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„People will no longer be able to afford very normal things. „

The rise in inflation is a global phenomenon that is hitting the working class and the poor particularly hard. One of the biggest drivers of inflation is high energy prices. The same applies to the prices of food, especially fresh fruit and vegetables, and services, which continue to rise. The rise in rents and utility costs also continues unabated. Rising inflation has also been triggered by the effects of the Corona pandemic – interrupted supply chains, production slumps, tight supply of goods.

For three decades, central banks have cut key interest rates and pumped vast sums of money into financial markets. This has driven stock and real estate markets to record highs and led to an unprecedented orgy of enrichment at the top of society, while class struggle has been suppressed by unions, real wages have been lowered and the low-wage sector has expanded.

The Corona pandemic accelerated this development. All over the world, capitalist governments ensured that share prices rose again to record levels after the initial shock, with „rescue packages“ worth billions.

Honestly Jounalist

„People will no longer be able to afford quite normal things, says Anja Kohl. She is the female head of the ARD stock market program „Börse vor acht.“ Every day, she reports on current stock market events for a wide range of viewers on the German public broadcaster Ersten Deutsches Fernsehen. She provides background information and assessments from the Frankfurt stock exchange, always informative and presented in her unmistakable style. In 2006 Anja Kohl was elected among the „101 best journalists of the year“, the other 100, belonging to the followers of the propaganda media. In 2008, she received the „Journalist Award of the German Middle Class“.

At the Towson State University in Baltimore she completed a year abroad in the course of studies „Journalism“. During her stay in the U.S., she worked for various U.S. radio and television stations. From 1997 to 2000, she worked for the television station of the financial portal Bloomberg, „Bloomberg TV“, in London and for the news station „n-tv“ in Berlin.

Anja Kohl is one of the last remaining courageous journalists who dare to publicly criticize the government and its policies. Her conclusion on the current situation and the associated, inevitable, threatening mass poverty in Germany:

„There is simply a lack of political will to change the situation.“

„We will not be able to eliminate this inflation if the policy does not change. It cannot be that prices rise and wages do not.“ She dared to make the gloomy prediction that we are facing a „decade of inflation“ in this country.

„This will hit the weakest in society the hardest. All we can do is try to bring inflation down to a relatively tolerable level.“ He said rising prices are „very threatening“ to society because they „make everyone poorer.“

Top tax in the past and today

Anja Kohl says that today it is enough to earn 1.4 times the average gross salary to have to pay the top tax rate. „In 1965, one would have had to earn 18 times the average income. Today, a gross annual income of 57,000 euros is already enough to get into the top tax rate“, he said.

„We need real relief, and the best way to do that is through taxes.“

The demand is classified by Anja Kohl very soberly. „They [the politicians are meant] have had 16 years to do every tax reform in the world, and they have done nothing, zero, nothing.“

The fact that petroleum companies immediately pass on any upward price jump to the gas pump, but sit out a falling oil price and leave prices up, has not only caught the eye of the stock market expert. She denounces „the fact that the Cartel Office is standing idly by“.

An inflation adjustment would have to be „moderate“ and should not be taxed, otherwise a „full catastrophe“ could be expected in Germany. In concrete terms, various players are now responsible. On the one hand, it is the European Central Bank, „which must stop with its relief policy and finally raise interest rates to counteract inflation; on the other hand, the government must also act and relieve both poor people and the broad middle class. In addition, action must be taken against the fact that many companies are currently reaping record sums as „profiteers from the crisis.

Anja Kohl also advised taking „food inflation“ seriously and suspending the value-added tax with immediate effect.

„Solving the problems is easier than is always done. There is simply a lack of political will.“

In the talk show „Hart aber Fair,“ the courageous „lateral thinker“ held it up to the audience that we are threatened with social upheaval and lasting poverty. Violence on the streets will increase dramatically.

On „Hart aber Fair,“ she extended her claws and showed, in addition to her already undoubted economic competence, a sense of social justice that is no longer to be found in any party. In 1998, the SPD and the Greens had begun to prepare Germany’s downfall; the social system for Germans became a handout system. From once 1.7 million welfare recipients, 14 million poor people were made within a very short time, in addition, 13.8 million people have immigrated to our country since 2006, plus 4-6 million Ukrainians, along with by-catch from Africa and the Middle East.

The billions that are senselessly wasted annually on illegal migrants (95% illegals) are now missing the real Germans. All this was predicted by many since the beginning of the ominous „Merkel era“ of us. Our warnings have been thrown to the wind, and now the politicians‘ wrong decisions are catching up with us.

She could not believe it, Kohl said, 16 years the Union had provided the government, once also a black-yellow one, but nothing had happened.

The stock market expert also cited some frightening figures: In the past ten years, she said, taxes have risen by 42 percent, but incomes by only 30 percent. „In 1965, you could earn 18 times the average gross salary, then you were in the top tax rate. Now 1.4 times is enough. With 57,000 euros gross income, you are already in the top tax rate. We have a complete imbalance. Now we have this exorbitant inflation on top of it.“

„The fact is,“ Anja Kohl states, „the entire food trade is controlled by a kind of oligopoly, by discounters and chain stores. A farmer earned 19 percent on his grain in the seventies and only seven percent in the nineties. By 2020, it was only four percent.“

She argues for transparency and control in pricing. „You don’t have to expropriate right away if you take a look at the corporations‘ fingers.“ There is an urgent need for „an authority that now, with this threatening inflation, takes a look at what is happening up there in the executive suites.“

40 percent of citizens have only 0.5 percent of total net assets. Millions of people have no assets or debts at all. For them, rising inflation means falling below the subsistence level.

Germans receive poverty pensions

Record profits for Dax 40 companies in the first quarter of 2022

The FAZ says: „Losses due to pandemic and Ukraine war? Not for large German companies.“


Veröffentlicht von Karlheinz W. Gernholz

Dipl. Ing. Architect (Germany) Structural Engineering/ Construction management/ International experience mainly in Arabic countries, especially Tunisia

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