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The Innocent Guilty Killer of Buffalo – Media and BLM Work Hand in Hand

Article written by Linda Levante

There was a shooting spree in Buffalo, New York on Saturday, May 14, 2022. Ten people were shot dead and three injured in the act of violence, almost all of the victims were African Americans. The attacker, who initially broadcast his act live on the Internet, opened fire in front of and inside a supermarket. The shooter had previously written a 180-page manifesto in which he repeatedly referred to the „conspiracy theory“ known as the „Great Reset .“

„The evidence found so far shows without a doubt that this is an absolutely racist hate crime,“ Buffalo Police Department Joseph Gramaglia said Sunday.

The FBI officially describes the shooting as a „hate crime“ — and a mass murder motivated by a white man’s hatred of black people. The assassination was planned and prepared, it hit people who were only targeted because of the color of their skin, the FBI says.

The accusation of racism is obvious, but not accurate. The assassination in Buffalo, and in other places around the world, against African Americans has nothing to do with skin color, but with the ideology of the Black Lives Matter movement and the danger it poses. The goal of the BLM movement is to break the exposed social position, the supremacy of whites The BLM movement is violent and its goals are quite comparable to Islamic goalswho call us whites “pigs” and who, according to the Koran, have been authorized to be killed. Both groups do not shy away from using violence against whites. Attacks on whites are commonplace in Western Europe, especially in Germany, France, Sweden and Holland. They are perpetrated by black BLM members, but also black and white Muslims.

The Buffalo assassin justified his attack by saying whites had to defend themselves against the so-called „Great Replacement“. He’s right about that, but there are other ways to fight back. One could close the borders to illegal migration, convict offenders and not permanently protect and acquit instead of imposing only light penalties. Stop financial and logistical support for terrorist organizations, prevent further mosque construction, I can think of many things to counteract the violence. This includes e.g. B. not only granting the right to self-defense to others, but also giving German citizens the legitimate opportunity to defend themselves. This also means that it should be possible to buy weapons for self-defense, not at everyone is clear. In Germany you have to let yourself be beaten before you can defend yourself if you can. If you are still able to defend yourself, you should make sure beforehand that witnesses are present, otherwise you have no chance of proving your innocence in court. Witnesses are scarce in Germany. You leave the crime scene out of fear and you haven’t seen anything anyway. The other side, on the other hand, always has hundreds of witnesses in tow. You leave the crime scene out of fear and you haven’t seen anything anyway. The other side, on the other hand, always has hundreds of witnesses in tow. You leave the crime scene out of fear and you haven’t seen anything anyway. The other side, on the other hand, always has hundreds of witnesses in tow.

What does the assassination have to do with the “Great Reset”?

The Buffalo shooting is strongly reminiscent of the shooting at a mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand, in 2019 that killed 51 Muslims. His similar statement at the time was entitled “The Great Replacement.

At its core, the theory claims that white people are being disempowered by the demographic rise of black and Muslim communities caused by immigration. Which is true. More and more Muslims and people of color are holding political office and are found in other positions of leadership, such as B. in the media. The orientation of politics is increasingly geared towards the needs of Muslims and the black population, and neglects their own populations, which e.g. B. means that Germans hardly have a chance in court. The judgments are mostly ideological in nature (multiculturalism). The spectrum of influence is very large. It now includes all areas of society.

Far-right protesters chanted „You won’t replace us“ at the 2017 „Unite the Right“ rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, where a woman was murdered. The „repopulation theory“ also played a role in the 2018 shootings at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh that killed 11 people, and at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas, that killed 23 people in 2019 , and at a synagogue in Poway, California, the same year that a person died.

What is the theory and how did it come about?

The “New World Order Theory” is the notion that a certain wealthy elite operating globally (NWO) pretends to “want to save the world” because planet Earth is about to become uninhabitable. They offer the transformation of the energy industry, which should solve all existential problems. Knowing full well that there will not be enough time for this. The transformation of society and the energy industry will not be easy. It will provoke severe restrictions, poverty and violence.

The “repopulation theory” is the notion that a certain rich elite operating globally (NWO) can not save the world by driving the transformation of the energy economy, which they do here and there, but only can save by decimating the world’s population by half. The transformation of the energy industry would have gained enough time to implement the same if the world population had been reduced. Possibly the existence of the people could be saved by this.

