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Nato: „Keep the Russians out, the Americans in, and the Germans down“ 

Written by Karlheinz W. Gernholz 3 March 2022

For eight years Ukrainian militias in the eastern part of Ukraine have been shelling the independent region in the Donets Basin – Donbass and Luhansk. Every day there are victims. People are abducted and tortured, there are murders and other atrocities against the Russian population, who feel they belong to Russia rather than Ukraine. The West has a habit of keeping quiet about these things, even the massacre of the Russian population in Odessa, is meaningless to the West.

Strange things have been going on in Ukraine since 2014, always ominous deals and visits by shady figures, such as those of Hunter Biden and leaders of right-wing groups from Chechnya and other Muslim-majority states.

Russia’s outstretched hand has been repeatedly rejected over the years. The West, and that is primarily America, Germany and the EU, have been provoking the Russian bear not only since the beginning of the Ukraine crisis, but since the beginning of the writing of history. No opportunity is missed to discredit Putin and the Russians. However, the anti-Russian propaganda has once again backfired, and the focus is now on directing hate speech exclusively against Putin. Finally, they have come to the conclusion that they need the protests of Russian citizens if they want to destabilize the country from within, as intended. Experience in destabilization has already been gained in the Baltic states and especially in Ukraine. The crusaders know best about „ideology change“.

Yes, that is the fine society. That power, which has invaded other countries for decades and partly in violation of international law and has caused hundreds of thousands of deaths, which has littered the globe, invented pandemics and destroyed cultures through migration. There are no sanctions against members of this society, no exclusions from global sporting events, and no account freezes.

Germany not only murdered 6 million Jews, but also killed 14 million Russian civilians and some 13 million Soviet soldiers in man-to-man combat. But here one must also name the 407,000 dead US soldiers of WWII. There were no dead US civilians. By the way, there were not in other wars, the US Army far from home. There are always dead civilians only with the others.

Speaking of „civilian“; I have always maintained that there are no civilians in Muslim countries (perhaps very few). This is vehemently denied by Western media. Yet in Ukraine they are quite proud of the fact that civilians are fighting Russian heavily armed soldiers. That is the reason why civilian buildings are also attacked. There are decentralized depots of weapons and ammunition. They have learned from the Muslims. Schools and hospitals are being put to a different use and the media is keeping quiet about it.
It strikes me that almost everything Germany decides to do in terms of punitive measures is primarily harmful to its own country. I don’t know where this autoaggression comes from, but it clearly shows me that German politicians no longer have a contract with their citizens. They don’t care about them at all. After all, the politicians‘ well-being is taken care of. They will not feel a single impact of the sanctions, let alone be personally affected by a possible nuclear war. Their retreat refuges are also secured for such cases and are already ready for occupation.

A pipeline is being shut down through which not a single cubic meter of gas has yet flowed and which belongs to a private consortium based in Switzerland, and Nord-Stream 1 is now to be shut down at the urging of the Ukrainians. The German taxpayers will have to pay for the resulting losses. Not only will they freeze, but they will also have to pay for it. Selensky has all the players on the hook. He is the main aggressor. Without him and the Klitschkos, meaningful talks would be possible again.

By the way, Antony Blinken has announced that the USA will continue to buy Russian oil and gas because it does not want to harm its own country.

We then close the comparatively small German airspace to Russian planes – knowing full well what a disaster it would be if German planes had to fly around Russia on their way to Seoul, Hong Kong or Singapore.

The Ukrainian mafia has now softened up the German government to deliver 500 Stinger missiles and 1000 anti-tank missiles to Ukraine, free of charge of course. Just as it has been supplying the Saudis all these years with weapons to be used against Yemen and its population.

You have to be quite stupid if you think that these decisions serve peace, freedom and democracy. Unfortunately, however, they are. In the run-up to the „Great Reboot“, they have made sure that the citizens will act to their own disadvantage.

Russia, deterred by the West, has now turned to the Chinese and obtains its necessary goods from there. In Ukraine, Putin has begun „security operations“ with the aim of stopping the eastward expansion and ending the atrocities committed by Ukrainians against Russians.
What we are supposed to call democracy and defend today is no longer worth the name. At best, we still live in so-called sham or nominal democracies.

MARCH 1, 2022.
„We have had to experience in the past two years how easily a supposed democracy, can be transformed into an authoritarian regime, which implements curfews and radical measures even on the backs of children and the elderly, regardless of whether these steps show any success or not. And when thousands of people then peacefully take to the streets to point out grievances, they are not infrequently bludgeoned or slapped with disproportionate fines. Quite the opposite of the large demonstrations today against „Putin and his war“, or the „climate“.

