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Facts from Germany – Blood flows in paradise

by  Soren Kern

Original English text:  Germany: Spike in Stabbings

  • Chancellor Merkel’s open-door immigration policy has set in motion a vicious cycle of violence, with more and more people carrying knives in public, including for self-defense.
  • A 40-year-old man stabbed his 31-year-old wife and mother of their three children. According to the police, the man was upset about „the appearance of the 31-year-old victim on social networks“.
  • A „dark complexion“ man threatened a 54-year-old train attendant with a knife when she asked for his ticket.

The recent increase in stabbings and other knife-related crimes across Germany sheds new light on how the security situation has deteriorated since Chancellor Angela Merkel decided in 2015 to welcome more than a million migrants * from Africa, Asia and the Middle East to permit.

People armed with knives, axes and machetes have wreaked havoc on all 16 German states in recent months. Knives have been used not only to carry out jihadist attacks, but also for murder, robbery, burglary, rape, honor killing and many other types of violent crime.

Crimes committed with knives occurred at fairs, bike paths, hotels, parks, public squares, public transport, restaurants, schools, supermarkets and train stations. Many Germans feel that danger lurks everywhere; public safety anywhere.

Police  admit they are outnumbered, overwhelmed and increasingly unable to maintain law and order – both day and night.

Reliable statistics on knife violence in Germany – where the police  are accused  of failing to report many crimes, arguably in an attempt to “not alarm” the public – do not exist.

But a search of German police reports suggests that 2017 could be a record year for stabbings and knife violence: police  reported  more than 3,500 knife-related crimes between January and October 2017, compared to 4,000 such crimes in all of 2016 – and only 300 in 2007. Overall, crimes involving the use of knives have increased by 1,200 percent over the past decade.

The media in Germany does not report on most cases of knife violence. Those crimes that are reported are often dismissed as „isolated incidents“ unrelated to mass immigration. In addition, many crime reports, including police reports, often omit any reference to the nationality of the perpetrators and victims, apparently to avoid fueling anti-immigration sentiment.

But Merkel’s open-door immigration policy has set in motion a vicious circle of violence, with more and more people carrying knives in public, including for self-defense.

The epicenter of knife violence is  Berlin , where some areas are so dangerous they’ve become virtual no-go zones. In Neukölln and other areas with many immigrants, stabbings are part of everyday life. According to  the  Berliner Morgenpost  , immigrants are responsible for at least 45 percent of crimes in the German capital.

Bremen  and  Bremerhaven  are also focal points of knife violence. In 2016, at least 469 people – more than one per day – were victims of knife attacks in Bremen. That  says  a Senate paper from which the  Bild newspaper quotes. More than a dozen people died from their stab wounds. A further 165 knife attacks were recorded in Bremerhaven, an increase of 75 percent since 2014. According to  Bild  , migrants were responsible for most of these acts of violence.

Another trouble spot of knife violence is  North Rhine-Westphalia ; Knife fights are rampant in Bielefeld, Bochum, Bonn, Cologne, Dortmund, Düsseldorf and Essen, among other places; Düsseldorf city center is particularly hard hit.

Many knife attacks appear to be indiscriminate, indiscriminate attacks on innocent bystanders—this is especially true at transportation hubs and public transportation:

  • Munich , October 21: A 33-year-old  man randomly stabbed  eight people at Rosenheimer Platz, including a 12-year-old boy. Police say they „believe“ the perpetrator — a serial offender with a long criminal record — suffers from a „mental disorder.“
  • Mönchengladbach , October 16: An 18-year-old Algerian illegally staying in Germany  threatened  a 65-year-old wheelchair user with a knife at the main train station.
  • Hamburg , October 15: A 23-year-old man is  stabbed in a restaurant  – because of „accidental eye contact“ with the attacker.
  • Berlin , October 11: Two passers-by are  stabbed at Neukölln S-Bahn and U-Bahn station . According to police, the attack was accidental and unprovoked.
  • Cologne , October 2: On the S-Bahn to Düsseldorf Airport, a man with a “dark complexion” assaulted and robbed a woman  at knifepoint .
  • Mannheim , September 30: A 31-year-old  randomly stabs  passers-by. Police officers fired a warning shot after pepper spray failed.
  • Leipzig , July 27: A 46-year-old father who was staying with his family at an amusement park was attacked by a group of Afghan youth and seriously injured with a  knife .

