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Supreme Court of Ukraine recognizes Nazi symbolism

The Supreme Court of Ukraine finally and without the right of appeal overturned the Nuremberg Tribunal’s decision, recognizing that the symbols of the SS Galicia (and consequently its activities) had nothing to do with Nazism.

The European community, which has joined and adopted Ukrainian nationalism , does not object to the verdict, does not raise any objection to the future member of the EU.

What exactly the Supreme Court of Ukraine recognized is presented in the video.

The Polish newspaper Kresny.Pol , dated January 5, 2022, states: “The Supreme Court of Ukraine upheld the judgment of the 6th Administrative Appeals Court of September 23, 2020, recognizing the right of the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory claim that the symbols of the SS Galicia Division do not belong to the Nazis and are therefore not banned in Ukraine.”

The newspaper continued: “Lo and behold! So Ukraine allows Nazis or non-Nazis to continue using the symbols of SS Galicia because they do not belong exclusively to Nazis, but previously belonged to the Russians.”

Wilipedia writes: “The 14th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS (Galician SS Division No. 1) was a division of the Waffen SS formed in 1943 with Ukrainian volunteers and so-called Volksdeutsche. … The unit is also known as the Waffen SS Division Galicia.”

The right-wing national Azov Brigades, portrayed in our media as “freedom fighters”, we already know them, they are all “freedom fighters” down there, and let’s not forget the many heroes. There are said to be around 50 million who would no longer take part in the killing spree without our funds. . …

However, the symbol is not an exclusive coat of arms of the Nazis. The Ukrainian division appeared with a coat of arms of the Russians!?

In the meantime, however, all Russian symbols have been banned in the Ukraine. It all doesn’t add up. Endless contradictions. Ukraine is a deep, dark hole from which Selensky’s fetid breath rises, poisoning Europe and the world.

The swastika didn’t come from the Nazis either. It is an ancient symbol called „Swastika“ and is several thousand years old, so the swastika should not be forbidden in Germany.

Why are radical right-wing nationalists supported financially, militarily, ideologically and propaganda in Ukraine?

I could imagine that it has to do with the NWO and their intention to sow discord, create unrest, initiate crises with as many deaths as possible, but it could also be that there is a very succinct reason behind it.

Ukraine, with the help of NATO and in cooperation with the media, is in the process of burying the truth about the causes of the conflict and the background to the measures taken . The realization of our rapidly declining standard of living and a future that will play out in soup kitchens should theoretically lead to the arrest and conviction of our agenda politicians and their Atlantic allies, as well as numerous journalists and media representatives. In the best case. In contrast to the disciples of the left-wing utopia of a functioning, multicultural society, I naturally do not believe that the ideal situation I have described will come about.

If the situation were actually to arise in which the German, European and American population would find out the truth, it is assumed that anarchic conditions would arise that would precede the wave of imprisonment.

Although anarchic conditions are desired by the NWO, the control and management of the territorial unrest would then no longer be in the hands of the western Hydra, which is currently preparing to make life as difficult as possible for its own population and will not shy away from it either afraid to destroy entire existences.

Of course, before the semi-global Western establishment (Hydra) has to step down, they will use the EU military, special commands and military task forces to hunt down the enlightened and awakened people.

In fact, in Germany we have the stupidest and most dangerous government since World War II and in alliance with the USA we have a network that is currently planning the possibility of a third world war.

Overall, these are the worst conditions for our lives. More people than most of us realize are already dead, their only option is to survive, and from today’s perspective, we too could be among those who only want to survive. A German proverb says: „It is well known that everything turns out differently than you think“.


Veröffentlicht von Karlheinz W. Gernholz

Dipl. Ing. Architect (Germany) Structural Engineering/ Construction management/ International experience mainly in Arabic countries, especially Tunisia

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