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The Victims of the US Empire

The Cold War by Robert Green

Patrick Lawrence , longtime foreign correspondent, primarily for the International Herald Tribune, is a columnist, essayist, author, and lecturer. His most recent book is Time No Longer: Americans After the American Century . On  Twitter  you can find him at  @thefloutist . His website is  Patrick Lawrence .

The Victims of the US Empire by Patrick Lawrence*

There are diabolical methods of propaganda and perception control at work that are unprecedented. This is a war being waged in a new way – both against its own people and against those who have been declared enemies.

News from Moscow, Kyiv and the western capitals reaches us every day: how many have died since the Russian intervention in Ukraine began on February 24, how many have been injured, how many are starving or freezing, how many have been displaced. We do not know, and should not pretend to know, the actual number of casualties and the extent of the suffering: this is the reality of war and each side has its own version of events.


I would like to add the deaths in Ukraine over the past two weeks to the 14,000 dead and 1.5 million displaced since 2014, when the Kyiv regime began shelling its own citizens in the eastern provinces – and that’s because the People in Donetsk and Luhansk opposed the US-instigated coup that deposed their elected president. This simple calculation gives us a better idea of ​​how many Ukrainians are worth mourning.

  As we mourn, it is time to consider the wider implications of this conflict, for Ukrainians are not the only victims. Who else has suffered? Who else was harmed? This war is of a kind that mankind has never experienced before. What is its cost?

  It is becoming increasingly clear among observant observers that, in provoking Moscow’s intervention, Washington intends to instigate a protracted conflict that will corner Russian forces and allow Ukrainians to lead an insurgency that cannot possibly succeed.

  Is there any other explanation for the billions of dollars in arms and materiel that the US and its European allies are now shipping to Ukraine? If the Ukrainians can’t win – a well-established fact – then what’s the point?

  Whether this strategy is what Washington wants or whether Russian forces will do their job and withdraw to avoid classic trench warfare remains to be seen. But as  Dave DeCamp noted in  last Friday   , there is no sign that the  Biden administration  is planning further diplomatic contacts with the Kremlin.

  The implication here should be obvious. Indeed, US strategy calls for the destruction of Ukraine in the service of US imperial ambitions. If this thought seems extreme, a brief reference to the fates of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria is recommended.

The Casualties of Empire

What have we become?

Look what has become of us. Most Americans seem to condone these things, or at least make no move to protest. We have lost all sense of decency, normal morality and proportionality. Can anyone listen to the din of the past few weeks without wondering if we’ve made ourselves into a land of the grotesque?

  It is well known that in war the enemy is always dehumanized. We are now confronted with a different reality: those who dehumanize others dehumanize themselves even more.

  “Reasonable argumentation is only possible and promising as long as the emotionality of a given situation does not exceed a certain critical level. But if the affective temperature rises above this level, then the possibility of reasoning ceases and the slogan and the chimerical wishful thinking take their place, i.e. a kind of collective obsession, which increasingly develops into a psychological epidemic.

  This is an excerpt from a book by  C.G. Jung ,  The Undiscovered Self  . When our feelings get the better of us, we can no longer think or talk to one another in a meaningful way: that is the simple statement of the Swiss psychoanalyst.

  Recently,  PBS Newshour ran  an interview with one  Artem Semenikhin , in which the mayor of a small town was praised for standing up to Russian soldiers. In the background was a portrait of  Stepan Bandera  , the brutal Russophobe, anti-Semite and leader of the Ukrainian Nazis.

  What did  PBS do  about this oversight? It blurred Bandera’s portrait and broadcast the interview with his Ukrainian hero. American journalism at its peak.

  It seems to me the perfect metaphor for what has happened to our minds – or rather, what we have allowed to be done to them. Facts that are undeniable, when they are uncomfortable, are faded out of the film we think we are watching.

  So is any genuine understanding of Russian intervention. I have four words for what we need to understand this crisis: history, chronology, context and accountability. Since none of these words serve our cognitive warriors, we are asked to tune them out. Again, we do so in terrible loyalty to those who actively manipulate our perception.

  The context, the worst of us claim, is an idea dreamed up by those awful Russians. We are not in the least interested in what the world looks like from the perspective of others. Please tell me who thinks this is a good way to live?

  I drew a pencil sketch of one nation falling apart while tearing another to pieces. A nation so mired in one of C.G. Jung’s „collective obsessions“ cannot possibly live well. As is always the case, the perpetrators are also victims.