More and more teenagers, children and women are involved in knife attacks or become victims:

  • Giessen , November 15: In a schoolyard, two children are threatened with a knife by two men with „dark complexion“ and „southeastern European looks“ respectively  ; they rob them of their meal money.
  • Dormagen , November 15: A 39-year-old man threatened a teenager with  a knife on Helmut-Schmidt-Platz . The attacker is admitted to a psychiatric hospital.
  • Wiesbaden , November 14: In a playground, a man threatens a woman and her children  with a knife in broad daylight . The woman says the man tried to steal her dog; when she resisted, he attacked her.
  • Cologne , November 2nd: A 39-year-old woman was  stabbed by a man who was apparently drugged .
  • Singen , October 4: Two 14-year-old Turkish-speaking children threatened several other children with  a knife in a playground .
  • Dortmund , October 1: A 15-year-old is stabbed in the Gustav Heinemann School  after trying to settle a dispute between a 13-year-old and a 16-year-old.
  • Freiburg, September 29. During an argument in a parking lot, a 34-year-old woman was stabbed  by another woman 
  • Hermannsburg , August 29: A man  threatened  a 22-year-old woman with a knife because she was said to be holding up traffic in an underground car park.

In mass brawls between groups of different nationalities and ethnicities, knives seem to be the weapon of choice:

  • Erfurt , November 11: A 22-year-old Afghan man is  stabbed  and seriously injured in an apartment building during a dispute with other Afghans.
  • Rüdersdorf , November 11: A 19-year-old was seriously injured in a  stabbing  in an apartment building.
  • Hamburg , November 9: Three men are  stabbed  and seriously injured in a stabbing in Eimsbüttel.
  • Berlin , November 7: A 21-year-old Vietnamese man is  stabbed while leaving his father’s late-night shop in Wilmersdorf. The killer is still at large.
  • Bremen , November 2nd: A 20-year-old woman is stabbed to death during a mass brawl in front of a kebab restaurant  . A man had been shot dead in a nearby supermarket just hours before.
  • Hoyerswerda , October 25: A 23-year-old Libyan man was stabbed in the face in a fight with a 23-year-old and a 28-year-old Libyan man  .
  • Bad Wildungen , October 16: An 18-year-old is  stabbed and seriously injured in a stabbing involving a dozen people.
  • Eschwege , October 15: A 23-year-old Afghan man  stabbed  a 23-year-old Algerian man in a mass brawl at a refugee shelter involving more than 40 people.
  • Dortmund , October 14: More than 40 migrants take part in a  stabbing  in a refugee shelter. When the police arrive, they are „massively“ attacked by the mob. Officials use dogs to restore order.
  • Cologne , October 14: A 22-year-old migrant from Africa is  stabbed to death in a stabbing with six other Africans on Ebertplatz .
  • Öhringen , October 12: In a stabbing, a 17-year-old German-Turk  seriously injures a 19-year-old Pole.
  • Bielefeld , October 2: A 21-year-old man suffers multiple  stab wounds after rushing to the aid of a couple who had been attacked by a group of Afghan men at a skate park. The police are looking for an 18-year-old „Iraqi or Kurd“ as the alleged perpetrator.
  • Naumburg , October 1: An 18-year-old Afghan and a 19-year-old Moroccan are  stabbed in a mass brawl between „foreign people of different origins“ .
  • Dortmund , September 3: A 34-year-old Bulgarian man  stabbed  a 54-year-old Turk in front of a restaurant.

