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When Germany burns, the East chooses the fire department, the West the arsonists

More and more people are feeling, noticing and understanding that there is a fire in Germany. Thousands of people are taking to the streets. More and more mass demonstrations are taking place in more and more places. Politicians of the old parties want to portray them as right-wing extremists or even, like Federal Minister of the Interior Nancy Faeser, as „enemies of democracy“.

As early as August, it was reported that German security authorities feared massive protests in the fall because of the now noticeable inflation. And these could be used by „extremist circles“ to carry out disinformation and endanger social peace in the Federal Republic. For this reason, he said, even counterintelligence had been called in. Faeser (SPD) told Welt am Sonntag (source here): „Enemies of democracy are just waiting to abuse crises to spread doomsday fantasies, fear and uncertainty.“

Politicians‘ fear of the people

Clearly, political leaders are getting scared of the people. German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock spoke of impending popular uprisings. Mainstream media warned of a „right-wing rage winter.“ In the face of demonetization, energy crisis and economic decline, the establishment of politics and obedient media fear the reactions of desperate citizens and are building against them. The Bundeswehr has already been training for domestic operations since December 2021 (see here). The Corona coercive measures also keep coming up. Federal Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach likes to keep the topic boiling – probably the only thing he has to offer.*) Now autumn is here, since the summer the situation has worsened, the outlook has become worse, and citizen anger is spreading. To a rally of the AfD in Berlin on October 8 against government policies, instead of the expected up to 4,000 participants, according to official figures, more than 10,000 came.

Large demonstrations against ruinous policies also in other European countries

But it is not only Germany that is on fire. Other countries in Central and Western Europe are also afflicted by the consequences of American power interests in Ukraine and elsewhere, by the consequences of absurd climate protection policies, by the consequences of self-destructive sanctions against Russia, by the consequences of war-prolonging arms deliveries to Ukraine, by the consequences of rejected negotiations with Russia, by the consequences of a self-inflicted energy supply crisis, the consequences of an irresponsible monetary policy of the central banks and the debt orgies of political leaders, the disruptive consequences of galloping inflation, the consequences of a mass migration from Islamic and African countries to Western Europe triggered by wars and the „Great Reset“, and the consequences of misguided policies in too many other areas of the economy and society to boot.

Info-Portal Our Central Europe versus Gap Media and with continuous updates about the true extent of the protests

The one-sidedly informing gap media of the political main stream give the extent of these (still peaceful) mass protests of the citizens only unwillingly and incompletely to the knowledge, comment them partly trivializing and dismissing, partly threatening and demanding more state interventions. The information portal Our Central Europe**) follows the wave of protests against the Ukraine war and inflation, which is censored by the Western system media, and updates it continuously. Read here the latest update, including demonstrations in Leipzig, Paris, Prague, The Hague, London, Chisinau (Moldova), Warsaw, Bratislava, Frankfurt am Main, Vienna, storming gas stations in northern France. In addition, many comments.

*) How Julian Reichelt settles accounts with „quack Lauterbach, you can see and hear here.

**) The editors about themselves: „Our Central Europe is maintained by a number of journalists, geopolitical analysts and guest authors, who are not profit-oriented, but who make the ongoing operation of our site possible free of charge and on a voluntary basis. For the (security-)technical and administrative-bureaucratic effort we are connected to sponsors and associations, federations and companies close to us. More here.

Furthermore, Our Central Europe assures that it follows the guidelines for „Fact Checking“: „Each of our editorial pieces has at least one external source that can be accessed by clicking on the relevant reference; identification of our sources is thus always possible – unlike certain agency reports and reports in the mainstream media.“ (See here).

Source Middle Europe

Source Klaus Peter Krause

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