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60 Years of Turks in Germany. A balance sheet.

by Linda Levante

Assalam Alaikum

For 60 years now, we Germans have had to put up with Muslim Turks whose prophet and his subjects call us pigs. It is time to take a sober look at the past and present and ask the Muslims for answers.

You have been living in our country for 60 years now. Some of you have built your own existence, parallel to ours. Most of you in the food trade and gastronomy. Even in the last corner of Germany we can find your kebab shops.

You have opened countless cell phone stores in our country and founded call centers in Turkey, in order to deceive us demonstrably to get our money.

Some of you have gained a foothold in the construction business, others in the car and drug trade. You also play a not insignificant role in the red light milieu.

They have set up gold stores, shisha bars and other businesses to launder ill-gotten money from fraud, drug trafficking and the red-light district.

They have opened their own Turkish travel agencies in order to better organize, execute and conceal the obligatory pilgrimage for their fellow believers.

The one or other Turkish architect, lawyer, judge or doctor also exists. There are also Turkish politicians in our parliaments who influence the will of the voters of the real German population and the decisions in the Bundesrat, the state and local parliaments, and meanwhile even determine the political direction in our country. Through the donated German citizenship, all election results in federal, state and local elections are influenced in your sense, that is, in the Islamic sense.

Some high-ranking positions are occupied by your brothers and sisters. Be it by Gülenists, Kurds and/ or AKPers. In the meantime, you determine the political discourse and the sovereignty of interpretation in Germany, with Turkish, i.e. Islamic interests in the foreground.

In 2016, you founded the Alliance of German Democrats party. The reason you give is that you no longer feel represented by the old German parties. The founders of the party belong to DITIP and are supported by Erdogan, who deny the Armenian genocide.

Your Prime Minister Erdogan wants to destroy Israel. In Germany you go on the streets and burn Israeli, American and German flags, although you know that Israel is under German and American protection and such actions are punishable. Obviously you don’t care about German laws.

Although CDU, SPD, Greens, FDP and Left do everything for the fact that it goes well for you with us and for your „culture associations“ and other activities!!, innumerable millions in the 60 years in subsidies were given to you, you feel badly treated.

Many of you are in possession of dual citizenship. In 2011 there were well over 530,000 passports. This gives the crime statistics a serious blemish. Crimes committed by Turks with German passports are registered as German crimes.

You have appropriated German apartments, houses and land and built new buildings. Some properties you have acquired legally, others have come into your possession in a highly questionable way, through displacement and harassment. In the meantime, you own entire districts such as Duisburg- Marxloh. In Berlin, Dortmund, Gelsenkirchen, Cologne, Mannheim, Pforzheim and other cities, it looks similar. Berlin is called a Turkish metropolis. We have districts in which there are no or hardly any German residents. Either the Germans have fled from your „culture“ or you have made it clear to them that in „your neighborhoods“ the original German population has no place.

In the public media, many jobs are occupied by you. You can calmly and undisturbed spread your opinion and criticize dissenters via the media. Your messages reach the last corner of Germany.

48% of Turks do not go to work, that is almost half and that is 2.5 million Turks who receive Hartz IV. Yet each of you drives a German luxury sedan. How can that be?

5% of your women are married to German men and 12% of Turkish men are married to German women. German men, for your part, are only allowed to marry a Turkish woman if the German men convert to Islam. German women do not need this on your part, however, the children must be brought up according to the rules of the Koran. That contradicts the Basic Law. How can this be reconciled with our freedom of religion? In a large number of these marriages, there are religious conflicts that usually do not end peacefully. Why do you claim religious freedom for yourself and shamelessly exploit it, but do not concede it to German men and women?

Through your extraordinary diplomatic talents, your sophistication and your in-depth knowledge of our laws, which you yourself do not observe, you have been able to convince, or better, outsmart our building authorities, with reference to freedom of religion, to allow many Turkish mosques to be built. There are a total of 2,700 mosques for you and other Islamic faiths. Their will to expand is still unbroken.

You prefer to shop in Turkish stores and avoid our food because you do not like it and it mostly contains pork. Your Prophet has commanded you not to eat impure foods, but only pure foods. This must be very stressful for you to live in a country whose food you are not allowed to eat. I would not want to live in a country where I am not allowed to eat anything. Why do you live in a country whose food you are not allowed to eat? What are you trying to do? Are you playing a double game? Are you intensively practicing takkya?

For 30 years, various German governments have been declaring that there are 4 million Turks living in our country. Some members of the Bundestag speak of only 3 million and the media times so and times so. Obviously, Turks do not die and do not have children, because for 30 years the number of Muslims living here has been constant according to the politicians and the media. Could you tell the Germans how many Turks live in Germany? I am sure you know exactly Mr. Ayman Mazynek.

Turks have founded the rock gang „Osmanen Germania“, which has declared war on Erdogan critics, including real Germans, Kurds, Jews and supporters of the Gülen movement. The critics are beaten up and murdered. The Ottomans Germania are supported by your president Erdogan, the AKP and DITIB. Why? What do you intend to do with our country?

What role do AKP Turks, Gülen Turks and Kurds, the secret services MIT and Assayis play in the NSU murders and why were family members of Turks killed here murdered in Turkey at the same time? Is it supposed to have been the NSU or was it you?

After 60 years in Germany, the intersection between you and the Germans is vanishingly small. A real enrichment and a real cordial and peaceful relationship, are not to be recognized after all these many years.

I would like to ask you and ask for answers, to my presented views.

Furthermore, I would like to ask you for clear and distinct answers to these questions: Why are you living here? Are you hiding something from us? Are you hiding from us your true intentions and goals?

Yours sincerely, and with a request for an answer, dear Muslims.

Image: Jihad Watch Deutschland: Studie: Türken in Deutschland …


Veröffentlicht von Karlheinz W. Gernholz

Dipl. Ing. Architect (Germany) Structural Engineering/ Construction management/ International experience mainly in Arabic countries, especially Tunisia

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