Knives are also used in „honour“ violence and internal disputes:

  • Bad Homburg , October 30: A 40-year-old  stabs  his 31-year-old wife and mother of their three children together: According to the police, the man may have been upset about „the appearance of the 31-year-old victim on social networks“.
  • Oldenburg , October 14: The trial of a 37-year-old Iraqi man accused of stabbing his wife  ,  who was also the mother of his five children who were at the family home at the time of the crime, begins. According to the indictment, the Iraqi killed his wife to restore „family honor“ after he suspected she was having an affair with another man. In truth, the woman had taken part in German courses.
  • Eggenfelden , October 4: A 47-year-old Kazakh  castrates  a 28-year-old Ukrainian migrant at a migrant shelter; the victim bleeds to death at the scene of the crime.
  • Leipzig , August 11: A 37-year-old Afghan  stabs  his 34-year-old wife, who is pregnant with their third child. The couple’s other two children were in the home at the time of the crime.
  • Riederich , July 9: A 35-year-old Macedonian  man stabs  a 30-year-old Macedonian man belonging to a rival clan during a wedding.
  • Herzberg,  June 29: Mohammad Hussain Rashwani, a 38-year-old migrant from Syria, attempts to  behead 64-year-old Ilona Fugmann in her beauty salon . Fugmann had hired Rashwani as a hairdresser, and the German media praised him as a prime example of successful integration. According to reports, Mohammad found it difficult to submit to his boss.
  • Cologne , June 14. A 33-year-old Syrian man inflicts serious injuries on his ex-wife with a  knife in a supermarket in Cologne  . He also stabs his 13-year-old son when he tries to protect his mother.
  • Cottbus , June 9: A 32-year-old Chechen man is sentenced to 13 years in prison  for cutting his wife’s throat and throwing her out the second-floor window of their apartment. The man is convicted of manslaughter instead of murder because the court believes that the man carried out the „honor killing“ out of affect: he thought his wife had been unfaithful to him.

Knife attacks are also perpetrated against social workers and civil servants:

  • Pfaffenhofen , November 11: A 28-year-old man with Kazakh and German citizenship and a  knife  held a 31-year-old clerk at a youth welfare office hostage for over five hours. He says he disagrees with her decision in a custody battle that leaves his one-year-old daughter in foster care.
  • Göppingen , October 26. A man with a „dark complexion“ threatened a 54-year-old train attendant with a  knife when she asked him for his ticket.
  • Ahaus , October 12: A 28-year-old Nigerian man is sentenced to 13 years in prison; he had stabbed a 22-year-old helper in a refugee shelter  .
  • Saarbrücken , June 7: A 27-year-old Syrian  man stabbed  a 30-year-old Red Cross psychologist. The attacker and the psychologist are said to have gotten into an argument during a therapy session at a counseling center for traumatized refugees.

The attackers are often known to the police as repeat offenders:

  • Giessen , November 15: A 29-year-old Kosovar and a 19-year-old Albanian man threaten a shop detective who catches them shoplifting with a  knife . The police say the Kosovar has already been searched for with an arrest warrant. Bielefeld , October 31: A 39-year-old man threatens a police identity check with a  knife . According to police, the man has a long list of criminal offenses, including burglary and drug trafficking.
  • Dusseldorf , October 17: 27-year-old migrant Khudeda Jamal Jindi from Iraq stabbed a man  in the face at Burgplatz . He is known to the police for many crimes, including other knife crimes. It is unclear why he was never deported.
  • Arnschwang , June 4: Mostafa J., a 41-year-old asylum seeker from Afghanistan,  stabbed  a five-year-old boy from Russia to death in a refugee shelter. It is later revealed that the man has a long history of crimes committed in Germany; He should have been deported in 2011, but wasn’t.

Among recent cases of knife jihad is this:

  • Hamburg , July 28: 26-year-old Palestinian Ahmed A.  stabbed  one person and injured several others in a supermarket in Barmbek. Although he repeatedly shouts „Allahu Akbar“ and says he is a jihadist who wants to die as a martyr,  Die Welt writes  : „It is still unclear whether Barmbek’s murder was the work of a convinced Islamist or the desperation of a mentally ill person . … His approach seems downright schizophrenic – or is it calculated?”

