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A CSU secretary general in Germany threatens reporter with „annihilation.“

It was only at the end of February that Stephan Mayer became the new Secretary General of the CSU*. After only 10 weeks in office, the politician is now resigning from all his posts. For „health reasons“ he is no longer able to properly go through his work.

„For health reasons, I have today asked the party chairman of the CSU to relieve me of my duties as secretary general,“ Mayer said in a statement. Previously, the 48-year-old is said to have massively threatened and blackmailed a reporter in two telephone calls. The Munich-based Burda publishing house accuses the politician of threatening a journalist from the magazine „Bunte“ with „destruction.“

„I will destroy you,“ said the CSU general Mayer to a reporter of the magazine „Die Bunte.“

But the story also has other backgrounds. The reporter Manfred Otzelberger got a tip from CSU circles that there was something funny with the family relationships of Stephan Mayer. He had an illegitimate child, to which he did not stand.

After Otzelberger began investigating the Secretary General’s family and acquaintances, it quickly emerged that Mr. Mayer has an eight-year-old son whom he does not care about at all and that he was rarely willing to pay his child support, though this has not yet been legally clarified. „In our „conversation,“ other character flaws in Mr. Mayer also became apparent,“ Otzelberger says.

„My invitations to Mr. Mayer before publication to talk to me about it, but he did not respond to my offers to talk, instead we got a letter from a media lawyer, but in which none of my questions were answered. She witnessed it all. Mayer practically jumped in my face verbally with his butt. It was seven minutes of bawling and shouting. These sentences were also uttered:

„I will destroy you. I will track you down, I will pursue you to the end of your life. I demand 200,000 euros in compensation for pain and suffering, which you must transfer to me today.“

„At 6:15 that same evening, he called again and said the same thing. I felt like I was in a mafia movie. That’s how you can see what makes this man tick. I also told him that it was crazy to ask for 200,000 euros to be paid on the same day. He then accused me of having insulted him“.

„I tried to make the conversation more objective. I told him that this was not worthy of a top politician. He is not a top politician, he said. Simply grotesque. I told him he had to apologize. He was of the opinion that I should „apologize“.

I immediately recorded both conversations and informed the BUNTE editors-in-chief. The witness can also confirm everything.

In addition, Mayer is said to have asked the reporter to prevent the delivery of the Bunte issue. Further, he is said to have threatened: „I will sue Burda Verlag and destroy it.“ According to information from ntv, there are witnesses to the threats made on the phone.

In his resignation statement, Mayer admitted: „In a conversation with a journalist from ‚Bunte‘ due to blatantly illegal reporting, I may have used a choice of words that, in retrospect, I would not consider appropriate. I regret this very much.“

Mayer did not want to comment on the accusations to the „Bunten“. Officially, the CSU politician is considered single and childless. He has thus concealed for years, to be exact 8 years, that he is divorced and has a son. Of course, this has legal significance in many respects, e.g. in tax matters. We know something similar from Muslims who work in the civil service or as politicians, and who declare their religious affiliation as „no religion“, even though they are strict Muslims, but that’s just in passing. This is possible in Germany, it also makes „sense“, for both sides, just Multikulti.

„Threats of destruction against journalists by a representative of our parliament, i.e. a constitutional body, are an outrageous violation of the democratic rules of the game and the political culture in our country,“ said Burda board member Philipp Welte.
„We cannot and must not tolerate this as a free press.“

According to its own statements, the publisher has since taken legal action against Mayer. Mayer had only been chosen as secretary general at the end of February at the suggestion of party leader Markus Söder. At the time, Söder called Mayer’s appointment a

„super choice.“

The CSU is a sister party of the CDU. It is located in the south of Germany, more precisely in Bavaria, a federal state in which value is placed on old Bavarian and Christian traditions, at least in comparison to the other 15 federal states, which are becoming visibly more godless, but more multi-cultural. But Bavaria has not been spared from the immigration orgy, on the contrary, in Nuremberg, Würzburg and other cities, downright Islamic slaughter festivals took place, which, however, play no role in the danger assessment of the old parties*. But this only in passing, so that the non-German readers learn something about our country and their politicians.

**Under the old parties in Germany, one understands all parties (SPD, CDU/CSU, The Greens, FDP and Left, except the AfD, which is called a Nazi party by the old parties, and is currently on the descending branch.

Veröffentlicht von Karlheinz W. Gernholz

Dipl. Ing. Architect (Germany) Structural Engineering/ Construction management/ International experience mainly in Arabic countries, especially Tunisia

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