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Germany’s Iran Sanctions – Iranians stunned by so much stupidity

Germany has been waging an economic war against the Islamic Republic of Iran for several decades – in recent years even in violation of international law. Initially, the sanctions were limited to military goods, but then they were extended to all goods on earth. The export of medicines was not banned at first, but who is currently suffering from a shortage of medicines, not the Iranians, but us.

The Iranians and the rest of the Muslim world are once again laughing at the German government and its pioneering idea of collecting medicines at flea markets. Doctors in Iran do not call their patients and ask for donations of medicine, but supposedly this is current practice among pediatricians in Germany.

Iran’s disconnection from the global payment system was also a shot in its own foot. German manufacturers could no longer export their goods to Iran.

The Western intention to limit Iran’s ability to defend itself was the German military leadership’s next pipe failure. Despite decades of Western sanctions and embargoes that prevented it from importing weapons and missiles, Iran has built up a large domestic arms industry with the aim of regaining the upper hand in the Middle East. People are buying Iranian drones again around the world, not just the Russians, if that’s even true. And German Puma tanks, 18 in number, are immobilized.

Just a few days ago, Germany’s military leadership reimposed sanctions on Iran. Foreign economic promotion for business with Iran , was stopped. There is nothing frightening about the news for Iran. What is interesting, however, is the synchronization of the truth media in the service of the Atlantic conspiracy. Because the sanctions do not affect a single Iranian company. They will get their goods, which they do not get any more from Germany, from other sources, finished. Once again, the sanctions hit only German companies. German companies have no possibility to insure their goods.

With sanctions that harm its own country and its own people more than the countries and people affected, Germany is now the undisputed world champion.

In Ukraine, the Russian military and Selenskyj are bombing the Ukrainian infrastructure, and in Iran, Germany’s new military experts planned to cripple the infrastructure with sanctions and leave it to decay. That, too, has failed. Iran is becoming visibly more modern. Railroad and rail traffic functions smoothly. Delays are rarely the case. In Germany, one has to wait for every second train . Hospitals and schools are functioning, and energy is plentiful. Even the poorest are able to pay the cost of energy, in Germany no more.

Infrastructures are collapsing at every turn, especially in Germany. The privatized postal service can no longer deliver its parcels, or only with delays, and letters only reach their recipients when the reminder periods have already expired. In Iran, the mail arrives on time even with sanctions.

Energy prices are skyrocketing in Germany because infantile new military experts have to defend Western interests alongside the United States against the rest of the world and its own people.

In the center of morality, where lies and half-truths have become a lucrative business, money is stored in hotel rooms by the sack and war is waged against half the world and our own population, we Germans are told that reporting is not free in Iran. Is it then in our country, in Germany?

A few days ago, the deeply moral and valuable Germany voted in a UN General Assembly against the condemnation of National Socialism and the glorification of the Nazis. Not a single public truth media reported about it. Iranian newspapers and other media in the Arab world did.

Our truth media accuses men in Iran of keeping their women away from education. The percentage of women studying in mint subjects in Iran is 50%, while in Germany only 20% women study in these fields . The spread of un-normal sexual oddities and LGBT ideology is seen as the liberation of women and society and is praised as an achievement of civilization. In Iran, on the other hand, there is hardly anyone who even remotely approves of these outrages. The culture is breaking down in Germany. It was wanted, and now the disintegration is becoming clear. Germany is no longer recognizable.

The leading media lead us astray, conceal and report in the sense of the new world order, this includes the reporting about Iran.

In contrast to Germany, Iran is developing steadily for the better and its population is participating in the upswing. Iran is on the way to modernity and Germany is drifting away, in a steep decline, without net and double bottom.

I wish everyone a blessed holiday. May the Savior appear soon.


US Restores Economic Sanctions On Iran, Again. But How Effective are Economic Sanctions? | by …


Veröffentlicht von Karlheinz W. Gernholz

Dipl. Ing. Architect (Germany) Structural Engineering/ Construction management/ International experience mainly in Arabic countries, especially Tunisia

6 Kommentare zu „Germany’s Iran Sanctions – Iranians stunned by so much stupidity

    1. Ja, natürlich, Fakten sind immer willkommen und Fakten bedeuten kurz vor der Wahrheit zu sein. Herzlichen Dank. Der Einfluss des Islam kommt etwas zu kurz, und da Ihre Artikel weltweit lesbar sein sollen, fehlen ab und zu Erklärungen zu den Protagonisten.

      Themenauszüge aus Ihrem Artikel

      Wiederaufbau einer zerbrechlichen Zivilfassade.
      Ein sich verschlechterndes sozioökonomisches Umfeld.
      Institutionelle Sackgasse.


      Nach Angaben der spanischen Behörden erreichten zwischen Januar und Oktober 2021 9.664 Algerier die spanische Küste. Das sind 20% mehr als im Jahr 2020, stellt dieselbe Quelle fest……..

      Die russische Invasion in der Ukraine und der daraus resultierende Anstieg der Kohlenwasserstoffpreise sind jedoch kurzfristig eine gute Nachricht für Algerien, da Kohlenwasserstoffe 95% der Exporte des Landes ausmachen. …….


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