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Zelenky’s inhuman Islamic strategy

The war in Ukraine reminds me strongly of Muslim strategies and approaches, which I know well enough from Islamic countries. I have long suspected that Zelensky is either cooperating with the Muslims or has converted to Islam. Everything suggests that he has switched to the side of the jihadists, or is at least very close to them. His language, the language of the Klitschko brothers and his ambassador to Germany Andrij Melnyk (Ukrainian lawyer, diplomat and politician), clearly show Muslim aggressive features against the West. Now I have found an article that supports my assumption, but whether it is true, I could not verify despite hours of searching the net. I present it anyway. Gates of Vienna says:

There’s some surprising news out of Ukraine this morning. Below is the report from the Associated Press:

Kyiv, April 1, 2022 (AP) — Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky convened a press conference today to announce that he has converted to Islam.

Mr. Zelensky said that he has spent the last three weeks in close consultation with Samer Afirov, the imam of the main mosque of Ukraine’s capital city, Kyiv. Imam Afirov is one of the hundreds of Crimean Muslims who fled their homes in Simferopol — which is 500 miles southeast of Kyiv — when Russia annexed the Crimea.

Mr. Zelensky expressed his appreciation for the imam’s knowledge and devotion. “With his help,” said the president, “I was able to understand righteousness and magnificence of Allah. I realized that in order to do the right thing for my country, I had to do what is right by Allah, as explained by His messenger Mohammed (peace be upon him).

“Although I come from a Jewish background, up until my conversion I had no religious inclinations and was basically an unbeliever. But now I have realized the error of my ways, and intend to rectify my earlier mistakes by fighting zealously in the way of Allah.

Gates of Vienna

Gates of Vienna Ende. If You find more about Zelensky’s religion, than let it me know.

“And I also intend to help Christian Ukrainians see the error of their ways when they associate partners with Allah by worshipping the Trinity. The doctrine of tawhid tells us that Allah is one; He is without partners. There is none but He. All other beliefs are shirk, the sin of polytheism.

“With Allah’s help, our jihad will drive the infidel Russians from our land, insh’allah. Then, when Islam reigns supreme in Ukraine, there will be peace at last. Christians and Jews will be able to live in harmony within the Caliphate, aware of their protected status under Islamic law.

“With the help of Allah and his Messenger (peace be upon him) we shall be victorious!”

The situation is precarious for the hasards trapped under the steelworks in Mariupol. For days, radio messages have been going to Kiev asking to be allowed to surrender. Zelensky refuses. Zelensky speaks with forked tongue, revealing his attitude to the value of human life. He accused Moscow of wanting to kill all the people there.

Zelenky’s account contradicts reality. If he were concerned with „saving people,“ he would only have to allow his soldiers to surrender. Finally, Russia has offered to observe a cease-fire on Easter Sunday to allow those trapped to save their lives. In addition, the promise to treat all prisoners properly, that is, to take care of the injured and to give food to all. That Russia and also the DPR fighters keep these promises, they have proved often enough. Unlike Ukrainians who murder captured Russians or cut off their fingers and genitals. However, other videos of captured Ukrainians prove that this perfidious war rhetoric as such is real, but show the astonishment when the Russians treat their prisoners not only decently, but well.

Russia announces that some 400 foreign mercenaries, most of them from Europe and Canada, are encircled near Azovstal as part of a Ukrainian group. If these are captured by Russia, registered with rank and file, the West has problems, to say the least. So do the mercenaries themselves, because the protection under the laws of war does not apply to them. They will end up in court like common criminals. That they will then talk like a waterfall to save their skins may be assumed. Thus, it should be clear that neither Selensky nor NATO have any interest in their survival. That this is so is shown by Kiev’s refusal to allow these lives to be saved by surrender. Let them die and maybe take a few Russians with them.

Any weapon to be delivered will prolong deaths

Zelensky himself and leading Western politicians accuse Russia of carrying out genocide. This is not only false, but also devalues the term. A genocide is the deliberate extermination of an ethnic group. An example is how the Indians in North America were decimated. Not only with sheer violence, but also with bioweapons. Evil people „gave“ them woolen blankets contaminated with smallpox viruses.

If genocide was to be expected on the territory of Ukraine, it was against the Russian-speaking population in the Donbas. During the last weeks it was observed that Ukrainian troops in the areas, which the Russian army had cleared again, went through streets and houses and tortured and shot all who were friendly to Russians. It was enough to be in possession of a food package handed out by the Russian army to civilians. This also happened in Butscha. The shelling of Donetsk and its surroundings, which claimed more than 14,000 lives, was also close to genocide. But these were not Kiev loyalists, so it is not a genocide that should be denounced.

