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Amoctate in the train?

„A train ride is funny, a train ride is beautiful…“ says an old German folk song. For five Germans, the train ride in a regional train from Herzogenrath to Aachen was neither funny nor beautiful. They were stabbed by an Iraqi (31).

The “ refugee “ from Iraq suddenly stabbed several fellow passengers in a regional train in Herzogenrath near Aachen on Friday morning. After being arrested, the Iraqi was temporarily admitted to a psychiatric clinic. The reason: The old parties, who are responsible for the illegal migration of millions, have an interest in playing down and concealing the consequences of their decisions. Under no circumstances must the suspicion arise in the population that Angela Merkel’s new citizens, i.e. our immediate neighbors, have the knives sitting rather loosely. The vision of „Rainbow“ in which international humanity lives together in peace must not be allowed to develop any cracks. Facts only disturb. The truth suddenly becomes „racist“, and anyone who raises factual and factual objections is stigmatized as a „Nazi“. 

As always, the man’s origin was not disclosed at first. This is now part of the standard of „German quality journalism“. Half-truths and countless crimes committed by Muslim migrants are concealed. One example: Muslims who have committed crimes but have a German passport are registered in the crime statistics under „German crimes“. This applies to all nationalities. Anyone who has a German passport is German, which is quite nonsense.  Incidentally, this also deceives other foreign countries. The experiment „Rainbow“, must not fall into disrepute, as is the case, for example, in Hungary with Victor Orban.

Of course Muslims belong in psychiatry, no question, but Muslims who kill, rape, rob, seriously injure people in the name of Allah, as in this case, belong in prison and not in a psychiatric ward. After their sentence is over, they belong in security detention, that is, in a psychiatric ward. To prevent Muslims from putting their written-down violent fantasies into practice, which they are currently doing in large numbers under the supervision of the Federal Republic of Germany, they should not be picked up in the Mediterranean, nor in their home countries. „All inclusive“ also means full care at the border and after accomplished deeds. The best lawyers, the best experts, the best liars that the left has to offer, make the most brutal murderer and rapist, a pitiable offender because he had a bad childhood and had to witness a war.

As always in these cases, the public prosecutor’s office has announced that the blood orgies have nothing to do with Islam and that the killer suffers from war trauma. He therefore belongs in the care of doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists. In other words, the Iraqi could not have acted otherwise, he is the victim, and the stabbed Germans were simply unlucky and were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Police, prosecutors, media and politicians, again agreed at once that everything had nothing to do with Islam. There were no indications of a terrorist background or a religious radicalization of the suspect, stressed the prosecutor’s office on Saturday. Rather, according to the current state of knowledge, it is very likely that the cause was a psychotic experience of the suspect.

Crime scene

On Friday at around 7:38 a.m., shortly after the train had continued its journey in Herzogenrath, the man suddenly jumped up and tried to operate the door opener, the public prosecutor’s office reported. When that was impossible, he punched a fellow passenger in the face and then pulled out a kitchen knife. At first he stabbed aimlessly and then purposefully at several fellow passengers, they said.

In the end, five people and the attacker were injured. A fellow passenger – assisted by other people, including a federal police officer – overpowered and disarmed the 31-year-old. Investigated on suspicion of dangerous bodily harm and attempted malicious murder in three cases, the prosecutor’s office said.

Meanwhile, the victims were counted again and it was found that there could be four, five or six. In the end, it turned out that six people were attacked and badly injured. Such a thing is called „German thoroughness“. In the name of Allah, even the „German thoroughness“ must fall.

At his registration, the Iraqi had stated that he was a Muslim of the Shiite faith.

History of the „victim“

The 31-year-old Iraqi came to Germany as a „refugee“ in 2015. He was taken care of all around and ensnared by German women. He lived in the land of milk and honey. He didn’t have to do much, just say „Guten Tag“ in German language classes from time to time, and collect social welfare and the many other donations of money and goods from the population several times a month. Under such „adverse circumstances“ the Muslim must naturally reach for the kitchen knife and stab his hosts.

Why did he actually have a kitchen knife in his pocket when he committed the crime? Nobody walks around with a kitchen knife. I’m just saying that the guy was planning to stab people. Wouldn’t be the first time people were killed on trains in Germany. Back then, the „victims“ had axes with them, and there were many deaths. Such „incidents“ are nothing unusual in Germany, they are commonplace.

