European government is working on getting the necessary data. It is collecting all payment data and cash register receipts and merging them with data on households.

It’s not the year 2050 and it’s not a dystopian science fiction or music video (youtube) from 1985, but reality. The Norwegian statistics office SSB wants to oblige the largest operator of card payment terminals, Nets, to provide it with all the data on payments processed through the terminals. They include names, addresses, purchase dates and prices of the individual products.

In addition, the four largest grocery chains are to be obliged to hand over the cash register receipts to the government statisticians, which show which products the respective citizens have bought.

Peter Imanuelsen, who lives in Norway, first wrote about it in English on 2 June. I could not find another report. I could not believe it. So, with the help of a, I made a translation of the statistical authority’s cost and benefit estimate, which explains what they are planning and what it is supposed to be good for.

And it is indeed true. Imanuelsen’s report is not exaggerated.

Nets terminals handle 80% of digital payments in Norwegian supermarkets. The statisticians want to collect, combine, archive and analyse millions of receipts every day and over a billion payment transactions every year.

The statisticians are aware that the project is very invasive of Norwegians’ privacy, but they say it is only for statistical purposes and that the statisticians are trustworthy and used to handling sensitive data securely. And that the law forbids using the data for any other purpose than statistical. This is supposed to gives citizen the guarantee that this will not happen. (At least until the relevant laws are changed.)

However, the statisticians do not mention anything about a deletion of the data at some point, which makes a Norwegian media report credible that the data will be saved permanently. Data security measures are only described in very general terms. There is no explicit mention of a requirement that the data must not be hosted or processed by American companies, because otherwise, according to CLOUD law, the secret services of the USA would have access to it. The idea is not outlandish, as the German Federal Statistical Office is hosting the 2022 census data at Cloudflare, a US company.

The government wants to know who eats and drinks what…

One of the main stated purposes for this frightening form of data collection is that statisticians want to know better what foods and drinks citizens are consuming.  And not just overall, but broken down finely. This way, the state can better assess how healthy or unhealthy its citizens eat and determine which groups it needs to work on if it wants to improve eating habits. Because it is so hard to believe, here is a longer quote from the statisticians’ cost-benefit analysis:

“Statistic Norway will develop and publish new official statistics on the diet of the Norwegian population based on new data sources. (…) The statistics will have a much higher quality and level of detail than before through access to transaction data from Nets in combination with, among other things, receipt data from grocery chains, data on the nutritional content of food and household data from Statistics Norway’s administrative register.
This applies, for example, to statistics showing how the diet of the Norwegian population varies with socio-economic background factors such as income, education and labour market affiliation, and how it varies with demographic and geographical dimensions. It is important to show regional, demographic and social differences in diet, as this is a key dimension in measuring and quantifying the lifestyle habits of the population.
Overall, the statistics will contribute to a much better knowledge base about developments in Norwegian diets, with a higher quality and level of detail than before. This is also in line with what is reflected in the health authorities’ action plans and in a memorandum of understanding between the health authorities and the food industry on healthier diets.”

…and who goes to which doctor and psychiatrist

Continue reading here

Besides the political fight against efforts of this kind and those who push them forward, paying in cash is the most important form of resistance. It will soon be  the only way for Norwegians to preserve some privacy.


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