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Pyotr Akopov: „Time of Western global dominance is over.“

The Russian news agency RIA Novosti sees Russia’s future in a return of the Soviet Union. After the end of „hostilities,“ as the state agency calls the war, there will be neither Ukraine nor Russia as it is known today, it says in an article titled:

„The Russia of the Future – Forward, to the USSR.“

„The post-Soviet transitional period“ is over, as is the „period of ambiguities,“ according to author Pyotr Akopov.

„We will live in the USSR again, but not the one the anti-Soviets fear or the Communists dream of. No, we are beginning to build a just, solidary and sovereign Russia.“

On February 26, the agency accidentally published a commentary by Akopov prepared in case of Russia’s victory in Ukraine. „The Advance of Russia and the New World,“ the text was called. In it, Akopov wrote that „Russia’s military operation“ in Ukraine had ushered in a new era. Among other things, the author spoke of an alleged new world order. Russia had shown that the time of „Western global dominance“ was over.

„Russia – The Center of the World“

The current article also talks about a new world order. „The most important thing we lack, and the only thing we really need to learn from foreigners: the idea of Russia as the center of the world,“ Akopov claims. This is not pride, arrogance or „chauvinism of a great power,“ the speech continues. „Our thinking must become Russocentric,“ the RIA commentator demands.

Here he cites China as a model, because the Chinese, in Akopov’s mind, perceive the whole world as a peripheral area of the Middle Kingdom. „And if our worldview becomes similar, that is, national, this will only strengthen mutual understanding with our neighbor and make the alliance between the two great civilizations much stronger than it was in Soviet times,“ he says, referring to China.

„Guilt and Atonement“

Akopov calls „post-Soviet state capitalism“ the „greatest weakness of the outgoing Russia.“ The ideological dependence of the nouveau riche on the West, has led them to despise their own people, Akopov writes. That’s why he sees the effect of the sanctions against Russia as positive: „Many representatives of the ‚elite‘ simply fled abroad. Putin very aptly described this as a natural and necessary process of self-purification of our society,“ Akopov writes, referring to a speech by the Kremlin leader on March 16, in which he defended the military operation in Ukraine in harsh terms.

In the new Russia, justice will become the new socioeconomic order of life, in which the worker, the creator, the engineer, the inventor will be rewarded – „someone who creates something instead of packaging it and reselling it,“ the RIA journalist explains. Akopov is certain:

„The spirit of Russian history, the spirit of our ancestors gives us a chance not only to atone for the collapse of the Soviet Union, but to correct it through creation, through the rebirth of a great Russia.“

RIA Novosti is one of Russia’s largest news agencies. Its website is the most quoted Russian media on social networks.

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Original: Way back Maschine

Veröffentlicht von Karlheinz W. Gernholz

Dipl. Ing. Architect (Germany) Structural Engineering/ Construction management/ International experience mainly in Arabic countries, especially Tunisia

18 Kommentare zu „Pyotr Akopov: „Time of Western global dominance is over.“

  1. Ruh-roh! I agree with Dawn on this, Karlheinz! Sounds like Putin wants to reinstall Communism. And why wouldn’t he? He’s former KGB and Communism is all he’d ever known before the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991.

    Gefällt 2 Personen

    1. Hello dear Cherie, Happy Easter and all the best, including your family. I am glad to see you again on my site.

      It may be that Putin wants to reintroduce communism, but it may also be that what Pyotr Akopov writes is also possible. I think that doesn’t sound bad.

      When I consider that Putin has reached out to us for years, and also, for example, is not currently cutting off all energy supplies to the West, I apparently perceive differently than you and Dawn. To be honest, I don’t know either.

      I think the signals Putin has sent us should be used and we should talk to him. Why not. We also talk to the Taliban, we even finance them, but the latter does not belong here.

      Akopov describes the Russia of tomorrow, and if it gets better, then that’s good.

      Speaking of diversity of opinion, I do not always share everything I post, but also let other views. Ciao Cherie.

      Translated with (free version) Translation is offen not good!!!!!

      Gefällt 1 Person

      1. Thank you so much, Karkaheinz. I think you’re right, there may be more than meets the eye here. Sometimes I wonder if Putin is really taking down the Deep State since Ukraine seems to be the hub for all their money laundering and bio weapons labs used for nefarious purposes. Also, I do question why the Left is so panicky about Putin invading Ukraine. I’m not saying I trust Putin because I don’t trust any of them to be honest. However, I damn sure don’t trust the Left or the Deep State either.

        Gefällt 1 Person

        1. I don’t trust anyone anymore, you know that, but when I read your answer, I felt warm all over. Maybe we are on the right track.

          Dawn has summarized the New World Order in a comment briefly and succinctly, and somehow the NWO no longer works properly since Putin’s invasion. Something has gone off the rails in the implementation of the NWO. The gears are screeching.

          And what else I’ve noticed is the unnoticed fact that Muslims are sitting in the Kiev central and really fighting along on the ground. I still have to put the mosaic together in the further course of events.

          By the way, I just read on the net that Ukraine is giving up in the Donbas. I must first read up myself before I post something wrong.

          Gefällt 1 Person

      2. BTW, I’m an American and I can’t stand Biden, Harris, or the Demon-crats! I love my country but I’m deeply ashamed of my government! They’re evil scumbags through and through and I can’t wait until the midterms in November when we vote their asses OUT!!!

        Gefällt 1 Person

    1. I was already desperately looking for a place (with you) to send my Easter greetings to you. Now I can do it on my page.

      So dear Dawn, all the best and a wonderful and beautiful time, I wish you and your family.🐇

      If I understood Akopov correctly, then only the original borders are meant and not the ideology. He said:

      “We will live in the USSR again, but not the one the anti-Soviets fear or the Communists dream of. No, we are beginning to build a just, solidary and sovereign Russia.”

      Gefällt 1 Person

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