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Japan’s Migration Policy – Strangers Unwelcome

Germany and Japan are aging. Berlin relies on open borders in the deceptive hope of solving its self-made problems. Tokyo, on the other hand, is sealing itself off tightly and thus saving itself a lot of additional problems and costs caused by uncontrolled mass immigration.

For thousands of years, Japan has been convinced that it has a culture, a race, a language that is unique and must be defended. In the mega city of Tokyo, it is extremely rare to meet a refugee in the streets. In Germany it is different. There, it is teeming with „refugees“. Every third person living in Germany is a foreigner. Germany’s doors are wide open to everybody. Japan, on the other hand, keeps its doors closed. Europeans are also unwelcome. Japanese have learned not to repeat the mistakes of Germany and the European Union. Western Europe, on the other hand, has remained resistant to learning and stubborn, despite the chaos that has ensued. Angela Merkel’s unlawful behavior continues unchecked.

Japan’s politics are nationalistic and conservative. The unique traditions and culture must be protected. Under the Geneva Convention, Japan is obligated to grant asylum to refugees. The largest donor to the UNHCR is Japan and contributions to the UN Refugee Convention have been high for years.

Some refugees (20,000) have managed to reach Japan (2020) and apply for asylum despite their insularity. They were all Muslims. The conditions are strict, the hurdles are high.

„The media avoid the topic of ‚refugees‘,“ says Josko Kozic, „when it comes to refugees, it is always other countries and the negative example of Germany that is shown in the news. But the Japanese population should in no way be labeled as racist,“ stresses Josko Kozic, who has lived in Japan for three years. „On the contrary, especially in the wake of the tourism boom of the past five years, Japan adjusted to foreigners from all over the world nationwide, also because Tokyo hosted the Olympic Games in 2020.“

The Japanese keep to themselves. Japanese society is almost 100 percent homogeneous. 98 percent are Japanese, and the rest are mostly Koreans and Chinese.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in 2015 stated, „I would say before we accept immigrants or refugees, we should try to increase our birth rate. There are many things we should do before accepting immigrants.“ Japan’s head of government, Shinzo Abe, has since resigned.

German women are advised to have sexual relations with „refugees.“ In advertisements, only black men are seen with blond women. „Refugees“ are taught after their illegal entry, the sexual practices of Germans. Unions, churches and countless „refugee lover groups“ have sprung up all over the country. It is not uncommon for a „lover“ to be stolen from, raped and even set on fire, or dragged through the streets by car.

Nothing is learned from this.

European nations threatened by the Great Replacement, especially Germany, should look to Japan. There is another way. There are no Muslim slaughter festivals in Japan, every day in Western Europe. Western Europe is Muslim occupied territory.

Once conservative Western Europe was liberalized by the American administration in 1945, then liberalized on the left by the ’68 generation, and thus increasingly multiculturalized, multi-ethnicized and Islamized. Japan, on the other hand, retains its ethno-identity.

„The Japanese Coast Guard officer presses the remote control. Heavy metal is now blaring from the television in the corner. The images are as hard as the sound. Men in uniforms put on their helmets, load their pistols, jump on the speedboats – and thunder out to the Sea of Japan“.

The promotional video shows what Japan is proud of: defending its own territory.

Veröffentlicht von Karlheinz W. Gernholz

Dipl. Ing. Architect (Germany) Structural Engineering/ Construction management/ International experience mainly in Arabic countries, especially Tunisia

4 Kommentare zu „Japan’s Migration Policy – Strangers Unwelcome

    1. But of course. In 1995, we had 1.5 million binational marriages. Today there are around 5 million. Blacks are selling like hot cakes in our country. According to statista, German-Turkish marriages are the most common.

      The „Prince from the Orient“ is more in demand than ever. Do these marriages last? No, most of them are empty-handed and empty-spirited after three years of marriage. Three years because the foreigner then automatically gets the German passport.

      Should you ever have time, then search for „Bednez“ on the net. There you will find hundreds of thousands of individual fates. Most of them are women who are empty-handed and broken-hearted after their marriages. This is because a German woman does not have to convert to Islam in order to marry a Muslim. If a German man wants to marry a Muslim woman, he can only do so if he converts to Islam.

      Most women who want to „enjoy“ being pleasured by a black man are either very young, or older.

      You surely know that European men like to go to Thailand and have fun there.

      But sex tourism is also going on with women. They prefer to go to Maghreb countries to satisfy their sexual needs (see Bednez). Since I have spent many years in Islamic countries, I could follow this exactly.

      P.S Karima Hosein will become very unhappy sooner or later. You will see it.


      1. Karima is my friend, and I did not appreciate your comment to her. It’s her choice what religion she embraces, not yours, and if she regrets it, that is also up to her. Otherwise, your post is spot on. I saw this when I went to Cuba in 2000.


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