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„NATO expansion to the east does not serve security“.

Chinese Ambassador Zhang Jun at the UN Security Council briefing on Ukraine on February 17, 2022.

„Regarding the tension on Ukraine’s eastern border, China believes that all parties concerned should exercise reason in the current situation, adhere to the general direction of a political solution, and refrain from any action that could create tension or fuel the crisis. The parties should take full account of each other’s legitimate security concerns, show mutual respect and, on this basis, resolve their differences appropriately through consultations on an equal footing. China supports all efforts that help reduce tensions and notes the Russian Federation’s recent diplomatic engagement with France, Germany, and other European countries at the leadership level. A negotiated, balanced, effective, and sustainable European security mechanism will serve as a solid foundation for lasting peace and stability across Europe. We trust that European countries will make their decisions with strategic autonomy and in accordance with their own interests. […]

Everything happens for a reason. Nato enlargement is an issue that cannot be ignored when dealing with the current tensions related to Ukraine. The continuous expansion of NATO in the wake of the Cold War runs counter to the trend of our time, namely the maintenance of common security. The security of one country must not come at the expense of the security of other countries.“

Global Times, Feb. 13, 2022

Chinese analysts said Sunday that maintaining the crisis will benefit the U.S. in several areas: Legitimizing its military presence in Europe by demonizing Russia and poisoning Russia-EU relations, increasing uncertainties and worries to harm the eurozone economy so that there is increased capital flight from the continent to the U.S., thus easing inflationary pressures in the U.S., and using the tensions to fuel problems in China-Russia relations.

Therefore, the U.S. is using all means to maintain the heightened tensions, including spreading disinformation and increasing military deployments to provoke Russia – in other words, the U.S. is sacrificing Ukraine’s security to serve its own strategy of competing with Russia, experts said.


US needs Ukraine crisis to harm European economy, and legitimize its military presence


Yang Sheng and Xu KeyuePublished: Feb 13, 2022 10:28 PM

NATO as a System of Collective Security?

Since the end of the Cold War, NATO has demonstrated a considerable capacity for change. demonstrated. Beyond the sole task of defending the Alliance territory, which was necessary at that time, the Alliance has since the 1990s taken on responsibility for
several crisis response operations, including outside the treaty area and within the framework of the United Nations. Thus, although a clearly definable adversary has been
has been lacking for twenty years, it has asserted itself as one of the few security actors capable of engaging in complex military operations in the international environment
with a broad spectrum of tasks in the international environment. NATO is therefore still an essential factor in global order today. Although the number of members has
has increased considerably, the alliance still represents a solid community of values, transparent internally and united externally.

PDF – NATO as a System of Collective Security?

Leadership Group warns of nuclear danger in Ukraine

Representatives of the Euro-Atlantic Leadership Group (EASLG) – including the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI), the European Leadership Network (ELN), the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC), and the Munich Security Conference (MSC) in the person of its Foundation Board President Wolfgang Ischinger – issued a statement warning of the dangers to nuclear security posed by the current conflict in Ukraine. The statement recalls the joint commitment of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council on January 3, 2022, that „a nuclear war cannot be won and must never be waged“ and calls for a diplomatic solution to the conflict.


Munich Security Report 2022

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    1. In Germany, you see more and more Chinese and other Asians. It must be said that compared to Muslim and other immigrants, you don’t hear anything from them. They behave absolutely peacefully. Nevertheless, it is also an infiltration of our society. In economic terms, in any case. And who doesn’t like to eat the number 17 please.

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