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The Greens – Germany’s Number One Migrant Party

Bündnis 90/Die Grünen (abbreviation: Greens) is a political party in Germany. One of its focal points is environmental policy. The guiding principle of „green politics“ is ecological, economic and social sustainability. The party was founded in Karlsruhe on January 12/13, 1980. At the federal delegates‘ conference in mid-June 2021, delegates decided to remove the word „Germany“ from the title of their resolutions. In the meantime, the party has become a migrant party.

Some party members including Claudia Roth, former federal chairwoman of her party and current vice president of the German Bundestag, have been advocating for many years that migrants from all over the world be accepted without examination of the reasons for asylum and that they be provided for in Germany. Even after the departure of Mrs. Angela Merkel, former Chancellor, the lawless immigration policy is continued. Including the 4, 5 million Ukrainians, there are now 27 to 28 million strangers in Germany in this small country. Every third inhabitant is now a foreigner. About the costs and the immigrated criminality, the cloak of silence is spread.

Green is not only the color of the Green Party, but also the color of Islam. The Green Party is very popular among Muslims, as is the SPD. It is also not surprising why the new federal government was elected, considering that about 8 million foreigners are eligible to vote. Only the federal government knows the exact number. It is not published. Each election result in Germany, reflects no longer the German voter will, but the will of the strangers. The foreigners are each time „the tongues at the balance“.

Stupidly, Muslims have been given the right to vote and one of the consequences is that more and more Muslims are sitting in the Bundestag in Berlin, in the state parliaments and the local parliaments. At present, we even have a Turkish Minister of Agriculture, Cem Özdemir and an Iranian, Omid Nouripour, as the Federal Chairman of the Green Party, who is already being positioned by the media for the post of Chancellor in 8 years at the next federal election.

Muslims have the „Greens“ and the „SPD“ simply to devour gladly. They read every wish of the Islam lobby from the eyes and realize it. There are now more than 2,700 mosques in Germany and in 30 cities the muezzin is allowed to sing his war chant from the minarets every Friday. Whether out of naivety or full intention – the „Greens“ are the Trojan horse of Islamization in Germany.

Their multicultural ideology already ensures that. „Green“ politics means identifying „discriminated“ minorities everywhere, becoming their advocates and extracting special rights and privileges for their protégés. They do not think much of the constitutional state with the same rules and a binding guiding culture for all.

For the Islamic associations, the „Greens“ are the ideal breakwater. Headscarves everywhere and at all times, extra sausages for Muslims in swimming pools, schools and at the workplace – the „Greens“ are always available for such demands in the name of „anti-discrimination. In their election program (page 92), „Muslims“ only appear as poor persecutees whom they want to „protect and strengthen“.
The „Greens“ fight against any criticism of Islam. Every critic is declared a racist and the media help in the hunt for critics. Even the banal fact that Islam is not a race, but a (satanic) ideology that cannot be reconciled with the Basic Law, is not taken note of and is denied.

The „Greens“ do not care. For them, Islam „belongs to Germany as a matter of course“, they want to „integrate Islam into our legal system“, as the „Green“ parliamentary group unabashedly proclaims.

Germany Courier:
„As in Hamburg, where the Hanseatic city’s treaty partners include the „Islamic Center Hamburg,“ which is remotely controlled by the mullahs in Tehran and helps organize the anti-Semitic Al-Quds marches every year. But to cancel the state treaties because of that, as AfD and CDU demand? Not with the „Greens,“ who just as regularly play down and protect their Muslim friends and their anti-Semitic activities.

But how does this fit in with the rest of the Green ideology, the feminism, gender, LGBT and homosexual propaganda, with which devout Muslims have so little to do? Either the „Greens“ are pretending to be naive or they really don’t get it. For them, immigrants from the Muslim cultural sphere are allies in smashing the „white“ bourgeois society. And because they want to naturalize everyone who comes to the country and stays for a few years, they believe that this will secure them an inexhaustible reservoir of voters.
If they haven’t made a miscalculation. The lesbian couple of two women wearing headscarves and having a child together, which the „Greens“ rave about, will remain a bizarre multicultural fairy tale, even if they open the immigration floodgates as wide as they like. Germany will become more Islamic as a result, not greener. And in an Islamized Germany, even the green dreamers will no longer have anything to laugh about.“ End Deutschland-Kurier.

Commenting on the AfD’s (Alternative for Germany) demand for a ban on foreign-funded mosque buildings and the statement that Islam does not belong to Germany, Green Party MP Göring-Eckardt said, „Of course Islam belongs to Germany, and of course Muslims belong to Germany. And I think we can be quite happy about that. It would be very boring if we only had to deal with ourselves.“

In 2015, she said, „We are now suddenly getting people as a gift.“ Refugees are making Germany „more religious, more colorful, more diverse and younger,“ she said.

Members of the Green Party urinating on a Germany flag or walking demonstratively through Germany shouting „Germany perish“ are part of the everyday life of this party.

…and as if by magic, the former peace party has mutated into a fanatical war party, and „creating peace without weapons“ has become the cry for even more weapons, even more deaths and even more escalation.

Veröffentlicht von Karlheinz W. Gernholz

Dipl. Ing. Architect (Germany) Structural Engineering/ Construction management/ International experience mainly in Arabic countries, especially Tunisia

11 Kommentare zu „The Greens – Germany’s Number One Migrant Party

    1. In Germany, it’s really extremely bad. The Swedes are also hard hit and the Dutch. Most other EU countries have taken in far fewer. In Hungary, before the Ukraine spectacle, there were just 49 refugees. France has taken in an annual average of only 10,000, and the Danes don’t want any more at all.

      Our constitution, unfortunately, has already been changed in parts, and it is to be rewritten entirely in favor of asylum seekers. In other words, anyone can come, no matter where from, and no one needs to give reasons anymore either.

      Thank you for your answer Dawn.

      Gefällt 1 Person

        1. The „Love and Peace Generation“, to which I once belonged, has „better“ things to do, they are at war.

          Believe it or not, Muslims get courses and instructions from churches and unions on how to conquer German women, how to get them into bed and which positions are popular with German women. The multi-culti marriage is favored in Germany.

          For years, the Greens have been trying to decimate the German people. This is their contribution to the reduction of overpopulation.

          Translated with (free version)

          Gefällt 1 Person

            1. Changing the constitution is also somewhat difficult in our country, but laws are either not adhered to or are changed in the background to our disadvantage. (The translation seems kind of weird to me, doesn’t it?).

              Merkel has committed millions of violations of the law, if you will. Scandals have become known in the foreigners authorities, which clearly do not fit into a democracy.

              Gefällt 1 Person

                1. Your feeling does not deceive you, you are exactly right.

                  Charles de Gaulle and other statesmen decided to found the EU. The goal was to preserve the nation states and the sovereignty of each country. Nothing came out of it.

                  It is common that politicians with falsely propagated goals, lead the citizens behind light.

                  I would not call it „dictatorship“, but rather „sham democracy“ or also „nominal democracy“, which is on the way to a dictatorship.


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