„Why do they want to link our tax ID with vaccination status? Why does Bill Gates with his foundation so generously distribute donations in the millions to media institutions worldwide, as to supposedly free institutions, such as the WHO? Why is Elon Musk researching chips called Neuralink to be implanted into people’s brains? Why is this Musk, without human intervention, launching thousands of satellites called Starlink into space that will bring Internet to every meter on Earth?“ (End)

A Russian TV station like RT, is summarily stripped of its broadcasting rights in Germany. The network search law has made it possible to remove millions of disagreeable opinions from the net and punish the critics. This is „free speech“ in 2022 Germany. Big Data deletes everything that does not fit the ruling opinion. Muslims are allowed to continue spreading their hate speech.

All the Obamas, Clintons, Bidens, Merkels, were trained by the World Economic Forum, including Annalena Baerbock, and follow a common, big goal: One world, one government, the absolute control of the formerly free people, through capture and digitization and cataloging. Depopulation.

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Veröffentlicht von Karlheinz W. Gernholz

Dipl. Ing. Architect (Germany) Structural Engineering/ Construction management/ International experience mainly in Arabic countries, especially Tunisia

4 Kommentare zu „Nato: „Keep the Russians out, the Americans in, and the Germans down“ 

  1. Danke für Ihren guten Artikel, der viel Material zum Nachdenken bietet. Ich fürchte aber, dass viele zu eben diesem nicht im Stande sind. Wenn auch mein Spezialgebiet China ist, so trifft Vieles, was Sie anführen auch dort zu. Besonders erschreckend aber finde ich das Phänomen der mind control und die Macht der sozialen Medien in diesem Zusammenhang. Sachliche Diskussion wird damit unmöglich.

    Gefällt 1 Person

    1. Da Sie China und auch eine Überwachungsmethode „Mind control“ angesprochen haben, fielen mir ein paar Überwachungsmethoden in Deutschland (und der EU) ein:

      Ein Überwachungsstaat wie Deutschland, überwacht seine Bürger mit allen ihm zur Verfügung stehenden Mitteln. Verkauft wird die Überwachung mit dem Hinweis, sie dient der Sicherheit der Bürger.

      Das EU- Projekt INDECT, welches ab 2013 als Forschungsprojekt startete, führte zu einem übermächtigen und allmächtigen Überwachungsstaat.


      Großer Lauschangriff
      Online- Überwachung


      Chips in Banknoten, Ausweisen, Debit- Karten, Implantaten, Fahrkarten, Kleidung

      Satellitenbasierte PKW- Überwachung
      Automatische Nummernschilderkennung
      Ortung Mobiltelefone

      Genetische Datenbanken

      Biometrischer Merkmale: Gesichtsmerkmale, Iris Muster, Fingerabdruck, Geruchsproben.

      Biometrischer Personalausweis
      Aufhebung der ärztlichen Schweigepflicht
      Bargeldloses bezahlen
      Vollerfassung bei Reisen
      E- Mailüberwachung
      Heimliches betreten von Wohnungen durch das BKA

      Bewegungsbilder aus den Überwachungskameras im öffentlichen Raum, werden mit Daten aus Sozialen Netzwerken und der Telekommunikation verbunden.

      Die Techniken sind da und können mehr oder weniger auf Knopfdruck aktiviert werden, je nach politischer Lage. Kritiker halten den Überwachungsstaat mit dem Grundgesetz und den Menschenrechten für nicht vereinbar. Aber wenn interessiert das schon da Oben.

      Die Mächtigen und Vermögenden schotten sich ab, um jegliche Form des Widerstandes schon im Vorfeld zu ersticken. Finanziert haben die Mächtigen den Überwachungsstaat mit Steuergeldern.

      Wenn jetzt noch bargeldloses Zahlen zur Pflicht wird, dann sind wir gläsern geworden und absolut kontrollierbar.

      Danke für die Antwort.


      1. Mind control geht noch einen Schritt weiter, in dem die Bürger diese Aufgabe freiwillig übernehmen. Political correctness ist so etwas wie die Nazi-Keule geworden. Was dazu geführt hat, dass sich die Intellektuellen zurück gezogen haben. Da gibt’s dann als Ersatz talk-shows. Das lässt sich auch leichter kontrollieren und die Masse kann sich doch empoeren.

        Gefällt 1 Person

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