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Who is the activist Luisa Neubauer?

Surprising origins: all that is known about activist Luisa Neubauer
Article by Christina Denk – Yesterday at 19:02

Surprising origins: what is known about activist Luisa Neubauer
It’s hard to imagine the climate debate without Luisa Neubauer. But what is known about the activist besides her demo and talk show appearances?

Berlin – Luisa Neubauer is the face of the German climate movement. As one of the main organizers of Fridays for Future, she was most recently on site in Lützerath. Pictures of Neubauer being carried away from coal mining went through the media. Yet her family background may seem controversial at first. Luisa Neubauer comes from a millionaire family.

Luisa Neubauer is part of the Reemtsma millionaire family – activism is also in her blood
Her grandmother’s name already suggests it: Reemtsma – Luisa Neubauer comes from a millionaire family. Her grandmother was married for a time to the cigarette manufacturer Feiko Reemtsma. Millionaire family and activism? Is that a contradiction? In Luisa Neubauer’s case, her family probably even conditioned her activism, as reports.

Luisa Neubauer (26)
Born: April 21, 1996
Studied geography since 2015
She has written three books since 2019
She also runs the podcast 1.5 degrees – the climate podcast with Luisa Neubauer at irregular intervals
On the side, she is a frequent guest on talk shows such as Maybritt Illner or Markus Lanz
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Her grandmother Dagmar Reemtsma has been committed for decades to the environment, fair pay and, according to Deutschlandfunk, took to the streets in the 1980s against coal and nuclear power. „When I’m asked today where I learned to talk, this way of discussing things, when I sit on talk shows or podiums, I think of my grandmother and the Fridays when we spent hours dissecting world events,“ Neubauer writes in her latest book, „Gegen die Ohnmacht. My Grandmother, Politics and Me,“ which she co-wrote with Dagmar Reemtsma.

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