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They irritate him to the point of blood*

Dangerous News: Russia has put its nuclear forces on alert.

by Moskau-Korrespondent Ulrich Heyden

Why did Putin violate Ukrainian sovereignty?

Ukrainian sovereignty was violated by the invasion of Russian troops. But is Putin playing recklessly with peace in Europe? Is he possibly insane, as some German newspapers claim? By claiming that Putin is insane, that he is risking a 3rd world war, the West is deflecting attention from its own inability to engage in dialogue. The West has steadfastly refused to give Russia security guarantees. And so Putin has given the order for a military operation, knowing full well that this operation will result in the harshest sanctions, which will undoubtedly hurt Russia. Putin sees Ukraine as a deployment area for NATO. Their missiles will move closer to Russia even without Ukraine’s NATO membership. So who is playing with World War 3, the West or Putin?

Hasn’t Putin destroyed peace in Europe with his aggression against Ukraine?

Instead of attacking Putin as an enemy of peace, shouldn’t we first ask ourselves what we have done to maintain peace in Europe? Peace in Europe has been destroyed since 2014 by the West’s failure to protest the ongoing bombardment of the Lugansk and Donetsk People’s Republics, and by the major German media’s concealment of these bombardments for eight years.

What are Putin’s goals?

Putin wants to force the Ukrainian army to surrender and change the government in #Kiev. In this government should sit people who do not have hostile relations with Russia and do not lead Ukraine into the #Nato.

Did Putin deceive the Western public?

Some friends of Russia in Germany are disappointed by the invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops. They accuse Russia of a breach of international law and deception, because representatives of Russia declared that they would not intervene in Ukraine. But hasn’t Putin also been talking for months that Russia will take „military-technical measures“ if Russia is not given security guarantees by the West? Why has this Russian bipartisanship not been taken seriously in Germany? Apparently, because people in the West did not understand that Russia’s patience has run out. The West has let the last window of opportunity for a reconciliation of interests pass by through months of diplomatic palaver.

Is the Russian army acting inhumanely in Ukraine?

I have no facts to support this assertion. Russian army spokesmen have stated that military strikes will be conducted only against military installations and that they do not intend to capture cities. Putin has called on the Ukrainian army to take power in the country into its own hands and drive out Selensky. Apparently, Putin has the impression that there are many real patriots of Ukraine in the Ukrainian army who feel that their country is going down the drain as a U.S. colony.

Is it ridiculous when Putin announces denazification and
demilitarization of Ukraine?

No, it is absolutely not ridiculous. Radical right-wing battalions played a key role in the 2014 coup, the war against the People’s Republics, and attacks against government critics on the streets in Ukraine. Very few of the serious human rights violations committed by right-wing radicals in Ukraine have been brought before Ukrainian courts in the past eight years. Punishments for murders against government critics have not gone beyond house arrest or short prison sentences. The ultranationalists who torched the #Odessa Trade Union House on May 2, 2014, killing 42 government critics, were not brought to justice. The use of the Russian language in public spaces was banned by the Ukrainian government in 2021. Volodymir #Selensky, speaking at the Munich Security Conference, said they would no longer abide by the 1994 Budapest Memorandum banning Ukraine from possessing nuclear weapons.

Is Putin a nationalist?

Just because Putin advocates Russian security interests does not make him a nationalist. Even if Putin criticizes Lenin – because of the latter’s territorial gift – part of the Donbass to the Ukrainian Soviet Republic in 1922 – he is not yet a nationalist. When Putin declares that Ukrainians and Russians are one people, it is hard to dispute. The common Russian Orthodox faith, the partly common language, the more than 1000 years of common history and the close kinship relations are what unite them. It is shameful that precisely German leftists, who suppressed the key role of fascist battalions in Ukraine for eight years, now condemn Putin as a nationalist and warmonger. Perhaps they should read the left-wing Putin critics once the speech of the Russian president on the inauguration of the central mosque in Moscow in 2015. In the speech, Putin declared that Russia had emerged from the „mutual enrichment of culture, tradition and religions“ of different peoples. Russia, he said, draws from the diversity of cultures and religions „its distinctiveness and strength.“ Is this how a nationalist speaks? The four official religions in Russia are the Russian Orthodox faith, Judaism, Buddhism and Islam. The Russian president recalled that Moscow’s „Muslim roots go back to the Middle Ages.“ „Very, very many Moscow streets“ have Tatar names, he said.

Are Russians against the invasion of Ukraine?

There is no unrest in Russia among the general population over the invasion of Ukraine. Many Russians even say the Kremlin should have recognized the #People’sRepublics much sooner. There are protests by liberal-minded people in many cities. However, these are only small actions. The majority of Russians are bitter that Ukraine has effectively become a NATO staging ground, that the West negates Russian interests, that Western media reports are hostile to Russia, that Russian athletes are prosecuted particularly harshly for doping, and that a Russian star conductor is no longer allowed to conduct in the West because he received a medal from #Putin.

