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German Foreign Minister Reported to the International Criminal Court

February 06, 2023 by Bertolt Willison

Annalena Baerbock’s comments in the Council of Europe on January 24 about arms sales to Ukraine caused a general public outcry. Now she is faced with a complaint from the party „Die Basis“ at the  International Criminal Court in The Hague  .

At the Strasbourg event, Annalena Baerbock said:

„We are fighting a war against Russia and not against each other.“

Alexander Wallasch writes:

Was this an honest description of the confrontation between NATO, including Germany, and Russia, even a declaration of war, or was the sentence just a well-intentioned but poorly worded call for the alliance partners to stick together, possibly taken out of context?

In any case, the ministry and the chancellor hurriedly tried to recover this statement by the bold minister, a through ball for Russia.

But none of that helped: now the international judiciary will have to deal with the cause at the highest level.The party „Die Basis“ announced on Saturday that they had filed a complaint against Baerbock before the International Criminal Court in The Hague on February 1.“Die Basis“ sees in the sentence quoted above a violation by the German Foreign Minister Baerbock of Section 13 of the International Criminal Code (VStGB).

This reads as follows:Read more here

My Opinion: Annalena is right. She was telling the truth, accidentally, but it’s true. You don’t need to get upset about that, but you do about her feminist foreign policy.


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