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Ukraine – The rats are leaving the sinking ship

By Peter Haisenko* 

What state must a country be in if its highest representatives not only stash away huge sums in foreign accounts, but also have passports from foreign countries? How can one then assume that they exercise unconditional loyalty to their state, if at all?

One of the root evils for the probity of politicians are countries like Switzerland or Panama and other places where money can be stashed away and hidden. In this way, disloyal politicians can protect themselves if they are held accountable in their own country. They can flee abroad and live a luxurious retirement there with their ill-gotten gains and hidden wealth. To prevent this, there would have to be a worldwide law that forbids all politicians to have bank accounts or other objects of value abroad. This would ensure that politicians and members of parliament do their best to the best of their knowledge and belief for the well-being of their state and its citizens.

There are states whose laws prohibit members of parliament and politicians from owning accounts or assets abroad. Russia is one of these. No Duma deputy may have a foreign bank account. That’s why I had to laugh when the US, as a further sanction against Russia, announced that all foreign accounts of Russian Duma deputies would be „frozen“. There isn’t. Why aren’t we communicating this? Quite simply: one would have to ask oneself why we don’t have such a law. There is no such law in Ukraine either, and that has fatal consequences for the country.

Secret service general wants to move assets out of the country and is arrested

A few years ago, when it was still possible to report reasonably objectively on Ukraine, it was even discussed in the European Parliament that Ukraine could not meet either European or NATO standards because its politics and government were ruled by corrupt oligarchs. For example, the name of former Ukrainian President Poroshenko appeared in connection with the Panama Papers. This has not changed to this day and more and more names are coming to light. The current President Zelenskij has also distributed his billions of assets around the world, including real estate worth millions, for example in Florida. One should ask why he did that. Zelensky also holds a British passport and an Israeli one, including a luxury estate in Israel where his parents live.

Now the message came that the SBU General Andriy Naumov was arrested in Serbia when crossing the border. SBU is the secret service of Ukraine. He attempted to smuggle $20 million (total amount unconfirmed) and gems across the border. Naumov headed the Main Directorate for Internal Security of the SBU. Shortly before the start of the military operation on February 23, 2022, he left Ukraine together with the SBU chief Ivan Bakanov, allegedly taking about $2 billion in cash with him. It should be noted that I am personally skeptical about the 2 billion, because this transport would require a larger van. But either way, he probably smuggled a considerable sum out of the country. The Ukraine-friendly portal reported about this arrest:

A month ago, Bakanov returned, while Naumov continued to buy real estate in Europe. Now the SBU general is in custody in Nis. He faces a prison sentence of up to 12 years for smuggling. The Ukrainian side is trying its best to cover up this fact. Naumov was not only Zelensky’s „wallet“, he is also a close friend of SBU boss Bakanov. One can see from these findings that secessionist movements are spreading among the “elites” of Kiev. These are secured by allowing oneself a luxurious life away from one’s own country with the assets spent abroad. Oh yes, these Ukrainian political clowns are defending our democratic values ​​against evil, autocratic Russia, as our politicians keep emphasizing. What light does this shed on our politicians?

gutezitate.comThe rat that leaves the sinking ship is smarter than the captain who goes down with it“.

Human rights activist was convicted of lying and fired

However, one may be surprised that there is still a little integrity in Kyiv, about which our media are once again silent. The Ukrainian responsible for human rights in Ukraine Ludmilla Denisova was fired. She herself is accused in Kyiv of having invented the horror stories about rapes of women and small children, which she claims were committed by Russian soldiers, in order to agitate against Russia. It also becomes clear why we don’t report about it, because the entire western press has parroted these lies without checking them. Just like all the “reports” from Kyiv are being spread here and the reports from Russia are being suppressed.

The US newspaper Newsweek reported on Denisova’s dismissal and lies: 1711680

Without exception, all oligarchs of Ukraine and Russia are Jews. All have an Israeli passport. But while Putin overthrew the oligarchs in Russia, the Ukrainians have plundered the state. Over the past five years, around $60 billion has flowed into Ukraine without anything in return. Is it any wonder then that Selensky was able to build up his enormous fortune, most of which is hidden abroad, within a short period of time? And how much of that went into the pockets of second or third tier players? One can guess when one has to see the luxury limousines with which some Ukrainian „refugees“ are boasting here. There should be no question that these are apparatchiks in the Kiev government’s orbit. I doubt if they ever want to return to their corrupt mess of the state. After all, there is a risk that they will be held accountable for their actions as soon as a government of integrity is established in Kyiv. One remembers Mrs. Tymoshenko, for whom Mrs. Merkel campaigned so touchingly. 

An honest politician does not need any depots abroad

Kiev’s leaders have made their fortunes abroad for precisely the same reason. The politicians who, at the behest of Washington, send their young men to the front lines as cannon fodder in a hopeless battle against Russia. Who ordered the scorched earth policy and have been responsible for 14,000 deaths in the Donbas for eight years and still refuse to stop the daily shelling of civilians. The report fits in with the fact that the Ukrainian MP Kiwa writes that „there is panic in the security service of Ukraine.“ The arrest of the SBU general by Serbia gives access to very important strategic information. After all, he headed the internal security of the SBU and had access to all internal and external processes of the service. It is to be expected

At the moment, Zelensky is still in Ukraine, although even that cannot be taken for granted. Poroshenko has already fled to London, although he was forbidden to leave Ukraine. If the course of the Russian operation continues as before, it is only a matter of time before the Ukrainian military leadership remembers its responsibility for its soldiers. They may stage a coup against Zelensky to declare surrender and save the young men’s lives. Selensky & Co will then find themselves before a military tribunal if they don’t manage to escape. Let’s think back to the end of the Second World War. It was not the German Reich that capitulated, but the Wehrmacht. 

So I realize that not all rats have left the sinking ship. But the plank for going ashore has been laid and there is already plenty of accumulated refreshment waiting for the traitors on the shore. And yes, how should one call politicians other than traitors (to the fatherland) if they grab everything they can during their term of office and deposit it abroad in order to be prepared for an escape?

An honest politician who does his job to the best of his knowledge and belief does not need any depots abroad. But whoever has that, I assume that he doesn’t just have pure intentions, in the sense of his oath of office. I write that down not only for the politicians in Kyiv, but also for ours in Germany. Confidence in politics and democracy could only be revived when a law comes into force in Germany that bans politicians and members of parliament from having foreign accounts. Exactly according to the model of Russia, which I see more as a real democracy than the degenerate „western values“, which only follows the guidelines of the moneyed and lobbyists and acts beyond what would be really good for the people.

*Courtesy of Peter Haisenko. See also:

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Dipl. Ing. Architect (Germany) Structural Engineering/ Construction management/ International experience mainly in Arabic countries, especially Tunisia

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