  If we’re going to find our way out of this madhouse, there’s one thing we must do above all: We must learn to speak in a clear, new language so that we can label things for what they are, instead of blurring them out like  PBS does  did with the Bandera portrait.
  And we have to start with a word. Unless we learn to call America an empire, we will stumble in the darkness of the madhouse until it becomes so unfunny that we can no longer bear our own delusions.

  I see a virtue in this big, complicated event. Between Russia’s intervention in Ukraine, which I find unfortunate but necessary, and the joint statement Putin made with Chinese President  Xi Jinping  on February 4, we are all called upon to either recognize the United States as what they have become, an empire violently defending itself against history, or accepting our fate as victims of that empire.

  Clarity: It’s always a good thing, no matter what difficulties it brings. •

Source:  of 03/08/2022


Patrick Lawrence – Reinvent

Veröffentlicht von Karlheinz W. Gernholz

Dipl. Ing. Architect (Germany) Structural Engineering/ Construction management/ International experience mainly in Arabic countries, especially Tunisia

14 Kommentare zu „The Victims of the US Empire

  1. Hallo Dawn, i found something interesst, maybe also for You. Here it is:

    Mrs. Ursula von der Leyen , President of the European Commission, a German, launched the „New Green Deal“ last year with 1.8 trillion euros. (The money is printed, that much is). Now, with the Ukraine crisis, the tide has turned.

    „The 1.8 trillion euros for their „GreenDeals“, which until weeks ago was supposed to promote alternative energies to gas and nuclear, is now being used to promote the so much damned nuclear and gas energy.

    The crazies in the FRG have as good as all nuclear power plants had switched off to be completely dependent on the import of foreign energy. The „Green Deal“ worth 1.8 trillion Euros should be paid, as always, factually by the German tax and maloche slaves. With this money of the rest of the Germans, energy, which until weeks ago was condemned as the devil’s stuff, is now being promoted instead of a so-called original „Green Energy“ for which the budget was once intended. Thus the „friends“ of the FRG systemists have made sure that the FRG has to import „devil energy“ (nuclear and coal energy) from abroad at insane prices. Even more, our „friends“ can turn off this energy just as fast as our „enemy“ Putin can turn off his natural gas. This is how you treat the mentally ill in a closed institution.

    The elites of the mentally ill in the FRG and Austria are beside themselves. They don’t understand their sick world anymore. Well, because they cannot think mentally healthy, as also the inmates of corresponding institutions cannot think mentally healthy. One of the leading sustainability sickos, Green MEP Reinhard Bütikofer, screeched:

    „It is crass that nuclear power is now to be given a green coat of paint at the EU level, while in Germany three of the last nuclear power plants, Brokdorf, Gundremmingen and Grohne, are going off the grid.“ (Tagesspiegel, 01.01.2022)

    Even the red-green subject Matthias Miersch, deputy chairman of the SPD parliamentary group for the environment, nature conservation and nuclear safety; energy; food and agriculture and tourism, wanted to go to war, so to speak, against the climate deniers of the EU already two years ago under gender and climate slogans.

    Miersch feared already two years ago that the FRG madness could perhaps still be stopped, when he praised the FRG as the only industrial country of the world, which would destroy its own bases of existence. This program of destruction must not be stopped under any circumstances, Miersch said:

    „We are the only highly industrialized country that is simultaneously phasing out nuclear energy and coal-fired power generation. If countries with a high share of nuclear power now suddenly present themselves as environmental pioneers, it’s a bad joke.“ (RND, 11.12.2019)“

    End quote.

    It didn’t (don’t?) know who wrote it, but it’s true.

    Translated with (free version)


    1. The German media also tell us that Ukraine will win the war. From this war, as from the wars of the past, no one has emerged victorious.

      Oil prices have not risen like this all over the world. In India and South American countries, they are lower than ever before. Moreover, experts say that the high oil prices are not related to the Ukraine debacle at all, but big oil companies and shrewd oil traders are cleverly driving prices up by creating shortages. The countries that have cut back or stopped importing Russian oil, such as the USA, are helping in this.

      I don’t think Putin will end the war anytime soon. But I also believe that Ukraine, the EU and NATO have no interest in ending the war.
      The whole thing is a bit confusing right now. Michele Bachmann even talks about being distracted by the war, and not losing sight of one aspect (depopulation) of the NWO.

      Translated with (free version)

      Die Deutschen Medien erzählen uns auch, dass die Ukraine den Krieg gewinnen wird. Aus diesem Krieg, wie auch aus den Kriegen der Vergangenheit, ist niemand als Sieger hervorgegangen.