How do you get rid of half the world’s population? You mix them up, open the borders and let them loose on each other, knowing full well that there will be no peaceful coexistence and that violent conflicts will increase. Through the mixing, however, all sorts of diseases spread, even those that have been eradicated return to civilization. Viruses, and more recently monkeypox, are a popular means of reducing populations. We were able to see for ourselves that this part of the theory has already come true. This is nothing new, we already know that. Another option is to increase the number of wars and casualties. In Ukraine, care is now being taken to decimate the Ukrainian and Russian populations. A nuclear strike, with 1-2 million deaths, would Accelerate depopulation again. The representatives of the NWO are not afraid of the nuclear contamination of a part of Europe. Before the „nuclear button“ is pressed, the ladies and gentlemen are in the air. Their jets are ready and their pilots fly them out of the affected area. The secret services work extremely well in this regard. The network of executives stands like a wall. Russians, Americans and Europeans will inform each other just before the start. That’s as safe as „amen in church,“ even the mainstream media said (in the middle of the night when nobody’s looking).

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) traces the repopulation theory to early 20th-century French nationalism. In 2011, she gained attention through the writings of the French critic Renaud Camus.

In the US, the ideas were initially adopted by fringe websites, including chat forums 4chan and 8chan, which no longer exist.

How did the theory spread in US society?

In particular, Tucker Carlson, Fox News‘ most-watched anchor, is now taking center stage. A recent investigation by The New York Times found that his show „Tucker Carlson Tonight“ was occasionally inspired by white racist websites like neo-Nazi Stormfront.

The newspaper found that in more than 400 episodes, Carlson took up the idea that immigration is being used by the elite to alter US demographics.

Last year, the ADL called for the TV host’s sacking after he ran a show accusing Democrats of „trying to replace the current electorate… with more obedient Third World voters.“

The idea of ​​the threatened white voter has spread from fringe websites to Fox News. An opinion poll conducted last week by the Associated Press and the NORC Center for Public Affairs Research found that one in three adult Americans supports the idea that a plot is underway to replace US-born Americans with immigrants, and that US-born citizens will lose influence and power as a result.

In Germany, the idea has already become bitter reality.

Elise Stefanik (R) has claimed the Democrats are attempting a „permanent electoral insurgency“ by seeking citizenship for undocumented immigrants to „overthrow our current constituency.“

Other prominent Republicans include Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House, and Congressmen Marjorie Taylor Greene and Paul Gosar.

The term „conspiracy theory“ is intended to discriminate against, question and disqualify the content, and of course the proponents of the theories too. As I walk through my city, I see that the theories have become reality. That can no longer be denied. We’re not blind, are we?

I trust some American courts that the background of the Buffalo defendant will be taken into account in the verdict. There will not be an acquittal, and there must not be.

It is a politically motivated act, if only for the reason that the same reasoning is used for assassinations committed by whites against whites. Certainly 1 billion out of 2 billion Muslims are white, and assassinations are committed against them as well.

A political assassination is the intentional, unlawful, or illegitimate killing of a person for political motives. The victim usually has an undesirable political influence from the perspective of the perpetrator of the act, or the perpetrator expects the assassination to result in a political development that is beneficial to him or her.

Historically, the term refers almost exclusively to the assassination of individual, highly placed personalities.[1] The crime of political murder can be traced back to antiquity. Differences to an ordinary assassination are the politically motivated interests or ideological implications, as well as the fact that the client and the executor (contract killer) are usually different persons.

The „PROGRAM“ is running, everyone can see it.

Veröffentlicht von Karlheinz W. Gernholz

Dipl. Ing. Architect (Germany) Structural Engineering/ Construction management/ International experience mainly in Arabic countries, especially Tunisia

5 Kommentare zu „The Innocent Guilty Killer of Buffalo – Media and BLM Work Hand in Hand

    1. I am actually just hoping that I will unexpectedly come into a lot of money and that the effects of the crises of this world will no longer be able to hit me.

      Two worlds awaiting us. „You will own nothing more, but you will get everything what you need“ (Klaus Schwab, WEF-NWO) or, „Allahu-akbar“.

      I wonder if Donald will be able to stop all this? The crises have become so entrenched, like a „Gordian Knot“, that you probably have to do exactly what Alexander the Great did. He split it with a sword.

      I am also glad that I am not the only one who thinks this way. There is actually also still hope that the promised Messiah will appear. The time is ripe for it, or it is not yet bad enough. I don’t know.


        1. We still think that only happens on TV. I can’t believe it either. My God JD, of all times, this has to happen now, when we two are still alive. Couldn’t they have waited a few more years. I always thought it wouldn’t happen so fast and I’d get off lightly again. Now the rest of life will probably be an ordeal. Greetings from fare away. „Your alliance partner“.


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