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Islam: Facts or keep dreaming – New Year 2022/23 turned into a bloody battle

The left-wing bourgeoisie justifies the „firecracker jihad“ at the turn of the year 2022/23, with their own integration policy, poor accommodation, insufficient social benefits and psychological dispositions of the refugees who have left their homes and families to survive in Germany. Their justifications are strikingly the same for each act.

The left-wing bourgeoisie finds it difficult to name „horse and rider.“ Muslims perpetrated this attack on people and things, and no one else, who also live in shelters that have been messed up and destroyed by them and their comrades-in-arms. Yes, there were also Muslims who have little money, because they transfer everything to their home countries. 14 million Germans also have little money, but they have not declared jihad on the German government and Germany, preferring to bury their heads in the sand and wait for better times.

The Muslims who besiege our country, cheat our citizens, steal from them, rape and massacre them, and infect them with all kinds of diseases, have come to us full of hate. Violence is programmed into their DNA. Islam determines their lives and no one else. Even the left-wing bourgeoisie will not succeed in turning wolves into sheep. That would be nice if it were so, but Islam rules the world, at least most of it, and then a few do-gooders here imagine they can make a tame subject out of a Muslim.

What do they do instead, they belch the words „motive unknown“. The waste media feel bad that their darlings, of all people, have once again attracted attention. In almost all reports of the ÖR media, about the immigrants and their abominable, meanwhile innumerable acts (see list below) of the last decades, one regrets not the victims, but the perpetrators. Psychologists would have to cry alarm at this clinical picture of our government, the media representatives and other left-wing racists. It cannot be that Germany is governed by sick people. Muslims know how to fully exploit the insane condition of our leftist society. They are trained to do so.

So we are dealing with millions of sick immigrants and with hundreds of thousands, perhaps even millions of citizens who have lost touch with reality and lost their grip on the ground. 

How many times have we heard the lie about the „mentally ill“ perpetrator? Strictly speaking, it is not a lie, the Muslim assassins are indeed mentally ill, but only in our world, in the Muslim world they are heroes. They are celebrated as martyrs and the survivors, get a pension. Even leftist Germany pays pensions, for the Palestinian victims of the Israeli defense.

We cannot stand for our values, which are currently being abused by the left, and be in favor of Islam at the same time. An impossibility. The greatest danger for us is Islam. In their eyes, we are the bad guys. Pension payments and luxury accommodation in hotels do not help. In the face of Islam, leftist handouts are the very worst and ultimately proof that we are weak and their actions and deeds are justified.

The uncritical, uninformed and absolutist defense of Islam by the leftist elites, is as despicable as Islam. The welfare of Muslims is more important to the leftist elites than that of their own citizens. Our security comes last.

September 11, 2001 was the starting signal for the worldwide jihad. It takes place quasi multilaterally, everywhere and in every form, also with firecrackers.

What will remain from the reporting about the „firecracker jihad“ at the turn of the year 2022/23, with the ling educated middle class, is probably the number of 45 Germans who participated in the „firecracker jihad“. But they will not think about whether the 45 Germans, not only had a German passport. Muslim assassins who have been naturalized and have a German passport are also registered in the crime statistics as German perpetrators, although they are not Germans and never will be.

My contribution consists of facts that trigger hatred and agitation among the left-wing bourgeoisie against the disseminators of the facts. Hatred and agitation are at home in the left-wing milieu. On the right, it is quite sufficient to stick to the truth. The truth about migration, is unbearable for leftists. The problem of „Muslims in Germany“ cannot be solved with rhetorical magic tricks and defamation of critics.

The list below has been in my digital archive for a long time. Like all lists of acts committed by Muslims, it is incomplete and what bothers me most is that it is unorganized. The work was just too much for me. Maybe there is a program for making the list neat? I checked more than 50 statements and they were all correct, see the end of the list.

Read more: There you can also find the list, the incomplete.

Islam – facts or keep dreaming

Veröffentlicht von Karlheinz W. Gernholz

Dipl. Ing. Architect (Germany) Structural Engineering/ Construction management/ International experience mainly in Arabic countries, especially Tunisia

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