      Die Ölpreise sind nicht auf der ganzen Welt so angestiegen. In Indien und süd-amerikanischen Staaten, sind sie so niedrig wie nie zuvor. Außerdem sagen Experten, dass die hohen Ölpreise gar nicht im Zusammenhang mit dem Ukraine-Debakel stehen, sondern große Ölkonzerne und gewiefte Ölhändler die Preise durch Verknappung geschickt nach oben treiben. Behilflich dabei sind die Staaten, die den Import von russischem Öl gedrosselt oder eingestellt haben, wie die USA.

      Ich glaube Putin wird den Krieg nicht so schnell beenden. Ich glaube aber auch, dass die Ukraine, die EU und die Nato kein Interesse daran hat den Krieg zu beenden.
      Das Ganze ist ein bisschen verwirrend im Moment. Michele Bachmann spricht sogar davon, dass man sich durch den Krieg ablenken lassen sollte, und einen Aspekt (Depopulation) der NWO, nicht aus den Augen verlieren sollte.


      1. In America, inflation and high American oil and gas prices are directly the result of Joe Biden’s policies. From Day One, he began shutting down pipelines and started trying to shut down the oil and gas companies. Then, they slapped on new regulations and red tape to make it harder to drill. They have been forcing American oil and gas companies to cut back on production. No other country is doing that. What Joe Biden and the Democrats are doing is INSANE.

        Gefällt 1 Person

        1. You know, I have nothing against our environment becoming cleaner, on the contrary, I welcome it. I just think that other people should pay for the broken planet and should also be brought to justice. That’s what we can do now. A law has been made against environmental crimes.

          What I don’t agree with is the attempt of the powerful to make us pay. Biden is doing it, our government is doing it, everybody is doing it who is in cahoots with the rich.

          I have nothing to do with environmental destruction, why should I pay for it? We, the consumers have nothing to do with it. We’re being talked into it.

          The environmental criminals have earned giddily from the destruction of the environment, I haven’t earned a cent from it (thank God).

          Those who have destroyed our living space are the same ones who are driving us to ruin, and have made our everyday life, yes one must almost say, unbearable.

          Sometimes I have the feeling that all of us who do not belong to the winners of the crisis are only fighting for survival.

          As far as the energy supply is concerned, it looks like this in a nutshell. Everyone wants to go green, but doesn’t know how. Their answers and proposed solutions are insufficient, mostly counterproductive and involve unacceptable restrictions for us. Above all, however, they are wrong paths that lead us into poverty, which is what we want, and do little for nature and our planet. Perhaps in 50 years, the technology will be so far that it can be used.

          As Donald says, we should expand nuclear energy in the short term, but only as a transitional technology, and then, above all, not build large nuclear power plants, but centralized smaller ones. We could then also afford warm homes again.

          Oh yes Dawn, yesterday I saw the movie „Bounty Killer“. It was about a time after the destruction. Most of us did not survive the great destruction, but the perpetrators, the powerful and the rich, did. The few of us who remained had the goal of bringing those responsible to justice.

          I didn’t like the movie, just the subject matter. Thank You Dawn.

          Translated with (free version)

          Weißt Du ich habe nichts dagegen, wenn unsere Umwelt sauberer wird, im Gegenteil, ich begrüße das. Ich finde nur, dass andere Leute für den kaputten Planeten bezahlen sollten und auch vor gericht gestellt werden sollten. Das geht ja jetzt. Es ist ein Gesetz gegen Umweltverbrechen gemacht worden.

          Womit ich nicht einverstanden bin, ist der Versuch der Mächtigen uns zur Kasse bitten. Biden tut das, unsere Regierung tut das, alle tun das, die mit den Reichen paktieren.

          Ich habe nichts mit der Umweltzerstörung zu tun, warum sollte ich dafür bezahlen? Wir, die Verbraucher haben nichts damit zu tun. Man redet uns das ein.

          Die Umweltverbrecher haben sich schwindelig an der Zerstörung der Umwelt verdient, ich habe keinen Cent daran verdient (Gott sei Dank).

          Diejenigen, die unseren Lebensraum zerstört haben, sind die Selben, die uns in den Ruin treiben, und unseren Alltag, ja man muss schon fast sagen, unerträglich gemacht haben.

          Ich habe manchmal das Gefühl, dass wir alle, die wir nicht zu den Krisengewinnern gehören, nur noch ums Überleben kämpfen.

