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Federal Ministry of the Interior Nancy Faser: „We can and will help you. Just give us a call.“

Welcome in Germany
You have fled from the war zone in Ukraine? You need information and offers of help, accommodation or medical care?

Nancy Faeser is a German lawyer and politician (SPD). She has been chairwoman of the SPD in Hesse since November 2, 2019, and became the first woman Minister of Homeland Security and the Interior in the Scholz cabinet on December 8, 2021. She is responsible for continuing the redistribution orgy initiated by former Chancellor Schröder and the Greens in 1998, better known as „Agenda 2010,“ and for providing financial support to „people in need of help“ from all over the world and increasingly inviting them to Germany.

While billions are spent on Ukrainian refugees, including family members of Kiev Nazis, refugees from Syria and Africa, under the leadership of Olaf Scholz (SPD), the German flood victims in the Ahr valley (just as an example) are still squatting in the ruins of their houses and waiting for outstanding aid money.

The lament about the exploitation of citizens by a voracious state is as old as there are taxes. The redistribution orgy initiated by then Chancellor Gerhard Schröder (SPD together with the Greens and high-ranking representatives from business, academia and the media, cannot be described as anything other than a crime against Germany’s own people. The redistribution orgy from the bottom to the top, the sale of infrastructure to hedge funds, the introduction of the low-wage sector, the privatization of the education system, hospitals and spa clinics and the admission of 30 million refugees from all over the world, have resulted in Germany being a total loss today. The whole world is doing well in our country, only our own citizens no longer know how to survive the next month. This is treason against the people. This is so disgusting, so malicious and so criminal. Our „people’s representatives“ are no longer worth anything.

The compassion mania of the Germans, who with their megalomaniac world improvement policy, not only distribute tax money in all countries of the world, but even go into high debt for it (6 trillion), in order to improve the world, has caused the exact opposite. Nothing has become better, but everything has become so bad that we will end up in a catastrophe, which has already begun and was initiated by the pandemic and the Ukraine conflict. Systematically the money of the citizens was sent upwards and into the wide world. At the moment, the ladies and gentlemen in Kiev are cashing in.

Jochen Sommer: Just last week, during the meeting of G7 finance ministers in Bonn, German Finance Minister Christian Linder pledged German aid payments to Ukraine amounting to almost one billion euros. This is intended to cover the country’s government’s declared financial needs of five billion euros per month. Lindner also pledged to lobby his counterparts for generous support. In addition, Germany’s KfW Bank assured Ukraine of a second loan of 150 million euros with a term of 15 years, with repayments to begin after five years.

These generous handouts are also reflected in the welfare state’s generosity at home, where as of June 1 Ukrainian refugees will henceforth be entitled to higher state support under Social Code II: Actually, 4.4 billion euros less had been budgeted in the federal budget for this fiscal year for basic benefits for jobseekers. (Jochen Sommer end).

The sum has now been subsequently increased by 2.5 billion euros, but this is not nearly enough for 6 million refugees from Ukraine who have fled Zelenskyj and Russian and Ukrainian bombs.

Let’s take the Ahr Valley as an example. In the Ahr Valley a catastrophe took place last year for many citizens living there. People there lost all their belongings in a matter of hours. They were literally under water.

Jochen Sommer: While the German government is raising these and previously other sums of billions to support Ukraine at lightning speed, the victims of the floods in the Ahr Valley have been waiting for outstanding aid money for almost a year. On the one hand, this is due to a grotesquely complicated donation law that prohibits the payment of donations to entrepreneurs – such as winegrowers – even though they had collected some of the money themselves. On the other hand, many of those affected are being denied the rebuilding of their houses destroyed in the flood because of an incomprehensible new safety plan, and the value of their land is being arbitrarily downgraded to minimum amounts per square meter, which is tantamount to de facto expropriation. In addition, there is uncertainty as to whether they will receive support payments, and if so, how much. (Jochen Sommer end).

Foreigners live more or less carefree in Germany. They are even, according to an EU directive, given preferential treatment when looking for jobs and housing. In court, they also receive special treatment in their favor. Hardly anyone is deported. Anyone who utters the word „deportation“ is immediately discriminated against as a Nazi.

Billions for climate protection in India and other countries, development aid for Afghan Taliban, terrorist groups in Africa plus reconstruction aid for Africa, which is equivalent, or grants for Palestinians and Syrians, are immediately available, even without request is diligently transferred. Donald J. Trump for example, has cut off support for Palestinians. Ours do not even get the idea to investigate to whom they transfer money at all.

The compassion mania of the Germans is part of the multiculturalist ideology, that one must not forget. It is the motor that keeps the asylum policy alive. One cannot justify the billionfold global financial support and the millionfold illegal admission of „people in need of help“, only sad children’s eyes can help.

Veröffentlicht von Karlheinz W. Gernholz

Dipl. Ing. Architect (Germany) Structural Engineering/ Construction management/ International experience mainly in Arabic countries, especially Tunisia

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