The entire war rhetoric against Russia testifies to progressive insanity. Every weapon that is to be delivered will prolong the dying. But Europe itself, especially Germany, is thus working toward disaster. Zelensky undauntedly demands to stop all energy supplies from Russia. He himself, however, does not even think of doing without Russian gas. He would have it in his hands to at least shut off the pipeline from Russia that runs through his country. He knows that Ukraine would not stand for that. With his demands for arms deliveries, he is trying to draw other European countries into the war. The fact that he is grossly disregarding all diplomatic customs shows whose brainchild he is. He is not at all concerned with saving lives. Everything seems to be allowed to harm Russia and to kill Russians.

Kiev cannot win this war

Zelensky has integrated the Azov brigades into his army. As it turns out, with the aim of preventing his soldiers from deserting en masse. As captured soldiers know to report, Azov people shoot from behind anyone who wants to surrender. This is also the case in Mariupol. If this were not the case, one can assume that the fighting would have ended long ago. I assume that Zelensky integrated the Azov people into the regular army for this very reason.

Kiev cannot win this war. So if you want to save lives, you would have to urge Kiev to lay down its arms. The opposite is the case, and so the West continues seamlessly, supplying the oligarchs and Islamists with weapons and tons of money, most of which, as usual, disappears into the pockets of the Kiev bandits…. Kiev is encouraged not to act rationally or according to agreement under any circumstances anywhere. NATO wants to prolong the war actions, by all means and Zelensky is its stooge. NATO wants to harm Russia, with no regard for the lives and living conditions of the Ukrainian people, and even less for those of Europeans. That it has never been interested in the welfare of the Ukrainian population can be seen from the fact that during the last eight years and even before, nothing has been done to improve the living conditions of the common population.

Thus, we must recognize that the West and Zelensky himself were never concerned with achieving anything positive for Ukraine. The only goal was and is to harm Russia; to impose a war on Russia to ruin it. This is openly announced. Realistically, no country in Europe owes anything to Ukraine. If it does, it is the U.S. that has been destabilizing Ukraine for years, with billions of dollars and color revolutions and ultimately with the coup on the Maidan. From the beginning, it was not about Ukraine at all, but only against Russia. That this is so can be read up on by American strategists.

The USA is hardly affected by the sanctions against Russia

After the eastward expansion of NATO, Ukraine was the building block in the plan to finally get Russia under control. This was recognized in Moscow and Putin had no choice but to put an end to it. Not only that. With his operation in Ukraine, Putin shows the true conditions. Europe is not dependent on the USA for its economy, but on Russia. The Nibelung loyalty of Germany in particular to the USA is irrational. Europe is dependent on almost nothing that only the U.S. can supply. Germany in particular supplies the U.S. with goods and receives only dollars in return, which are created out of thin air.

In contrast, we have a mutually beneficial balance of trade with Russia. This is precisely what has annoyed the ladies and gentlemen of the Democrats in Washington for a hundred years. The U.S. itself is hardly touched by the sanctions it autocratically orders. And when they are touched, they simply disregard them. Just as they now import more oil from Russia but forbid us to put Nord Stream 2 into operation. That’s where Zelensky blithely joins in. All those who always claim to go to war for human rights and democracy now accept to cause the biggest famine of the last decades with their insane attitude towards Russia. No, of course not in the USA. This makes me wonder whether this is a continuation of the program of reducing the world’s population, which has already begun with „Corona“.

Russia is trying to spare (civilian) lives in its operation in Ukraine. The West, on the other hand, NATO and the USA, have shown over the last decades that human life is worth nothing to them. Since the end of World War II, they have bombed dozens of countries to pieces, ruined them, forced them under their control and murdered people in the tens of millions. The USA has always armed warring parties and thus made fatal wars possible in the first place.

Now it is Ukraine’s turn and what Zelensky is doing will cost many lives again. Thus, he is also now pursuing a life-denying policy by ordering those trapped in the steel plant in Mariupol to fight to the death. I wonder if he is doing this at Washington’s behest. Also because they want to prevent their people in Mariupol from falling into Russian hands alive, thus proving what the NATO countries have been up to there? If one looks at the course of events from a neutral point of view, it is difficult to come to any other conclusion. How else to explain Zelensky’s unbelievable behavior, which not only breaks all diplomatic rules. But as long as Washington holds its hand over Zelensky, he can get away with anything, especially in Germany.

Abandoned Ammunition Depot of Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion Found in Health Complex in DPR

This is how the Azov Nazis in Mariupol are using women and children as human shields and hostages to protect the bioweapon labs in the Azovstal industrial complex!

Nachtrag: Moskau behauptet, die Führung in Kiew wären drogensüchtige Nazis. Ist da etwas dran? Vielleicht ist dieses kurze Video geeignet, sich dazu eine eigene Meinung zu bilden: 

Veröffentlicht von Karlheinz W. Gernholz

Dipl. Ing. Architect (Germany) Structural Engineering/ Construction management/ International experience mainly in Arabic countries, especially Tunisia

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