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Death at the fair – refugees on the run

In Germany and Western Europe, not a day goes by that our „guests“ do not lie, cheat, steal, knife, rape and murder. Our mind does not really want to believe the facts, especially since the media does not report about the daily jihad. But if you look at the local police reports and the local reports from the network, you can easily see that the crimes and murders have taken on an extent that exceeds our imagination.

The crime statistics, however, „prove“ a decrease in crimes, some will cite. Sure, they do, but they are wrong. They are ideological statistics that have a number of errors.

Also this weekend, our „guests“ from Syria, stupidly shot another „guest“ from Sudan. Actually, they wanted to shoot Germans, but, I say, the „slightly enraptured mental state“ of the soldiers of Allah, affected the accuracy of aim, and one hit the Sudanese, who died still on the spot.

On a fair in Lüdenscheid it had come on Saturday evening to a „physical confrontation“ between a 16-year-old (nationality is not mentioned, probably already for this reason a German) and the six-headed migrant – group. When the young person and his 52-year-old father wanted to confront the group, the shots were many, which then abruptly ended the „all-inclusive vacation“ in the „host country“ for the uninvolved Sudanese, presumably also a Muslim. One could also say that the Sudanese had to leave early. Considering that there are 70 virgins waiting for him, this is not bitter cynicism, but the intended goal of every Muslim.

As usual, our „guests“ ran away in all directions, and according to eyewitnesses, they all looked alike. No wonder, they are all called Mohammed (little joke).

Then, after three days of search calls, the police succeeded in storming a beautifully located and modernized apartment, furnished and paid for by the „hosts“, with 10 heavily armed SEK officers, overpowering the suspect and arresting him. A court issued an arrest warrant for the 16-year-old Syrian. The charge: premeditated manslaughter. The other five are still fugitives. Whether they were all Syrians is doubtful.

Now the poor SEK officers have gone to so much trouble, and then this, a 16-year-old boy. You can’t punish him, he’s much too young. Perhaps someone will be willing to tell the police officers that if one of them has a full beard, then he is certainly only 14 years old, and of course the little boy is homesick. His family is still over there.

Police and public prosecutor’s office are now looking for clues to the fugitive men, who are estimated to be between 16 and 20 years old.

The man who has now been arrested attends a comprehensive school and is said to have no previous criminal record. To the reproaches he is silent with the interrogations. The murder weapon has not yet been found. The investigators got on the trail of the Syrian through a video recorded by a witness. It shows the perpetrators on their flight. The manhunt for the accomplices is still ongoing. The murder weapon has not yet been found.

The funfair continued after the „incident,“ reports the Rheinische Post (RP), which in its article studiously avoided naming the origin of the guests and Germans involved. RP goes on to report that the „party“ has continued and security personnel have been increased „so that such confrontations can be recognized even better and faster and stopped at an early stage.“

You’ve got to be kidding me. „Can be stopped at an early stage“, what a presumptuous and absurd statement.

The Rheinische Post is convinced „that the funfair will end peacefully, as in previous years, to give all visitors a few pleasant, carefree hours at the funfair after a two-year break“.

Once again, this has been fully successful. Who does not long to spend „a few carefree hours“ at the funfair in Lüdenscheid.

According to the police, the fugitives have a „southern phenotype“. Four were darkly dressed, one with a gray jogging suit, one with a white T-shirt.

According to the police officers‘ highly qualified description of the perpetrators, our „guests“ need not worry about ever being found. They can safely continue their vacation.

More about our „guests“ here:

51-year-old woman stabbed to death in Hagen, near Lüdenscheid. Nationalities were not named, which is suspicious. German perpetrators are named immediately.

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Lüdenscheid (NRW): Mann auf Kirmes erschossen – Teenager-Gruppe flieht …

Veröffentlicht von Karlheinz W. Gernholz

Dipl. Ing. Architect (Germany) Structural Engineering/ Construction management/ International experience mainly in Arabic countries, especially Tunisia

3 Kommentare zu „Death at the fair – refugees on the run

    1. Yes. Real battles are being fought on our ground. One time it is a hostile Turkish group, Erdogan supporters against Gülen supporters, Turks against Kurds and vice versa, Arab clans among themselves, Muslims burn Jewish flags, American flags, recently the Russians are at loggerheads with the Ukrainians, and all this on our soil (ground).

      What also not many take note of is the incontrovertible fact that 97% of the „refugees“ are here illegally, that is, they have no right to be here. This is a official number, but no ones will notice that.

      Help must always make sense, and that is unfortunately missing here. To want to help people who despise us makes no sense to me.

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