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Double standards – In Washington and Berlin, neo-Nazis are persecuted; in Ukraine, they are freedom fighters.

In Washington and Berlin, neo-Nazis are persecuted; in Ukraine, it is freedom fighters who receive financial and military support from the allies.The Russian army has detained several hundred fighters of the Azov Brigade in Mariupol. According to Russian commanders, most of the fighters had swastikas, skulls and SS runes tattooed on their bodies.

Western media once again jumped the gun and declared that people with Nazi tattoos are not neo-Nazis. So Nazis in Ukraine are good Nazis, but Nazis in Germany are evil.

The history of the Asov Battalion goes back to the time before the current conflict in Ukraine. Between 2005 and 2010, Arsen Avakov was governor of the Kharkov region, the main industrial center in northeastern Ukraine. During Avakov’s tenure, nationalist Andrey Biletsky, known as the White Ruler, became very active in the region. In 2005, he founded an ultranationalist organization, The Patriot of Ukraine, which consisted mainly of aggressive, ultra-nationalist soccer fans and low-level criminals.

There is nothing to be said against patriots defending their country; on the contrary, we need patriots, especially in Germany, who oppose the repopulation and flooding of our country with Muslims, criminals and other Nazi groups. The patriots in the Asov brigade, however, are serious criminals, racists and murderers, who shoot their own houses, their own people, and also do not shy away from bombing kindergartens and schools, in order to blame everything on the Russians with the help of the Western, morally depraved media. I am not saying that the Russian soldiers are free of any guilt, they will also have done bad things, which is more or less „natural“ in wars. It will not be possible to prevent this, because wars are inherently lawless, disgusting actions that bring to light all the evil that lies dormant in some people. It’s just stupid that the West plays along with this intrigue game and completely ignores the other side of the truth.

After the Western-backed Maidan coup in Kiev in 2014, Biletsky used his connection to Avakov, who had become Ukraine’s new interior minister in the meantime, to set up a battalion for territorial defense that fought in the east of the country (Donbas).

In eastern Ukraine, the indigenous Russian population in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions protested the Maidan movement, and Biletsky’s newly formed battalion was tasked with suppressing it.

Unlike many other volunteer units of territorial defense, the Azov Brigades had a very distinct ideological character from the very beginning. It was a far-right organization that welcomed all kinds of neo-Nazis, from mild to radical. The Asov fighters were known for their obsession with pagan rituals and were considered freaks by regular military units.

However, that was what made the battalion well suited for the task. As fanatics, these people did not shy away from brutal murders. The target from Kiev for the Donbas was:

Vatnik – ukrainian artist depicts russian citizens in donbas

„It will be enough to kill about fifty ‚Vatniks‘ {a pejorative term for those with pro-Russian sympathies} in each town to put an end to all this.“

In the meantime (2014 to 2021), a full-fledged nationalist movement had sprung up around Azov with a number of different groups of nationalists from around the world. Biletsky eventually stepped down as commander and worked to integrate the regiment into the Ukrainian National Guard while maintaining the ideological orientation of the unit. This was eventually confirmed by the large number of Nazi symbols and paraphernalia found on captured fighters and in the regiment’s barracks seized during the battle.

In reports by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, the Nazi character of the Azov battalion was reported, but no consequences were drawn because Azov was doing the dirty work for the US. Because of its unofficial special status and the status of „vatniks,“ who were de facto outlaws in Ukraine, Azov was often in the middle of some of the darkest and most sinister events and news reports in Ukraine from the beginning.

For example, the killers of pro-Russian activists Aleksey Sharov and Artyom Zhudov served in Azov’s battalion. The two men were shot dead during street fighting in Kharkov on March 14, 2014 – even before armed conflict broke out in the Donbass. Their killers have never been identified – we don’t know their names, but we do know that the activists were shot from the office of the „Patriot of Ukraine“ while standing right in front of it.

According to UN reports, in May 2014, after a brief skirmish, a civilian named Vladimir Lobach was murdered near the city of Poltava by fighters from the Azov Battalion. His killers threatened the policemen who arrived on the scene and then simply fled. In June of the same year, fighters of the Azov Brigades Azov kidnapped a local newspaper editor and journalist named Sergey Dolgov, who sympathized with the idea of federalizing Ukraine. Nothing is known about this man’s whereabouts to date.

According to reports by the UN Commissioner for Human Rights, members of the Azov Brigades were involved in gang rape. The „incident“ was never really seriously investigated, and the perpetrators were never brought to justice. The U.S. had no interest in publicizing the „incident“ and exposing its own instrumentalized fighters on the ground.

The Azov Battalion has a long history of crimes and misdemeanors of all kinds, from harassment of homosexuals and looting in a war zone to torture and murder. The strange connection between the neo-Nazis, the SBU and the U.S., is anything but a coincidence. Thanks to the Azov battalion, the Ukrainian security services found the perfect way to prove to their government that they were successful in dealing with the pro-Russian „insurgent cells“ in Mariupol and eastern Ukraine, and are now a part of the Ukrainian army, and financially and militarily showered with money by the NATO allies.

Even though part of the Azov Battalion forces were defeated in Mariupol, a significant group of nationalists remains at large. For example, the special unit of the Azov Battalion formed in Kharkov continues to fulfill its mission.

In short, the Azov Battalion, despite all Western and Ukrainian efforts to portray them as heroic defenders of freedom, is the most heinous group operating in the country since 2014.

In Germany, there are only three or four Nazis, apart from the millions of Muslims who love Hitler because he killed Jews. Ukraine is teeming with Nazis and Muslims. Social Democrats and the media have declared everyone in Germany a Nazi who has a different opinion from them.

Veröffentlicht von Karlheinz W. Gernholz

Dipl. Ing. Architect (Germany) Structural Engineering/ Construction management/ International experience mainly in Arabic countries, especially Tunisia

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