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„TO THE GERMAN PEOPLE“ is the inscription on the Reichstag building in Berlin. Our people’s representatives have sworn to prevent harm to the German people, but that is exactly what they are not doing. With the beginning of the Red-Green government (1998), no more laws were enacted that were for the good of the German people. This trend continues in the Ukraine conflict. The intended measures will primarily harm the country’s own population. Linda Levante has pointed out in her article „The New Ones“ that this government will be the worst government we will see after WW2. They will lead us into bitter times that we, the post-war generation, have never experienced before.

The sanctions against Russia, including against the Central Bank, are having an impact. But they also made the situation red hot, says British economic historian Adam Tooze. He expects tangible inflation in the West – and a run on the dollar.

The war in Ukraine has prompted Western Europe and the NATO member states to set in motion a gigantic financial and economic war against Russia, which will, first and foremost, bankrupt the German and European populations. The reason given for this crazy idea is that they want to cut off Putin’s money supply so that he can no longer continue his war.

The British economic historian Adam Tooze sees the measures as effective, but that makes the situation dangerous: „I think the situation at the moment is extremely dangerous and extremely unmanageable,“ Tooze said in the podcast „Die Stunde Null“.

„This is not the old Cold War, it’s worse because everything is unpredictable.“ He said the West has not only imposed sanctions, but by taking action against Russia’s central bank, it has „intervened in the war, and on Ukraine’s side. „Attacking“ the reserves of a major central bank has a „new dimension,“ he said.
„We are imposing sanctions on the world’s second-largest nuclear power, which is engaged in an existential war for Putin.“ He warned against nuclear escalation.
Rising commodity prices would have dramatic consequences for the West. „We are in for some tangible inflation, driven by supply, by supply chains.“
Adam Tooze continued, „I expect to see a run toward the dollar in the coming weeks given the uncertainty in the global financial system. And that creates tensions all over the world, not just in bilateral exchanges or transactions with Russia. Dollars will be in short supply, and then there will be squeaks and crashes on every corner.“

I also wonder why the leadership assumes that the war will end if energy imports are stopped. Putin has enough energy and money reserves. This will not cause him any problems, at least not the ones expected from the sanctions, especially since they will not take effect for months. Simply stop supplying weapons to Ukraine and make it clear to Selensky that the world does not revolve around him.

Minister of Economics and Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck warns: mass poverty and unemployment are coming

On Anne Will, Economics Minister Robert Habeck (Greens) explained the fatal consequences of an energy embargo against Russia.

Robert Habeck:
„If you flip the switch now, there will be supply bottlenecks, mass unemployment and poverty in Germany; people who can no longer heat their homes; people who have no gasoline. And that would take several months or years. We have deliberately maneuvered ourselves into this situation in recent years.“

Germany must remain neutral in the Ukraine conflict – this is the only way to protect our country! Putin is hated by the West because he represents a counter-model. He is a patriot and not a hater of the fatherland, he rejects multi-culti and gender, and above all: he has extended his hand of friendship to Germany and offered us cheap gas. And we have rejected it.

„You don’t want our gas,
you don’t want our oil.
What do you want?
To heat with wood?
Even for that you have to come to Siberia.“

Vladimir Putin.

Source: „Das Capital“

Veröffentlicht von Karlheinz W. Gernholz

Dipl. Ing. Architect (Germany) Structural Engineering/ Construction management/ International experience mainly in Arabic countries, especially Tunisia

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