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German health insurers sound the alarm: „17 billion missing from the health fund“.

Berlin, Thursday 24.03. 2022

According to the leading association of statutory health insurers (GKV), the insurers are short 17 billion euros for next year. Insurers and the opposition are calling for quick clarity on where the money is to come from, but the health minister urged patience: „I will present a well-considered bill in good time,“ said Lauterbach.

The German Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach (SPD)*, plans to increase the contributions for the statutory health insurance funds this year, despite the rising inflation and the associated, rising poverty under German roofs.

„We have to turn four adjusting screws: Raise efficiency reserves in the healthcare system, use reserves in the health insurance funds, grant additional federal subsidies, and raise contributions,“ Lauterbach told the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung.

I could now go into detail about each individual adjusting screw, but that is not my intention. It is much more important to me to establish the connection that exists between the funding gap and migration, because it is not only Karl Lauterbach who is keeping quiet about this, but all the parties, with the exception of the Alternative for Germany (AfD).

The media, of course, tell us nothing either. For them, the „refugees“ are an „enrichment“ for our society.

Before the „special operation“ in the country of the Kiever oligarchs, and other sinister figures, 23 million strangers were romping around in Germany. Now there are 6 million Ukrainian „refugees“ who could not stand Zelensky’s „health system“ and fled from the bombs, or not. In any case, those who were fed up under the comedian have now arrived in our health care system.

Generous as German politicians are, everyone is immediately insured when crossing the border, with all the trimmings. „All-inclusive“, even in the pension insurance the ladies and gentlemen are enrolled without being asked if they even want it, and not only that, the family members left behind are of course also insured, and can use the full health program of the Germans at any time abroad. So that the little innocent lambs who are still in their home countries are also fully provided for, there is child benefit on top of that, even for children who don’t even exist, as it turns out. No official checks the details exactly, it is simply transferred.

Against a reduction in the value-added tax on pharmaceuticals, pharmacists have protested. „Regardless“ of this issue, Lauterbach said, „lobbying interests will not play a role in the reorganization of the health insurers‘ finances.“ That would be something new in Germany. It’s called „eyewash“ and a high-grade loss of reality.

His arguments also refer to the cost increases during the „pandemic“. During the „standstill,“ many citizens lost their livelihoods, others their jobs, and still others fell ill. These are all contributors that the professor is now asking to pay.

Of course, the „pandemic“ has cost a lot of money, and although the privatized hospitals are whining on the surface, they have earned more than ever before, e.g. through billing fraud, as have the pharmacists. At this point, it must be mentioned that the winners would have to pay tax on their billions in profits, and these would far exceed the missing 17 billion. But they won’t pay the taxes. After all, there are enough tax tricks and paradises. But the money Lauterbach wants to generate by raising contributions is needed for health care for „refugees.“ He is concealing that.

The logical conclusion to be drawn from this is that the Minister of Health, Prof. Dr. Karl Lauterbach, does not recognize any logical connections and is therefore incapable of holding office, or that he is deliberately deceiving the public. In this case, both are correct.

Facts from Lauterbach’s private and working life, by focus-online:

Karl Lauterbach was born on February 21, 1963 in Düren. He says about himself, „I come from a working-class family.“ After graduating from high school, he completed various studies and obtained scientific titles. His full name with all titles is Prof. Dr. med. Dr. sc. Karl Wilhelm Lauterbach.

He studied medicine in Aachen and Harvard and is an expert in epidemiology, the science of the spread of disease. He also holds a doctorate in health economics. He holds professorships in Cologne and Harvard and is director of the Institute for Health Economics and Clinical Epidemiology at the University of Cologne.

Lauterbach has published a long series of scientific papers and books but also guidebooks such as „Healthy in a Sick System„.

He is also active on Twitter, click here to access his profile. There he publishes info and tips to contain the disease, especially during the Corona pandemic since 2020. Tenor: gladly tougher restrictions for citizens.

Lauterbach was also privately connected to epidemiology: in 1996 he married Angela Spelsberg. She is a physician and epidemiologist. They have four children together. They have lived apart since 2004, followed by divorce in 2010 with a war of the Roses over alimony payments. He has a fifth child with a journalist, but nothing further is known about this.

Lauterbach does not want to remain single, he told March 2021: „For complete happiness, I lack a loving wife,“ he confessed.

Lauterbach has nothing against a good red wine, even though as a vegetarian and non-smoker he otherwise likes to live a health-conscious life.

Sports hobby: Lauterbach plays table tennis

SPD – Poverty inventors

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