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Islam is not a race – Muslims are not a race, but Muslims exist in all human races

This is because the battle for Islam is fought in the West, the only arena where it can sometimes still be discussed critically. The accusation of racism always hovers over the heads of Islam critics like the sword of Damocles. Perfidiously, the leftists have done an excellent job of prioritizing the protection of minorities over enlightenment. At the same time, it has become almost impossible in the West to criticize Islam in a free and open debate. In fact, Islam is not a race. Islam has nothing to do with genetics at all, nor is it an innate trait. Islam is an ideology and not a race. Muslims are not a human race, but Muslims exist in all human races. Islam is not a race and Muslims are not a race either. But Islam is a racist ideology, deadly and created by ..

Islam – Behind the scenes of the World Cup in Qatar

……….Among the visitors to the World Cup were nearly 600 hate preachers from the East, as well as highly respected preachers and scholars . Among them was Zakir Naik from India. He was accused by Indian authorities of money laundering and hate speech, but he was able to travel out of India and into Qatar. He posed there with the world’s most dangerous Islamic preachers without being prosecuted by the Qatari security authorities. In the luxury hotels he could hold his lectures and sermons undisturbed

Facts from Germany – Blood flows in paradise

People armed with knives, axes and machetes have wreaked havoc on all 16 German states in recent months. Knives have been used not only to carry out jihadist attacks, but also for murder, robbery, burglary, rape, honor killing and many other types of violent crime.

Germany’s Iran Sanctions – Iranians stunned by so much stupidity

Germany has been waging an economic war against the Islamic Republic of Iran for several decades – in recent years even in violation of international law. Initially, the sanctions were limited to military goods, but then they were extended to all goods on earth. The export of medicines was not banned at first, but who is currently suffering from a shortage of medicines, not the Iranians, but us.