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From Odessa to the Maidan

The still unresolved crime against humanity shortly after the „Euro-Maidan“ coup was hushed up in Western media. Today it provides us with valuable facts to understand the current war.

Although the Odessa crime is well documented, all pro-Western governments in Kiev blocked an investigation, despite protests from the UN. Yatsenyuk, Poroshenko and today Selensky insisted on the unbelievable version that only 42 people were murdered.

It describes in detail how oligarchs and members of the government strengthened the extreme right and encouraged it to carry out intimidation actions against the forces that advocated the federalization of Ukraine.

Heyden speaks of more than 100 victims and meticulously describes the events, at the end of which the victims, some of whom were tortured or raped, were burned alive.
Affected people and activists tried at that time to draw attention to the massacre also in Germany with their documentary film: „Wildfire -A tragedy tears Odessa apart at the beginning of the Ukrainian Civil War“, (film from 2014 was on Youtube).

Mainstream: Blind Spot Odessa Massacre
In vain: ARD and mainstream reacted with icy silence and the usual methods of deflection („conspiracy theory,“ „fakenews,“ etc.). Russian media reported and one must assume that this discrepancy is a significant part of the prehistory of the current Ukrainian war. The perpetrators were Ukrainian right-wing extremists, fascists and Nazis, those responsible for the cover-up in Kiev were puppets of the West (Yatsenyuk), coming to power through dubious elections (Poroshenko, who had the opposition and critical journalists suppressed) and the current President Selensky. The West looked the other way, just as it did for the next eight years when the Kiev regimes bombed the Russian minority in the Donbass. This is not an excuse for the war of aggression, but an explanation for the support Putin finds for it among his own population.

The Western media remain stubbornly silent to this day, because the cruel mass murder in Odessa does not fit into their propaganda calculations. Hardly anyone in Western Europe knows about the lynching of Russian-speaking Ukrainians, critics of the pro-Western coup and left-wing or union-oriented demonstrators by a fascist mob in Odessa. Ulrich Heyden researched on site, interviewed witnesses and works up the case, which is still important today.

From the Maidan Murders to the Odessa Massacre

Before Odessa, there was the massacre on the Maidan on February 20, 2014, which acted as a starting signal and justification for the illegal coup:

„For many Germans, it was hard to keep track in February 2014. The information from Kiev was edited by BILD and other leading German newspapers in such a way that it became almost impossible for observers to get a balanced picture of events… Every few days, boxer Vitali Klitschko had his BILD column about events in Kiev hammered into the keys… Column of Feb. 20, Klitschko: ‚Yesterday everyone could visit the bloody work of President Yanukovych: 30 dead, more than 1500 injured on the ground.‘ Not a word about the dead and injured policemen turned into living torches by Molotov cocktails thrown by Maidan activists. Not a word about engineer Vladimir Sakharov, who was beaten to death when Maidan supporters stormed the Party of Regions office armed.“

While in Berlin BILD was making true war and hate propaganda against the democratically elected president of Ukraine, who was facing a mob pushed, financed and, as we know today, armed by the West, unknown snipers attacked and killed 100 people on the Maidan. The West immediately blamed the incumbent president, although the victims included Maidan demonstrators and police. This was followed by the storming of parliament, Yanukovych’s flight to Russia and the paramilitary dictatorship of Yattsenyuk, Washington’s man.

Berlin, as is well known, had bet on Klitschko, but was booted out with the famous „Fuck EU“ by the US coup envoy Victoria Nuland (the proof is probably owed to old KGB interception experts). The West does not deny this. Even the infiltration of U.S. mercenaries from the notorious Blackwater force was admitted, though not made a big issue of (Heyden does not mention it). In our media, no one asked what Blackwater’s hundred-man squad was doing in Ukraine’s civil war, a war that has been presented in a completely tendentious way as the wrestling of peaceful demonstrators with a bloodthirsty dictator.

War propaganda that relies on one-sided sympathy

Our sympathy is fed by a barrage of images that other victims of war are denied by our media. Unfortunately, one must assume, it is part of a perfidious propaganda against Russia, which is reduced to Putin. A war propaganda whose goal is to brutely militarize the West (even further), to fill the pockets of arms corporations and to create a readiness for further, even more brutal imperialist predatory wars for oil, resources and global power among the population. Read more.

related opinions: The role of the oligarchs

Revealed – a daring plot by Eastern European oligarchs to buy frozen assets using offshore companies, international lawyers and Western banks

Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit unravels a high-stakes international plot hatched by powerful Eastern European oligarchs to make millions of dollars from a crooked deal.     According to one Ukrainian analyst: “It sounds like an agreement between criminal bosses. You can sign it with your blood.”     The scheme involves using a web of offshore companies and international lawyers to raid $160m under the noses of the authorities. The money is effectively being stolen for a second time.     The funds were initially frozen by Ukraine’s courts after its former president, Viktor Yanukovich, was discovered to have emptied the country’s treasury.

By Al Jazeera Investigative Unit Published On 7 Jan 20187 Jan 2018

As the crisis in Ukraine spirals out of control and government forces try to quell what Kiev calls „an invasion of the country,“ behind the scenes the struggle among Ukrainian oligarchs for power, control and over assets continues. It’s a covert war that most people in the news don’t really notice, although the names of key figures in Ukraine and beyond are well known.

Der ukrainische Oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, Januar 2013. / Справедливість. Анна Безулик (CC BY 3.0 unported – cropped)

Billionaire Igor Kolomoisky , current governor of the Dnepropetrovsk region appointed by the interim government in Kiev, is reaping the rewards of his support for the „revolution“, rapidly expanding his business empire – and has created a private army .

It would take a brave man to rule out the possibility that the crisis in Kiev is being financed and supported by some of the oligarchs who have amassed huge amounts of money and influence. Especially considering that they either own the media or have tight control over it.

Veröffentlicht von Karlheinz W. Gernholz

Dipl. Ing. Architect (Germany) Structural Engineering/ Construction management/ International experience mainly in Arabic countries, especially Tunisia

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