Trump and Putin

Donald Trump has always ensnared the Russian President. That could be a problem for him now. Suddenly Trump strikes a new note – and threatens the Russian President.

Donald Trump called Russian President Vladimir Putin “brilliant”, “smart”, “savvy”, even just before he invaded Ukraine. Trump defended these words to the end, albeit with a slightly different intonation: „The problem is not that Putin is smart – of course he is smart – the problem is that our politicians are stupid,“ Trump said shortly after the war began. But this position is now beginning to crack: Trump seems to be realizing that sticking with Putin could significantly damage his own plans.

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Published on19. April 2022 by Uwe Ullrich

Today someone called me a Russian spy on Twitter and really thought I was upset, so I immediately blocked him.

How idiotic when I wrote positively about Trump, there were just as crazy guys.

Trump and Putin aren’t the same, and America and Russia aren’t the same at all. I’m not trying to find out the worst, I’m looking for the good.

Being a nationalist is not bad, but any exaggeration is harmful, like any exaggeration.

Trump was driven out of office because he did not want to rule the world like previous US presidents without giving the others a choice; he wanted America First and understood this to mean domestic political reform of the country for its citizens and, in terms of foreign policy, a largely joint and equal reform Together without neglecting the security interests of your own country.

Here Putin and Trump resemble each other.

Biden came to power and the old routine started all over again, America as the only world power, no one should have another god but us.

Stupid Europeans were already queuing up again in Washington and worshiping their old god after Trump released them into relative freedom, with which they didn’t know what to do for four years, except to lament about their fate.

Even the most pious cannot live in peace if their evil neighbors, Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, the enemies of the western world, don’t like it.

Governments come and go, the administration stays the same, Trump couldn’t change anything because of the resistance.

Biden, as part of the administration, didn’t want to and doesn’t want to at all, he tries to shake hands with ghosts and plays mix up the tree.

Here comes the dictator Putin, claiming his own security interests for his country and ruining all our plans to get closer and closer to him.

He simply moves into the Ukraine, gets down to business and wants to transform the national-democratic Zelensky regime we have installed into a pact-free, neutral state he doesn’t, uh.

Putin wants war, says Biden, we want and need it, but only a small war for and with Europe, because Europe must not become too strong.

We sanction Putin and Europe no longer buys natural gas from Russia, because we deliver it and earn it, then Europe is independent , while we buy more oil cheaply from Russia despite sanctions and sell it on to the stupid Europeans at high prices so that they don’t freeze.

We keep US citizens in line and energy prices down, otherwise they’ll get upset.

The Europeans should see how they get along.

As far as we are concerned, it can go on like this for as long as possible, Zelensy is broke and needs money, the EU has money, mostly from Germany, they give the money to Zelensy, who buys weapons from us, which helps our armaments industry.

We and NATO don’t interfere in the Ukraine and play the clean men and when the Russians and the Ukraine have bled to death, we’ll come out as beaming victors and, as an added bonus, we’ve finally democratized Russia too, as Biden said, Russia isn’t our enemy, it’s only Putin, eternal peace on earth and goodwill to the people.


Veröffentlicht von Karlheinz W. Gernholz

Dipl. Ing. Architect (Germany) Structural Engineering/ Construction management/ International experience mainly in Arabic countries, especially Tunisia

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