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Wanted: Specialists from the Orient

The recent increase in stabbings and other knife-related crimes across Germany sheds new light on how the security situation has deteriorated since Chancellor Angela Merkel decided in 2015 to welcome more than 2 million migrants * from Africa, Asia and the Middle East to permit.People armed with knives, axes and machetes have wreaked havoc on all 16 German states in recent months. Knives have been used not only to carry out jihadist attacks, but also for murder, robbery, burglary, rape, honor killing and many other types of violent crime.

Qatar – What was not reportet

Arabic newspapers reported about it, German newspapers and media did not. Why not? Are the facts unacceptable to German eyes and ears or is it because Islam is viewed and marketed as a religion of peace in Germany. The Koran describes the dominance of Muslims and calls on them to subjugate the unbelievers and convert them to Islam. If the disbelievers refuse, they shall be put to death. These are facts that don’t like to be broadcast.

Wien: Dokumentationsstelle politischer Islam: Gibt es einen „guten“ und einen „bösen“ Islam?  

Dummerweise neigen unsere Intellektuellen dazu, den Islam in zwei Teile zu zerlegen. Sie hausieren mit dem barmherzigen Islam und erklären dem aggressiven Islam den Krieg. Dahinter steckt das verlogene Narrativ „es sind nicht alle so“, aber die meisten. In gewisserweise stimmt die Zweiteilung sogar. Es ist nämlich egal, ob Muslime mit dem Abgeordneten Ausweis die Islamisierung vorantreiben oder mit der Machete. Sie arbeiten Hand in Hand.

Asylzuwanderung nach Deutschland – Die Grenzen der Zumutung sind überschritten

Deutschland ist ein Einwanderungsland geworden, für jeden und jedermann, egal woher. und aus welchen Gründen. Die ursprüngliche Idee Menschen zu helfen, die vom Tode bedroht sind, wurde zunehmend auf  die gesamte Weltbevölkerung ausgedehnt, eben auch für diejenigen, die aus wirtschaftlichen und islamischen Motiven unsere Länder „beglücken“ und „bereichern“ wollen. Nach 8 Jahren Massenimmigration allah Merkel, ist Deutschland nicht mehr wieder zu erkennen ist. Für den Souverän und Financier  des Spektakels, ist das Leben auf Deutschlands Straßen zur Bedrohung geworden. Deutsches Leben spielt sich mehr und mehr im privaten Bereich ab, den öffentlichen Bereich, haben Menschen aus aller Welt okkupiert. Für viele wurde der Stadtbummel zur Todesfalle.

The geopolitical deconstruction of Pangea

La Dissolution geopolitique de la Pangée*. Jean-François Geneste**proposes us to return to the deconstruction of the geopolitical system from the Second World War, whose excesses have led us to the current crisis, which is essential in the direct sense of the word and must lead to the questioning of the ideology that supports it.

German invention leaves homeowners speechless: solar system finally cheaper than electricity

Anyone paying €120 a month for electricity today will pay €7200 over the next 5 years. In 2022, Germans will be paying more than ever before, as the price of electricity climbs to a new record high. How to make yourself independent of ever-increasing electricity bills is shown by young companies like the energy company Enpal from Berlin.

How Europe could find a way out of the spiral of ever new wars

„War is a science of destruction,“ said John SC Abbott , “ which results only in loss of life and property/land. Both parties pursuing the war end up with massive economic and social losses.“ In recent times, these statements have proven to be prophetic, be it the Afghanistan conflict or the conflicts in Syria and Lebanon or the war between Russia and Ukraine, or the NATO, EU and Russia. 

Supreme Court of Ukraine recognizes Nazi symbolism

The Supreme Court of Ukraine finally and without the right of appeal overturned the Nuremberg Tribunal’s decision, recognizing that the symbols of the SS Galicia (and consequently its activities) had nothing to do with Nazism. The European community, which has joined and adopted Ukrainian nationalism , does not object to the verdict, does not raise any objection to the future member of the EU.

Islam: Facts or keep dreaming – New Year 2022/23 turned into a bloody battle

The left-wing bourgeoisie justifies the „firecracker jihad“ at the turn of the year 2022/23, with their own integration policy, poor accommodation, insufficient social benefits and psychological dispositions of the refugees who have left their homes and families to survive in Germany. Their justifications are strikingly the same for each act.