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Germany: Worldwide safety notice

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The global risk of terrorist attacks and kidnappings remains unchanged.

Since September 2014, the terrorist organizations „Al Qaeda“ and „Islamic State“ (IS) in particular have been threatening attacks against various countries and their nationals. There have been a number of gun attacks, bomb attacks, and kidnappings and kidnappings.

Even if there are currently no concrete indications of a threat to German interests abroad, it cannot be ruled out that German nationals or German institutions abroad will also become the target of terrorist acts of violence.

Places with a symbolic character are particularly likely to be possible targets. These include well-known sights, government and administrative buildings, transport infrastructure (especially airplanes, trains, ships, buses), business and tourism centers, hotels, markets, religious meeting places and generally larger crowds.

The level of terrorist threat varies from country to country. There is a particular risk of attack in countries and regions in which attacks have already been carried out repeatedly or can be carried out relatively easily due to a lack of effective security precautions, or in which terrorists have the support of the local population.

More detailed information about the threat of terrorism can be found in the country-specific travel and security information. These are checked regularly and adjusted if necessary.

The risk of becoming a victim of an attack is still comparatively low compared to other risks that travel abroad entails, such as accidents, illness or common crime. Nevertheless, travelers should be aware of the danger.

The Federal Foreign Office strongly recommends that all travelers behave in a safety-conscious and situation-appropriate manner. Before and during a trip, travelers should inform themselves carefully about the conditions in their destination country, behave appropriately, follow the local media and report suspicious events (e.g. unattended luggage in airports or train stations, suspicious behavior by people) to the local police or security authorities .

Our government portrayed him as a wanton murderer who lies about Islam by preaching that it calls Muslims to jihad, or holy war. 
Far from being a madman, however, it turned out that he was a world-renowned scholar – a doctor of Islamic jurisprudence who earned his degree at al-Azhar University in Cairo, the seat of Sunni Islamic scholarship for over a millennium had graduated. 
His academic specialty was Sharia – Islamic law.
I immediately began to wonder why American officials from President Bill Clinton and Attorney General Janet Reno down to officials ignorant of Muslim doctrine and culture thought they knew more about Islam than the blind sheikh. 
Then something else dawned on me: the blind sheikh was not only blind, but also suffered from several other medical disabilities. 
That seemed relevant. 
After all, terrorism is hard work. 
Here was a man unable to do anything that would be useful to a terrorist organization – he couldn’t build a bomb, hijack a plane, or carry out an assassination. 

And yet he was the undisputed leader of the terrorist cell. 
Was that because his interpretation of Islamic doctrine included more
The Qur’an (recitation) is considered a miracle by Muslims because it was revealed in perfect classical Arabic (fusha t-turath) to an illiterate (ummi) Arabic man, Muhammad ibn Abdallah, in 610 A.D.  The Qur’an itself challenges disbelievers to create something similar in Surah 17:88: “Say: ‘If the mankind and the jinn were together to produce the like of this […]
Is the Qur’an a Miracle from God? — Dawn Pisturino’s Blog

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