After a tip-off from the refugee home where he was living at the time, he had been temporarily classified as a „test case of Islamism“ in 2017. In the facility, it was noticed that he had increasingly isolated himself and suddenly wore a long beard, it was said from security circles. However, the suspicion had not been confirmed. Which suspicion, the one with the beard or the one with the voluntary isolation, in mental preparation of an assassination. Before assassinations, certain rules and rituals must be followed. After all, one must prepare for the 77 virgins who, after the deed is done, wait for the martyr with outstretched arms.

„The man had received a temporary residence permit as a recognized refugee,“ the authorities say.

„Temporarily“ means „perspectively forever“ for German authorities. Hardly anyone is deported from Germany. And what is supposed to be „a test case for Islamism“? No one can determine whether a Muslim will kill a German, rape a woman or commit an assassination the day after tomorrow, but one can determine that all of this happens, every day. We experience it in our cities and villages, and there are reasons for it, and they are written in the Koran….

I could say now, read the Koran, but that is nonsense, the suras do not speak to our Western mind, they do not reach us, neither our heart nor our mind. Apart from the fact that the Koran is authentic only in Arabic, the translations are often far from the original. However, the Quran is the key to solving this problem.

You have to believe what the Quran says about us, otherwise we will not survive the jihad, at most Islamized and with broken backs. By the way, this is the real reason why Muslims call us infidels.

By the way, last week several people were killed by „refugees“ in different cities, but that has not been worth a headline in our country for a long time.

Same in green, 6 months ago.

Medien: „Probably psychological problems“.

Knife attack in ICE probably not terror
Status: 07.11.2021 14:51 Uhr

07.11.2021 Suspect probably not guilty

Following the knife attack in an ICE train from Regensburg to Nuremberg, police say there are indications that the attacker was mentally ill – which means he may not have been culpable at the time of the attack. Four men were injured in the incident.

„One day after the knife attack in an ICE train, an expert questions the culpability of the alleged perpetrator. He apparently suffers from a form of schizophrenia.

One day after the knife attack in an ICE train on the route from Passau to Hamburg, the perpetrator’s motive is still unclear. However, police do not currently assume a terrorist background. According to initial assessments, the 27-year-old alleged attacker suffers from psychological impairments, there are „no indications of an Islamist background,“ announced Director of Criminal Investigation Sabine Nagel. There are also no indications that the suspect had accomplices or confidants.“ Not at all. It was a lone, lost wolf who lost his pack. A typical isolated case.

The perpetrator is always innocent, a victim of his childhood or he is traumatized. Above all, we are told that the perpetrators grew up in poverty, like Osama bin Laden or the Woolwick killers, who came from a diplomatic family, and with a butcher knife and a hatchet, had to demonstrate their bad childhood and poverty in a bestial way.

Inside Islam. There is no question of amok, but there is Islam.

Here are a few more Islamic-motivated assassinations in trains. We have enough. Material abundantly available.

Or here:

Three women stabbed to death in cold blood. Somali felt disadvantaged. Excuse me?

Würzburg – After the fatal knife attack in Würzburg, the motive of the suspected perpetrator is now coming into focus. It is still unclear why the 24-year-old Somali killed three people with a knife in the city center and seriously injured at least five others.

On the very first day of the trial, it becomes clear that it will be a long and drawn-out process. Germany has called on all its experts to clear the poor Somali of his guilt as far as possible. According to his own statements, the refugee acted out of hatred for Germany; he felt he had been treated unfairly.

The migrant, who was first registered in Germany in 2015 and had since attracted attention several times because of „mental problems,“ is to be placed in a psychiatric hospital – possibly for life – according to the attorney general’s office. According to two experts, he was incapable of guilt at the time of the crime, and could therefore be a permanent danger to society. The others are not?

According to the expert opinion, the suspect is not guilty. Four months after the attack, two psychiatric reports were available: According to them, the Somali suspect was not guilty at the time of the attack. According to the experts, the man suffered from paranoid schizophrenia. (By Julia Dechet- BR24- Editor)

Veröffentlicht von Karlheinz W. Gernholz

Dipl. Ing. Architect (Germany) Structural Engineering/ Construction management/ International experience mainly in Arabic countries, especially Tunisia

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