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German politicians and journalists have lost total control over what they say and write and how they act.

Ein Beitrag von Helmut Müller

A morally and politically tarnished belligerent U.S. president who, properly understood, indirectly threatens another head of state, this one also no beacon of personal integrity, with assassination (see video below). A millionaire Ukrainian president with a special close relationship to a billionaire oligarch close to organized crime, according to Swiss sources. The Klitschko brothers are also accused of being particularly close to Ukrainian mafiosi. Elsewhere, for example in Western Europe, all noble pearls?

Not quite. Examples: An Ursula van der Leyen suspected of corruption in connection with vaccine purchases. Yes, and what about Macron, the alleged lobbyist for large corporations, or the German Scholz, allegedly pleasing the German Warburg Bank? But all this is only the tip of an iceberg of actual and potential corruption and abuse of office. One would have expected more objective clarification and information from honest, incorruptible media, if only they existed in their majority.

There is no such thing as a free media. But exceptions do.

Critical media are more important than ever, the Austrian vice chancellor is quoted as saying. What a Green, not spared by a morbid zeitgeist, understands by this is sufficiently well known. With few exceptions, most commentators in the media are similarly „critical,“ as Pierre Bourdieu once said that they were bought by the rich in order to be able to choose the message to be sent to the poor. This is particularly evident at this time, when it seems worthwhile, like dogs, to gnaw a big bone even for a little meat. There it is claimed that Zelensky „turned Scholz around“ (Kronenzeitung), the Nord Stream attack bears „the signature of the KGB“ (Standard) and Putin now has the war „he wanted“(Kronenzeitung).

Well, neither is the actor in Kiev that powerful, Biden more likely, nor can the weighty editorialist of the Standard present any proof regarding Nord-Stream, and the war was not wanted by Putin from the beginning, but by the deep state behind Biden. Do we need any more proof? Are the comments of the „mainstream“ pre-chewed by NATO headquarters? Already John Swinton (1829-1901), editorialist of the New York Times, knew it: „There is no such thing as a free press… We are tools and serfs of the financial powers… We are nothing but intellectual prostitutes.“ And today? We know their names, but also the names of those who (still) dare to report the whole truth.

Ukrainian cannon fodder and Western European cash cow

The arms industry, which had financed Biden’s election campaign in a big way, can rejoice, business is going well – similar to the pharmaceutical industry – and better than perhaps hoped for. Of course, with the support of the EU Commission and national governments. Although the weapons and ammunition provided to Ukraine by the USA, for example, are „only“ lent or leased to the latter at an unknown price, most of the armaments that have probably been made into scrap or damaged will only be available in exchange for cash, which Kiev does not have. So we can guess three times who will pay for it, but also who will make the big profit. The main actor on the battlefield, at the same time the person responsible for the war, who is deliberately ignored by the mainstream, will in any case try to hold himself harmless. The willingness to make sacrifices and the abundant natural resources of Ukraine will certainly give him a reassuring sense of security, and the 70 billion Ukraine aid he will soon be providing – without having to sacrifice a single U.S. boy for America’s interests – must seem to him to be well and cheaply invested.

Politicians‘ gossip and disinformation

Soon, however, concerns and worries about what has been said may be eclipsed by hyperinflation, „blackouts“ or new viruses. Very recently, however, by the increased invasion of alien „species,“ not Asian ladybugs or brown algae from the ocean in this case. Hundreds of two-legged illegals from Africa and Asia, from the „mainstream“ – probably to appease restless minds in the country – sweepingly called „refugees“, can flow daily unhindered across Austria’s borders into already provided welcome accommodations. According to plan, that is. The indignation of the politicians, played at the behest of the EU, whoever is behind it, and the accompanying media music were to be expected. But we will still have to talk about neglect of duty, and also about betrayal.

Let’s forget the chatter of the politically responsible, let’s look at what is and remains. The majority of the foreigners should, for economic reasons on the one hand and ideological on the other hand, remain in Europe as before. With all known and further „collateral damages „*. One wants it in such a way and will be ready to suppress each resistance with law paragraphs, if necessary with force (as opposite inoculation opponents). Only the very big indignation from the people could force a political change of direction.

*Examples: According to a Swedish study (Novus), eight out of ten asylum seekers spend their vacations in their country of origin. 63 percent of sexual violence in public transport in the Paris region of Isle de France was committed in 2019 (according to the French Interior Ministry) by people with an immigrant background.

*Examples: According to a Swedish study (Novus), eight out of ten asylum seekers spend their vacations in their country of origin. 63 percent of sexual violence in public transport in the Paris region of Isle de France was committed by people with an immigrant background in 2019 (according to the French Ministry of the Interior).

Facts about Ukraine

What we are being kept from

Cannon Fodder

Money for Ukraine

Dr. Sahra Wagenknecht: USA prevents peace:


Veröffentlicht von Karlheinz W. Gernholz

Dipl. Ing. Architect (Germany) Structural Engineering/ Construction management/ International experience mainly in Arabic countries, especially Tunisia

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