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German invention leaves homeowners speechless: solar system finally cheaper than electricity

The ENPAL magazine writes on January 6, 2023

Anyone paying €120 a month for electricity today will pay €7200 over the next 5 years. In 2022, Germans will be paying more than ever before, as the price of electricity climbs to a new record high. How to make yourself independent of ever-increasing electricity bills is shown by young companies like the energy company Enpal from Berlin.

At over 30 cents/kWh, the Germans were already paying some of the most expensive electricity prices in Europe in 2021. By comparison, the international average was 12 cents/kWh. But as that would not be yet enough, at the beginning of 2022 according to river report 830 current suppliers increased their electricity prices by on the average whole 58%!

Mario Kohle, Managing Director of Enpal, was determined to do something about it. However, his starting position was not easy. After all, he had to hold his own against major corporations worth billions. But the vision was always clear: a low-cost solar system for everyone, so that homeowners could produce their own electricity. So Kohle put his savings into the vision and got the company Enpal off the ground.

What seemed impossible at first, Kohle made a reality after years of hard work and countless discussions with experts. How does the Enpal concept work?

Managing director coal explains: „Customers get with us a solar complete package for 0€ acquisition. The package builds on the solar system and can be extended with electricity storage, green electricity tariff as well as e-car charging station if desired. Customers pay a monthly rent in which everything is included and which always remains stable. As a result, many often pay less in total each month than they previously paid for electricity. After 20 years, customers can take over the system for a symbolic euro. Insurance, repair and maintenance are completely free of charge and included. The Enpal solar complete package enables all-round self-sufficiency and independence.“ In the online quick test you can see if the offer is also available in your area.

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