Among the other reported knife crimes in October are these:

Hagen,  October 1: An unknown man  injured  a man with a machete at the main train station. Speyer , October 1: A 27-year-old man with a  knife  attacks police officers during a security check at the main train station. Werl , October 1: A „southern type“ man armed with a knife  robbed  a 20-year-old man.

Wilhelmshaven , October 1: A man armed with a knife and speaking German with an „Eastern European accent“  mugged and robbed  a gas station. Freiburg,  October 2. Two teenagers with „Turkish looks“  threatened  two other teenagers with a knife in a public square and robbed them. Ulm , October 2: Three „dark-skinned“ men armed with a knife  attacked and robbed  a 20-year-old man.

Soest , October 4: An 18-year-old Somali  stabbed  a 39-year-old German man at the train station. Hamburg , October 5: A 24-year-old shop detective in a clothing store is  stabbed while confronting two male shoplifters. Wolfsburg , October 6: Two men are knifed during a brawl at  Hochring . Wiesbaden , October 6: A 23-year-old is  stabbed in the city center .

Johanngeorgenstadt , October 7: The knives of five teenagers are  confiscated during an arms control at the German-Czech border . Münster , October 7: At the bus station, two men threatened a 16-year-old with a knife and robbed him. Bremen , October 8: Two men are  stabbed in a brawl in the city center .

Weinheim , October 9: A 24-year-old salesman is  stabbed by a 46-year-old „customer“ . Hofheim , October 10: A private security guard is  injured with a knife at an Oktoberfest . Cologne , October 10: In Cologne-Zollstock, a 36-year-old is  stabbed at a kiosk by a 26-year-old .

Stade , October 11: A man with „southern appearance“  seriously injures  a 38-year-old with a knife. Berlin , October 13:   A man is seriously injured  in a stabbing at Alexanderplatz. Kassel , October 15: Two „Arabic-speaking“ men with a knife  threatened and robbed  a 43-year-old woman in the Wesertor district.

Niederstetten , October 17: A 19-year  -old stabbed  a 30-year-old in the stomach in a restaurant. The crime comes after the 30-year-old allegedly „insulted“ the 19-year-old’s wife. Bremen , October 19: A 25-year-old man  was stabbed by a group of men in the Huchting district . When the police officers arrive, they are immediately surrounded by a mob of 30 to 40 men. Police use tear gas and dogs to restore order. Berlin , October 19: A 19-year-old Romanian is  stabbed to death in the Tiergarten district .

Halle , October 19: A man is stabbed in a dispute over drugs  . Düsseldorf , October 21: Two men are stabbed by four attackers in front of a McDonald’s restaurant in the city center  . Stemwede , October 21: Three members of a family are  stabbed during a dispute . The attack appeared to have come from a 43-year-old man who disapproved of the boyfriend’s choice made by his stepdaughter.

Hamburg , October 22: An 18-year-old salesman in a mobile phone shop is  stabbed by a 21-year-old who is dissatisfied with the service. Hamburg , October 22: A man is stabbed in the stomach at the entrance to a subway station  . Dusseldorf , October 22: A 21-year-old is  stabbed while trying to settle a dispute.

Rheine , October 22: In the course of a disagreement, a 20-year-old Romanian stabs a 44-year-old  compatriot  Berlin , October 23: A 59-year-old man  was stabbed  and seriously injured in the Schöneberg district. Leipzig , October 23: A 21-year-old man is  stabbed in a brawl at the main train station .

Solingen , October 23: A 19-year-old is  stabbed in a fight . Berlin , October 24: On the grounds of the Jewish Hospital in Wedding, a 39-year-old man was stabbed by a 20-year-old  man . Hünstetten-Bechtheim , October 27: An 18-year-old man was seriously injured with a knife at a folk festival  .

Wangen , October 29: A 56-year-old  man stabbed  a 52-year-old man over a disagreement at a restaurant. Chemnitz , October 29: A 27-year-old Libyan man was seriously  injured in a knife fight among North Africans .

Giessen , October 30: Two Syrian asylum seekers are stabbed during an argument with another Syrian in the city  center . Waldshut , October 30: a 32-year-old man suffers  serious stab wounds in a fight at the bus station in Tiengen . Frankfurt , October 30th: An employee of a housing company is fatally injured with a knife by a woman during the forced eviction of an apartment  .