          Was die Energieversorgung anbetrifft, sieht es bei uns kurz zusammen gefasst so aus. Alle wollen Grün werden, wissen aber nicht wie. Ihre Antworten und Lösungsvorschläge sind nicht ausreichend, meistens kontraproduktiv und für uns mit nicht hinnehmbaren Einschränkungen verbunden. Vor allem aber sind das Irrwege, die uns in die Armut führen, was ja gewollt ist, und der Natur und unserem Planeten wenig nützen. Vielleicht in 50 Jahren, wird die Technik soweit sein, dass daraus Nutzen gezogen werden kann.

          Wir sollten wie Donald sagt, kurzfristig die Atomenergie ausbauen, aber nur als Übergangstechnologie, und dann vor allem keine großen Atomkraftwerke bauen, sondern zentralisiert kleinere. Wir könnten uns dann auch wieder warme Wohnungen leisten.

          Ach ja Dawn, gestern habe ich den Film „Bounty Killer“ gesehen. Er handelte von einer Zeit nach der Zerstörung. Die meisten von uns haben die große Zerstörung nicht überlebt, die Verursacher, die Mächtigen und Reichen schon. Die wenigen, die von uns übrig geblieben sind, hatten das Ziel, die Verantwortlichen zur Rechenschaft zu ziehen.

          Der Film hat mir nicht gefallen, nur das Thema. Thank You Dawn.

          Gefällt 1 Person

          1. I believe that we should be using ALL FORMS OF ENERGY, as President Trump believes. Biden is completely wrong in how he is doing things, and it is hurting the country and the people. And it makes other countries more dependent on dictators and their oil and gas. You cannot just suddenly turn off the spigot and switch to electricity. Neither the infrastructure nor the technology is in place. Everybody wants a clean environment, but these politicians are working for special interest groups, and not the people, at least in America. It should be noted that Joe Biden is senile and under the control of pro-Russia Socialist Bernie Sanders and his minions. Who puts a senile old man into the Presidency? Manipulators and dumb people. I can’t even imagine this happening in any other country.

            Gefällt 1 Person

            1. The latest OPEC report is supposed to say that we cannot do without Russian oil and gas. I still have to look for it on the net to read it in more detail.

              Biden and Trump are about the same age. One is dynamic and full of drive, the other a bit more tired in the head.

              Yes, this is happening to us, too. The auto industry is so powerful in Germany and its influence on political decisions is enormous. It even goes so far that legislation is drafted by the industry and presented to politicians for their approval. Many politicians are and have been involved in scandals, such as the new Chancellor Olaf Scholz (WireCard, Hamburg banking affair, poverty inventor).

              Or let’s take the nuclear power plant operators. They have actually managed to get the citizens to pay for the disposal of nuclear waste, and they have also received billions in compensation for shutting down their nuclear power plants. In principle, they have earned more through the shutdowns than if they had remained in operation.

              You have Biden, we had Merkel, and now we have Merkel’s deputy Olaf Scholz. And he’s just as unusable as Biden.

              Im neusten Bericht der OPEC soll drin stehen, dass man auf russisches Öl und Gas nicht verzichten kann. Ich muss ihn noch im Netz suchen, um ihn genauer durchzulesen.

              Biden und Trump sind ungefähr gleich alt. Der eine dynamisch und voller Tatendrang, der andere etwas viel müde im Kopf.

              Doch, das passiert auch bei uns. Die Autoindustrie ist so mächtig in Deutschland und ihr Einfluss auf politische Entscheidungen ist enorm groß. Es geht sogar soweit, dass Gesetzestexte von der Industrie ausgearbeitet werden, und den Politikern zum absegnen vorgelegt werden. Viele Politiker sind und waren in Skandale verwickelt wie z,B. der neue Bundeskanzler Olaf Scholz (WireCard, Hamburger Bankenaffäre, Armutserfinder).

              Oder nehmen wir die Atomkraftwerksbetreiber. Sie haben es doch tatsächlich fertig gebracht, dass die Entsorgung des Atommülls, jetzt die Bürger bezahlen müssen, außerdem haben sie Milliarden an Abfindungen bekommen, damit sie ihre Atomkraftwerke still legen. Im Prinzip haben die durch die Stilllegungen mehr verdient, als wenn sie in Betrieb geblieben wären.

              Ihr habt Biden, wir hatten Merkel und jetzt haben wir Merkels Stellvertreter Olaf Scholz. Und der ist genauso unbrauchbar wie Biden.

              Gefällt 1 Person

              1. I have been studying the Great Reset, Klaus Schwab, and the WEF lately. Corporate tyranny is real here in the U.S., and the idea of corporations controlling the world is a thought that should horrify everybody, especially since their slogan is „You will own nothing and be happy.“ That means the corporations will own everything, and we will be their slaves.

                Gefällt 1 Person

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