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Germany has arrived in a frenzy and completely in irrationality.

There is a drawing of a Ukrainian artist dated March 1945. From the coffin of a Wehrmacht soldier crawls a snake in the Ukrainian national colors. The key message is that German fascism continues in Ukraine in the cult of Bandera. There is a clearly visible influence of fascism in Ukraine, which has become stronger and more dominant in recent years. In Germany, on the other hand, people vehemently deny that Ukraine is currently a de facto fascist state. Especially in left-liberal circles, people turn a blind eye to all the evidence that shows how far to the right Ukraine has become.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz also denied open fascism in Ukraine in his televised address on the anniversary of the end of World War II. He said it was cynical for Russia’s President Putin to cite alleged Nazism in Ukraine to invade the country. Like the entire German discussion, Scholz leaves out the history of the conflict that led to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. He leaves out everything that unleashed and made strong the fascist forces in Ukraine.

Germany not only allowed Ukraine to drift to the right, but made it possible in the first place. After all, the necessity of the Minsk agreements is also partly due to destructive German actions. Without the expansionism of the EU, which pushed Ukraine to the EU Association Agreement, without the German interference in the internal affairs of Ukraine, it would never have come to the Maidan and thus never to the internal upheavals and the civil war in the east of the country. Ukraine is just not a country that strives towards the West in its entirety. German policy has ignored this fact.

Scholz and a large part of the German people deny German responsibility for what is happening in Ukraine. The slogan „Never Again!“, which has been repeated countless times these days, therefore sounds very oblivious to history in this context, because Germany is repeating its historical mistakes in Ukraine. German policy again instigated discord in Europe, moreover, pursues imperialistic goals. The country strives for power over the EU, and the EU strives for further expansion of its sphere of influence.

These days, Germany is unmistakably in a frenzy. A yellow-blue frenzy is sweeping the country. It is captivating people and politicians, euphoric and disabling reason. There is a lot of talk about solidarity, including from Scholz. There is a lot of talk about the people in Ukraine, the horrors of war to which they are exposed. A lot is about support for Ukraine. Weapons are being supplied, as if supplying weapons would alleviate the horrors of war. As I said, Germany has become intoxicated and completely irrational.

It’s about new sanctions, an oil embargo to hurt Russia. This will not shorten the war either, because Russia is not dependent on euros to finance the war. The cost of the war, to put it very briefly, will not be paid in euros or dollars, but in rubles – and Russia can produce an infinite number of them.

So far, the sanctions have proven to be quite ineffective anyway – at least as far as their influence on Russian politics is concerned. As far as the image of the West in the world is concerned, things are of course different. In fact, we believe we can cause global food shortages and massive inflation and the world would still rally behind us in solidarity. That’s not the case. The West has isolated itself with its sanctions. In this respect, too, Germany is intoxicated and far removed from reality.

The German pact with Ukraine, which Scholz, German politicians and large parts of the German left invoke, is a pact with fascism. The signs are obvious. Under Zelensky, the slide to the right accelerated again. Selensky is obviously striving for dictatorial autocracy. There is strict censorship. Journalists are persecuted. Six television channels were banned last year, and the remaining ones were brought into line. Government criticism was effectively eliminated. The same applies to the opposition. Zelensky had eleven opposition parties banned. With the creation of the National Security and Defense Council, Zelensky eliminated jurisdiction. This council acts as a kind of Gestapo, simultaneously accusing, prosecuting and condemning. Selenskij is selling out his country to Western corporations. His poll numbers were already in the basement last year.

Presumably for this reason, he sought a treason trial against his main political opponent – his predecessor in office, Poroshenko – in order to destroy him politically. He had the oppositionist Medvedchuk, chairman of the now banned party “Opposition Platform for Life” arrested. According to his wife, Medvedchuk was tortured. Terrible conditions prevail in Ukraine. However, this list is in no way complete. It could go on for a long time. Germany, meanwhile, is keeping its eyes shut. 

Because none of these facts irritate German Zelensky fans. They are very diligently swept under the carpet here. This raises the question of why Germany is so vehemently ignoring all these signs of fascism in Ukraine. Even left-wing movements, which consider themselves sensitive to Nazism and even have anti-fascism in their name, ignore what is happening in Ukraine.

Those who do not shy away from using violence as a means of combating the right-wing conservative AfD accept the developments in Ukraine with a shrug of the shoulders. Where it can no longer be denied, it is put into perspective. Ukraine, it is argued, is threatened by Russia. You therefore have every right to any means to defend yourself against the threat. This line of argument is extremely interesting because it highlights the constitution of the Germans. Everything is legitimate in defense against Russia, including the pact with fascism. 

The cognitive dissonance of the Germans with regard to the de facto fascist Ukraine, in turn, points to a deep-seated racism in German culture, which keeps the entire society in its grip, regardless of one’s individual political position. The ideas of the Slavic Untermensch are still smoldering and easily activated. These days bear witness that this is indeed the case. Hatred of Russians and everything Russian is spreading in Germany. Germany has never really, but above all never completely freed itself from this racist heresy that made the Generalplan Ost possible. The fight against the rise of the Slav morally justifies any pact – even the one with fascism. Because Slavic appears as a threat to our European culture, which meanwhile speaks fluent German.

Germany wants to destroy Russia economically, Germany wants to win this war. Every „compromise peace“ would appear to German politics as a victory for the Russians and a defeat for themselves. Negotiations are therefore out of the question. It’s all about the final victory again. German politics makes no secret of this. German journalism immediately pilloried anyone who advocates negotiations with Russia. Mentally and verbally, Germany is back where it had to stop in 1945. Fascism is crawling back from Ukraine to Germany.

That the Ukrainians are also Slavs is not a contradiction. We equip them, they go to war for us, fight and kill their kind for us. The life of the Ukrainians is a price that Goering-Eckardt, Strack-Zimmermann, Röttgen, Fücks and Beck are happy to pay in order to bring us victory. The list of warmonger names can of course be expanded almost at will. Only the worst are listed here.

If, contrary to expectations, the Ukrainians emerge victorious from the war, we will of course not be grateful to the Ukrainians, but will tell them how the “Ukraine” shop should run in the future – to the advantage of Germany as a business location, of course. Germany is cynically using Ukraine for its own geopolitical purposes. Germany uses Ukraine in a way that suggests the persistent presence of deep-seated racism in German culture. The Slavs are supposed to do the dirty work for Germany. 

Ukraine will lose this war in the foreseeable future. It will be divided and come out of this war heavily in debt with a completely destroyed infrastructure. She will be left alone with these problems. Germany and the EU will lose the economic war against Russia. The sanctions are preparing the grave for the prosperity of the Germans. We too will lose this war. As a result, the possibility of political cleansing reappears on the horizon as a small glimmer of hope. Those responsible must be removed from office and held accountable.

Another Nuremberg is needed. A new Nuremberg for Ukraine, in which terrible crimes are currently being committed that the German public knows nothing about. But also for Germany, which is partly responsible for the development in Ukraine. In any case, Germany urgently needs a new denazification. The blue and yellow snake of Bandera fascism has crawled back into the Wehrmacht soldier’s coffin and brought it back to life with its poison. German and Ukrainian fascism have a very special interrelationship. It is urgently time to understand this in order to prevent it once and for all in the future. 

This text first appeared on RT DE


Veröffentlicht von Karlheinz W. Gernholz

Dipl. Ing. Architect (Germany) Structural Engineering/ Construction management/ International experience mainly in Arabic countries, especially Tunisia

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