Kulmbach , October 31: A 38-year-old Turk  stabs  a 33-year-old German man during an argument. Berlin , October 31: In a  stabbing  among six men at an underground station in the Schöneberg district, three of the men are injured. The  Berliner Zeitung  publishes an unusually detailed account of what happened, which also mentions the ages of those involved but gives no information on their nationality.

Soeren Kern  is a Senior Fellow at New York’s  Gatestone Institute .

  • The author’s statement of 1 million refugees in 2015 is incorrect. There were 2,136,954 to read here .

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12 Kommentare zu „Facts from Germany – Blood flows in paradise

    1. i will answer your question It’s difficult to answer in a few sentences, but I’ll try anyway. I have largely retired from public life. I spend an average of 6 hours on the PC and 8 hours in front of the television. I cycle 2 hours a day and lift weights for half an hour. I read a lot and research the internet. That’s it. A veil has fallen over all my activities. My life has become routine.

      Back then, before all the super-rich mongering, my life was different. It was moving, always on the go, lots of contacts, lots of appointments. Everything has changed in my life, but written on the Internet, I always have.

      Now is a good opportunity to wish you a nice, happy, healthy New Year. Celebrate anyway. I won’t go into the new year with my head bowed either, but with renewed vigour, and I’ll celebrate whatever. I’ll have a visitor tomorrow. I’m looking forward to.

      Ciao 🌜🌛🌟🌞

      Gefällt 1 Person

        1. I promised you to publish the list or one of the lists in another post. The opportunity has just presented itself, because at the turn of the year the Muslims in our country have gone crazy again. You can find the list here,

          but not only the list, but also a small report of what happened on New Year’s Eve.

          I also think we have things in common. Have a nice time JD.


  1. I think it is hard to mix cultures for one thing. I see the mixing of cultures here in the US are at odds And we have a long history of doing so, but now it is coming apart at the seams though not as bad as in your country.


    1. Do not forget that migrants are not a group or a race. The majority of immigrants to the United States are different from those in Germany. Here it is almost exclusively Muslims from all over the world. It seems like a troop march. Many Germans, very many, only take to the streets to do the most necessary. Germany is in a different situation when it comes to migration than the Americans. It is not comparable, even in terms of the number of migrants. Not to mention the costs in Germany. Here, too, a completely different situation than in the USA.

      Believe me, it is bad, very bad.

      Many Thanks for your answer. It,s always nice to hear from you.🌹


      1. Right now the US is letting in about 16,000 a day from the southern border. Cities are declaring it a crisis. All summer here we have had an army of males who are fighting age coming across with no women or children. Our country seems to be dissolving. I don’t know what the media is saying in Europe about what’s going on here. Well, the media lies to us hourly.

        Gefällt 1 Person

        1. Yes, I can only agree with you. The media simply omit the facts, and the „omission of facts“ are also lies. As you write, the media report that some cities have declared a state of crisis. I am surprised, and do you know why? In our country we do not speak of a crisis. In the media, the word „crisis“ is avoided. They speak of an enrichment of our society.

          German media report almost nothing about immigration to the USA. Lapidary remarks like: „The immigration numbers in the USA are increasing“, or: „at the border, there have been clashes“. No background information. I sometimes write about it, but then at „Linda’s Insight“.

          Gefällt 1 Person

    2. This is just one list of many. All the lists are incomplete, by the way, and what is even more remarkable is that the government does not publish lists. It has good reasons for doing so, and they are written in the lists. The lists are just the tip of the iceberg.

      In Germany, citizens hear about an assassination every 2 or 3 weeks in the Media, and the rest of the assassinations are simply swept under the table.

      Assassins who are in possession of a German passport then go to the account of German perpetrators. That is also a falsification of the facts, because their is no „German Mohammed Ali“. He does not exist.

      Enclosed, so in the comment after this, I send you another list. It is unsorted and has spelling mistakes, therefore a translation was also not possible.

      Gefällt 1 Person

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