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Difficult truth finding – Vaccine damage is increasing worldwide

Vaccine damage is increasing dramatically, also in California, it is currently reported that an increasing number of fully vaccinated people are occupying wards with severe side effects and are fighting for their lives.

In more and more countries, the consequences of vaccination are becoming apparent. According to an analysis of the company health insurance funds in Germany, a study by the Charité and private reports, an increasing number of fully vaccinated people are plagued by massive side effects.

The Charité study reports 400,000 severe vaccine complications and calls for separate clinics to treat them. In Austria, there are some hospitals, such as the Vienna AKH, that have already established dedicated departments to treat vaccine injuries.

In Ventura County, north of Los Angeles, cases of „unexplained“ heart problems, strokes and blood clots are skyrocketing in the region. And many local doctors refuse to link these events to the vaccines.

A nurse in the intensive care unit of a Ventura County hospital came forward to the Conejo Guardian and said he was „tired of all the nonsense that’s going on because the medical establishment refuses to acknowledge the elephant in the room.“ He went on to say:

„We had a patient in our ward who had double vaccinations and is now fighting for her life in the ICU. She has been having strokes that cannot be explained, as she was previously perfectly healthy at the heart. The doctors explain that the strokes were caused by the holidays, all the food and the unaccustomed rest. This is garbage. It’s absolute garbage. Everyone wants to downplay it, and the medical establishment doesn’t want to know about it.“

Almost never do doctors and other experts consider the fact that the Covid vaccines could be responsible for all this. Instead, they blame things like „the holidays“ for this sudden spike, which makes no sense at all.

Even though the temporal relationship often doesn’t really allow for any other conclusion than to develop a suspicion to that effect, many medical professionals refuse to issue a suspected vaccine complication report.

Actually, it is clear to all health care workers that there is no question of a complete reporting of vaccination damage and complications. People with „beyond normal vaccination reactions“ who have already tried to get their doctor to report their health problems as a possible vaccination complication will be able to confirm that very few doctors are interested in shooting themselves in the foot.

The reasons for this are complex and are financial, organizational and psychological. While a vaccination takes only a few minutes and is remunerated with 30 euros, the time required for a suspected vaccination complication is at least 30 minutes. Fee: zero. A physician can therefore vaccinate for an hour (and earn up to 300 euros), or send two unpaid reports of vaccination complications in the same time.

Apart from that, the reporting is of course also a question of attitude. It cannot be, which may not be. A health minister is allowed to talk on TV about a vaccination free of side effects (no vaccination is free of side effects) – unbothered by inquiries or legal consequences. Vaccination is safe; anyone who claims otherwise is a right-wing contrarian and conspiracy theorist.

To make matters worse, in many cases the doctor would have to report a complication that he himself caused. In times of inconclusively clarified liability issues, this is a potentially critical situation. Who likes to admit to having made a mistake? In writing? To government agencies and customers? None of the gods in white will admit that they participated in an irresponsible experiment that caused death, suffering and much poverty.

These are not the good guys

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Veröffentlicht von Karlheinz W. Gernholz

Dipl. Ing. Architect (Germany) Structural Engineering/ Construction management/ International experience mainly in Arabic countries, especially Tunisia

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