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Crashing defeats for Germany’s Chancellor Olaf Scholz

Elections were held in Schleswig-Holstein and Nordrhein-Westfalen (NRW). Voter turnout was lower than ever before. Just under half of the 13 million voters refused the „privilege“ of being able to vote. Either they had realized that elections have lost their meaning, or that the will of the voters is made absurd by coalition agreements that take place behind closed doors. The realization that election promises, as it was just now in the last federal elections in 2021, that the exact opposite of what was promised before the election was done. However, this is not why the non-voters are “ frustrated with politics“; rather, the loss of confidence suffered could have been the „drop in the bucket“ that explains the low voter participation.

Here are the election results.

For NRW and for Schleswig-Holstein

The clear loser of the two state elections is the Berlin SPD with Chancellor Olaf Scholz. The clear winners are the Greens. They made significant gains in both federal states.

The state election in the largest state NRW, is considered a „small Bundestag election“, and this is because the election results in NRW can often be compared with the outcome of the Bundestag elections. Similar significance is attributed to the midterm elections in America.

The Christian Democratic Union (CDU) is the winner of both state elections, as you can see on the charts. That is also true, they will form the future state government, nevertheless they have suffered historic losses because more than 6 million voters did not go to the ballots.

In total, there is only one real winner and that is Die Grünen. Alongside the SPD, Die Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) is also among the losers. In Schleswig-Holstein, they did not even get into the state parliament. The AfD is the party that all the other parties and the media don’t like. They are something like the Trump supporters in America, and for that reason alone unacceptable, although in terms of content they are in no way comparable to Trump’s GOP. But the left-wing parties don’t care, because everything that is not their opinion is dangerous to the state and anti-democratic.

The curious thing about this story is that the federal SPD does not want to accept the defeat. The federal ministers justify this with „a possible cooperation with the Greens,“ in which case their majority would be restored. Another explanation for the defeat is that the candidates were „selected by gender“.

Political content did not play a role in this election as well. The countless boycotts against Russia keep people busy, make them afraid and anxious about the future. Millions of livelihoods are threatened. The daily jihad on our streets, all this was not an issue for the „people’s representatives“. The entire miserable foreign and internal policy of the last decades, was left out. The overpaid functionaries of „the holy alliance of the world rulers (NWO)“, are avoiding the confrontation with reality like „the devil avoids holy water“.

The SPD has lost hands down and the CDU has historically achieved the lowest election result in the two federal states.

The group of non-voters grows larger with every election. Politicians and the media like to dismiss this as „disenchantment with politics“ or a lack of intelligence, but this is not true. Surveys clearly show that non-voters come primarily from the academic milieu, which in turn allows only one conclusion, namely that non-voters have lost confidence in their elected „representatives of the people,“ as I mentioned at the beginning.

The New Goverment

The three biggest scandals of Olaf Scholz

  1. cumEx scandal: tax evasion up to the hilt
  2. Wirecard: From DAX darling to billion-dollar grave
  3. Agenda 2010
  4. Banking scandal in Hamburg

The cover picture is from „Waldemahr“.

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Dipl. Ing. Architect (Germany) Structural Engineering/ Construction management/ International experience mainly in Arabic countries, especially Tunisia

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