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They did it again-The US has blown a gas pipeline before

The USA has already blown up a gas pipeline –  The deal faked by the CIA with the help of a Canadian company –  Modified software controlled the self-detonation of the pipeline – The background: the huge gas deal between the Soviet Union and Germany in 1981 – Construction of the pipeline by Western European companies, payment through Russia with natural gas – in Washington they were beside themselves – later the champagne corks popped in the Oval Office and the Pentagon.

Practice makes perfect, they say. The US has also practiced. They are not inexperienced in destroying gas lines. They’ve let a line like that go up before. However, that was a while ago. It happened in 1982, forty years ago. But it proves that the USA does not shy away from something like this. The journalist, columnist and writer Alexander Wallasch* ) reported on the destruction at the time  : “Oops! … They did it again: How the CIA blew up a Russian gas pipeline in 1982.”

The CIA fabricated deal with the help of a Canadian company

Wallasch, citing sources, writes: „For well over twenty years, grass had been growing on this covert CIA operation until 2004, when Thomas Reed, a former Presidential National Security Advisor, decided it was time to report on the great success of the Authority in his book  At the Abyss. To report to Insider’s History of the Cold War  .” At the time, the CIA learned from a spy in Moscow which American computer-controlled special systems the Soviet Union was interested in. Then it was ensured that the Russians received the desired hardware and software. The American secret services fabricated a deal through a Canadian company, and the Canadian company also delivered.

Modified software controlled the self-detonation of the natural gas pipeline

The coup was as perfidious as it was intelligent and was carried out at the highest level of the secret service. Wallasch quotes the  Neue Zürcher Zeitung : “ However, the software had been changed in such a way that after a few weeks it controlled the speeds of the turbines, the work of the pumps, the movements of the valves in a way that finally led to the explosion .”

The background: the huge gas deal between the Soviet Union and Germany in 1981

The economic and political background to this technical manipulation of the self-explosive gas pipeline was the huge gas deal between the Soviet Union and Germany in 1981. On November 22, 1981, the Soviet party and government leader Leonid Brezhnev traveled to Bonn. Two days earlier, Soviet foreign trade experts had signed the „biggest East-West industrial agreement of all time“ in Essen: „The construction of pipelines and compressor stations worth 20 billion marks and – from 1984 to 2009 – the delivery of 40 billion cubic meters annually to Siberia Natural gas worth 16 billion marks – 400 billion marks in 25 years“. (Source:  Der Spiegel  12/1982 from March 21, 1982  here ).

Construction of the pipeline by Western European companies, payment by Russia with natural gas

The deal envisaged a six-lane pipeline to transport natural gas from northern Siberia to western Europe. The Soviet Union had agreed to supply around 30 percent of Europe’s natural gas needs from 1985 onwards. The only problem, according to Wallasch: “Building the pipelines for this was not feasible for the Soviet Union, European companies should do it and be paid for it in gas. It goes without saying that these lines then also supplied Russia’s industry with the coveted energy raw material.”

People in Washington were beside themselves

But the spectacular deal, Wallasch continues, „not everyone liked: First, America’s hardliners sounded the alarm, and then Defense Minister Caspar Weinberger, representing his government, was outraged about this German détente diplomacy.“ According to  Spiegel  at that time had to be blackened by the USA as a spoiler of western military power. Wallasch then reports how the Federal Government at the time tried to ensure good weather in Washington: “In January 1982 Federal Chancellor Helmut Schmidt traveled to the USA and had to be told personally how negatively American friends rated the gas/pipe business. Superficially, the Americans feared that high-quality Western technology would be installed, which the Russians could exploit and use militarily.” Further German attempts at appeasement followed. The full Wallasch report  here .

Champagne corks later popped in the Oval Office and Pentagon

The conclusion of the Wallasch report reads: “In March 1982, Der Spiegel wrote the story of a gigantic Soviet-German gas deal. A few months later, it exploded in two places: in Siberia, a gigantic fireball shone into space, and champagne corks popped in the Oval Office and the Pentagon.”

Reagan war Republikaner (Follow the Truth), Donald J. Trump hätte so etwas nie gemacht.
Mit Trump hätte es auch keinen Ukraine-Krieg gegeben.
Reagan was a Republican (Follow the Truth), Donald J. Trump would never have done such a thing.
With Trump, there would have been no Ukraine war either.


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