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It’s war and everyone wants to go, except Trump.

Donald J. Trump had declared from the beginning of his presidency that he was no longer willing to participate in senseless wars and wanted to withdraw US soldiers from war zones. Without wanting to exaggerate, Trump is the most peaceful president who has ever ruled America and will rule again.
America’s establishment was not at all thrilled by this. As if by magic, they decided to prevent his re-election by any means necessary. The Western European allied nations, joined the campaigns against Trump, presenting the public with a chauvinist and sex-crazed Nazi. Trump must have been blindsided when he realized how closely connected the U.S. establishment is to the European one.

Trump’s policy toward Russia was one of understanding and cooperation. He had no intention of continuing the policies of his predecessors. He made it unmistakably clear to the Germans that it is better to cooperate with Russia, and to rethink the policies of previous governments. However, the German government, led by Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel (CDU), decided to limit relations with Trump to the bare minimum, and hope for the next U.S. elections. The Clintons, Obamas* and Bidens, all Democrats, were busy initiating countless lawsuits and hearing procedures, all of which came to nothing. In the end, only election fraud remained to prevent Trump’s certain re-election.

Germany’s only connection to Russia at the time, was to get Nord-Stream II built and operational. Russia supplied cheap energy and Germany’s economy benefited. The citizens did not. They paid the highest energy prices in the European Union.

Washington has fallen back into the old war patterns since Joe Biden took office. There is fomenting in Ukraine, simultaneously in Taiwan, and posturing against China. Democrats are simply incapable of getting through even one, or two, election cycles without starting a new military conflict somewhere in the world. Trump wanted to end the wars. No new war has been started in his time, and he has brought back his „boys“ from all the world’s trouble spots to save them from dying „in senseless wars.“
President Biden has sufficient experience in constructing the firing mechanism to start wars. The history of the war in Ukraine alone makes that clear.

Putin told Emmanuel Macron (F) during his visit to the Kremlin that „he wants to talk to the West, specifically the U.S., about the security situation in Europe.“ To date, the West has not responded to Putin’s request. The U.S., military threat on the European Union’s eastern border, built up over many years, seems to be set in stone, immovable, non-negotiable. God given.

The American idea of bringing Crimea and the Minsk II regions „home to the empire“ by military means is currently being implemented by the Kiev government with American, German and European weapons. The secret services work for Kiev and the satellites provide all the necessary information so that the „freedom fighters“ do not miss.

They do not want to answer Putin’s questions, and are now putting all their eggs in one basket. „He must leave the theater of war in Ukraine crawling,“ said American President Joe Biden, and „Putin is a killer,“ he added before the world press. This was not a threatening gesture, but Biden’s declaration of war on Putin.

For the American media, Biden’s declaration of war was a jumping-off point for entering the information war. Never before has the West been put in such a war mood as it is now. Angry and militant NGO representatives are up in arms against anyone who expresses even the slightest criticism of American policy. It’s enough to make anyone speechless.

*Obama, the Nobel Peace Prize winner who bombed seven countries in less than six years as president.
Obama dropped 23,144 bombs in 2015 The former U.S. president and
2008 Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama dropped 23,144 bombs in 2015 in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan,
Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia, calculated Micah Zenko, a member of the Council
on International Relations (CFR) . the North American nation.

Veröffentlicht von Karlheinz W. Gernholz

Dipl. Ing. Architect (Germany) Structural Engineering/ Construction management/ International experience mainly in Arabic countries, especially Tunisia

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