Isn’t Ukraine a democratic state unlike Russia?

In Ukraine, four opposition TV channels were shut down last year, and the head of the „Opposition Platform – For Life“ and entrepreneur, Viktor Medvedchuk, has been under house arrest for six months for allegedly trading with the People’s Republics. In Russia, there are still pro-Western media outlets such as „Radio Echo Moscow“ and the cable channel „Dozhd“ that are now publicly criticizing the invasion of Ukraine. Putin’s press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, stated on Friday that yes, there are critics of the invasion of #Ukraine in Russia. These critics must be talked to, he said.

Ulrich Heyden, Moscow, February 26, 2022, 9:55 p.m.

Translated with (free version)

*by Karlheinz W. Gernholz

This is not just about my life, Trump’s Army needs to stand up now, or what are you waiting for. Is Joe Biden your representative of the people?

Veröffentlicht von Karlheinz W. Gernholz

Dipl. Ing. Architect (Germany) Structural Engineering/ Construction management/ International experience mainly in Arabic countries, especially Tunisia

8 Kommentare zu „They irritate him to the point of blood*

  1. The U.S. media claims that there are protests all over Russia against the invasion, and Putin has ordered the arrest of people who complain. It’s hard to determine what’s true and what’s not – not that it really matters. I understand personally that the United Nations and the United States (specifically, Obama, Clinton, and Biden) have failed in their dealings with Russia and China both, and the whole world is suffering as a result.

    Gefällt 1 Person

    1. There are such „mainstream protests“, that’s what I call them now, which are tremendously dangerous, precisely because so many people participate in them, and you know the power of images.

      „Stop Putin“ should actually mean „Stop EU + USA“.

      These are people who actually still believe the mass media and are helping to advance the NWO.

      The protests in Russia, I mean now before Ukraine, are all limited to Nawalny and his entourage. I say they are local.

      Now in this situation, it’s possible that the Western media manages to get their news to the Russian population. Of course, these are inflammatory news, against Putin, just like in our country.

      They block, for example, channels like Russia today and others.

      This is what the representatives of the New World Order have been doing for decades in the Baltic and Arab states, including Ukraine. Also Nawalny is supported from the West.

      They have their outposts everywhere there. „The „Goethe Institute“, the „Deutsche Welle“, all the foundations and the NGO’s, just to name German organizations now.

      All the aid organizations are also part of it.

      You forgot the EU, which is also no longer usable. But they have „failed“ only in our sense, in the sense of the NWO, they were quite successful.

      Gefällt 1 Person

      1. I see the EU as an organization that should be rejected and disbanded. Obama was enthralled with the EU and tried to set up a European-style economy here in the U.S. which, of course, failed. I understand the purpose of the EU, but to me, it has become an authoritarian, self-serving body that exerts too much power over people’s lives. It’s like another dictatorship. But, maybe that’s what people in Europe want. I don’t know.

        Gefällt 1 Person

        1. A long time ago, i.e. at the founding times and afterwards, it was emphasized again and again that the nation states should retain their sovereignty and that the poorer countries should be put on a better economic footing. The exact opposite has happened. Only to take out now times two points.

          In Western Europe live about 500 million people. 140 million of them live in abject poverty. The level of living was not adjusted upwards but downwards. The poverty has increased enormously and above all also the criminality.

          Or just remember Greece, what the Germans and the EU did to the population there. People could no longer go to the hospital, medicines were no longer available, incomes were drastically cut, stores were closed, people lost their homes and much was sold to the Chinese, e.g. port facilities and airfields. The list is so long.

          All this was pure fascism, oppression and exploitation, disregard for human rights, coercion and violence. For me, the EU is clearly part of the „New World Order“ power apparatus.

          Basically, the EU citizens do not want all this, only the really big problem is, they do not know about it, do not believe us, but believe the media and politicians. This means the EU can continue its course unhindered. There is hardly any resistance.

          And I don’t know if you know this, but the employees of the EU earn tons of money and the EU distributes the money from the bottom up. See the Ukrainian rulers, they are all swimming in EU money that has been taken away from the citizens.

          Nations are losing their cultures and thus their identities.

          Gefällt 1 Person

            1. Yes Dawn, that’s what I’ve noticed when I’m on American sites.

              Let’s go back to the resistance against Putin in Russia. I saw a report yesterday from the mainstream media. There it was said that in about 5% of the Russian population are against Putin. Russia has a total population of 150 million.

              The number could be true, with protests concentrated in Moscow and other large cities. So they are local protests.

              In a few minutes, Biden will speak. They’ve been rallying against Donald again all evening. Without interruption only agitation against Donald and his army.

              Gefällt 1 Person

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