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Asia is awakening

Peace in Europe is not possible at the moment. It is unlikely, if we are honest. Months, perhaps even years, may pass. Ukraine with Zelensky is omnipresent in the media. What we don’t see is that a global war is taking place before our eyes. On one side is Russia with the support of China, on the other side is the United States of America, NATO and the entire Western world. It is a „borderless war,“ although on the surface it is about border conflicts.

Why is this war unlimited?
Because it involves the totality of human activity. It is a conflict that goes far beyond the purely military aspect. The resulting global threat endangers our existence, we should be clear about that. It is an economic war between two worlds, Russia, including China and numerous other countries such as India, in the struggle against the hegemony and dominance of America and its allies. The military conflict is taking place within Ukraine, mostly at least, but in the background there is an economic war going on that encompasses the entire world. If you like, this is the „real war“, namely the „total war“.

It is also a cultural and an ideological war, an information war that sweeps the actual events and background under the carpet. It is war against the truth. It is quite clear that two different world views are at stake here. On one side is the neoliberal, decadent ideology of the West, and on the other side are Russia, China and India, all nuclear powers, and the Arab world with its nuclear bomb from Pakistan. It is the other half of humanity that Putin knows is behind him. I am sure, absolutely sure, that some Muslim countries are looking for the „loophole“ to join in this war. They are waiting in the starting blocks. They have said it a thousand times, and Ukraine seems to me to be a welcome opportunity. It is the other half of humanity that disagrees with NATO and the European Community. That should not be forgotten in this dispute. The war is not over, it has just begun. (Hopefully my last sentence is not true).

The awakening of the non-Western countries

By Guy Mettan, journalist and member of the Grand Council of the Canton of Geneva.

This global dimension can also be observed in the awakening of non-Western countries. China supports Russia, although it had always tried to stay out of it and maintain a certain neutrality. Now it has found that it is forced to take sides with Russia because it risks becoming the next target.

The same observation applies to India. India has always defended the principle of non-alignment and has been careful to keep a low profile. But Delhi is de facto supporting Russia by refraining from sanctions. Indians have realized that this is an opportunity for them to assert themselves on the international stage and to eliminate the old Anglo-Saxon colonialism of which they have been victims for two centuries.

Finally, there is also an awakening in Africa. Many African countries are leaning toward the Russian side, including Saudi Arabia, even though it is an old U.S. ally. After the debacle in Afghanistan, the country is beginning to think and distance itself from the US. Thus, it is willing to sell its oil to the Chinese in yuan rather than dollars. As for Latin America, we see that Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, and also Mexico are quite positive towards Russia.

Europe, Japan and the U.S. congratulated themselves and said they had achieved a Holy Alliance against Russia. However, if we take a close look at the world map, the situation is quite different. Only 37 countries have imposed economic sanctions against Russia, while 150 countries have avoided them.

The bottom line is that this war is unlimited in its scope and extent, but it is also unlimited in time. I think it will continue. It will not end tomorrow. The military operations will probably diminish and perhaps stop in a few weeks or months. But in the other areas of the war – the economic, cultural and ideological – it will continue. The conflict marks a turning point that heralds the end of neoliberal globalization associated with the maritime powers and the beginning of a new form of globalization that is more continent-centered. It is the beginning of the end of the dominance of the Anglo-Saxon maritime empire, of Great Britain and the United States, which are islands, over the continental powers, embodied by Russia, China, India, Pakistan and Iran, which are land powers. We are witnessing the revenge of the continental powers against the maritime powers.

In this war, all countries of the world are affected. For the West, it is a matter of survival, without a doubt. It is about maintaining its hegemony over the world, which it has exercised for five centuries. That is why the West, led by the United States, wants to fight the war to the bitter end. End.

That doesn’t sound good at all.

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14. März 2016 – Asia is awakening. The West justifies its global ideal supremacy with the universality of its values. In East Asia, this does not make sense to everyone. Nevertheless, the Eurocentric world view …

Ukraine and Nuclear Realignment in Northeast Asia.

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