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Vladimir Putin: „You forced me to do it“.

Written by Karlheinz W. Gernholz 25 Febr 2022

In the last few days and years, Vladimir Putin has pointed out in countless talks and interviews that NATO’s eastward expansion is illegal under international law and that he will no longer stand by while the West incites other countries to join the European Community. Putin was snubbed, insulted and rebuffed every time by the Atlanticists. He was even excluded from various G7 summits.

The expansive drive of the Europeans to manipulate more and more Eastern European countries into the European Community (EU) is putting Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, under a lot of pressure. The megalomaniac idea of expanding Europe to the east and thus indirectly declaring war on Putin is slowly taking on threatening features. Since the fall of the Berlin Wall (1989), Europe’s politicians and America’s hawks have lost their grip on the ground and entered into a dangerous game that could have a bitter end for us Western Europeans.

The Germans know how such power games end. The Austrian, too, has failed with his ideas, and now some Atlanticists believe they could try it with Mr. Putin after all. But there the Atlanticists were mistaken, enormously, as one experiences live at present. Putin will not subordinate himself to the Western rulers. He will represent and defend Russian interests, as is expected of a president of any country. He will not stand idly by while borders are shifted to his disadvantage.

Putin knows that the West has nothing more to offer. Democracies are in decline, and societies are being destroyed by rampant immigration and increasing Islamization. Russian society, on the other hand, is still stable at the moment, even if the opposite is claimed. The appearances of the great Alexei Nawalny will not change this. At the moment he is in prison for something, and his possibilities to attack the „Putin system“ are severely limited, and probably only possible through third parties, e.g. lawyers or guards. He has risen to become a big media star and the Che Guevara of the subversive left. This kind of activity always works in the West.

The American influence on the European Union and the will to keep Russia as small as possible, perhaps even to bring it to its knees, has become a dilemma for the European Union. On the one hand, it does not want to snub the Biden administration, on the other hand, they are not strong enough to contradict the Americans.

From Vladivostok to Lisbon, Vladimir Putin would have been a promising alternative, but it is too late for that now.

It is time to confront our own governments before we find ourselves in a nuclear inferno in Europe.

What does Putin want?

Vladimir Putin and the Russian people want to live in peace and prosper on the basis of their heritage, ingenuity and hard work. That’s it. Russians do not want their country to be divided into manageable small territories, as was the case in Yugoslavia. Russians have a national identity that they want to maintain.

NATO’s advance to Russia’s borders and beyond, is reminiscent of the Nazis‘ Operation Barbarossa, World War I, or even Napoleon’s unfortunate escapades.

What is the real purpose of NATO expansion? Perhaps we should ask the legitimate question, „What does America and the EU want?“

Gerhard Baum (FDP) on Markus Lanz on 24 Feb 2022:

The attack came from us, the real Nazis“.
He was referring to the invasion of Ukraine by Hitler’s army in WW2.

The peoples of this world have a „once in a lifetime“ opportunity to bring the truth to light and end the tensions between East and West. Even if Putin is not a saint, it is really about a final battle between „good and evil“ and only the truth will prevent a third world war.

„You have forced me to take these steps“
Vladimir Putin.

All sanctions imposed by the West increase the risk of nuclear confrontation and only harm the citizens of Western Europe.

America’s democrats and Europe’s socialists are preparing for a war that must never take place because only the citizens will suffer. The perpetrators will get themselves to safety beforehand. The secret services are good at this, and the diplomatic channels also work in an emergency.

It’s time for Donald J. Trump.

Den rechtmässigen Präsidenten der USA.

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Veröffentlicht von Karlheinz W. Gernholz

Dipl. Ing. Architect (Germany) Structural Engineering/ Construction management/ International experience mainly in Arabic countries, especially Tunisia

25 Kommentare zu „Vladimir Putin: „You forced me to do it“.

  1. Pingback: Lindas Einblick
    1. Die Initiatoren und Verursacher (Nato und EU) dieses unsäglichen, dramatischen und gefährlichen Krieges, interessieren die westeuropäischen Völker nicht. Das erkennt man daran, dass die Sanktionen gegen Russland nicht nur schärfer werden, sondern auch den eigenen Völkern schaden. Die Ausgrenzung aus dem Swift-Abkommen, kann sogar zu einer weltweiten Finanz-und Wirtschaftskrise führen, wurde in den Medien gesagt, aber nur einmal bisher und das spät in der Nacht.

      Ich muss auch ehrlicher zugeben, dass mich so langsam ein wirkliches Unbehagen beschleicht. Putin ist in der Lage auf den roten Knopf zu drücken. Warum? Habe ich bei Dawn Pisturio (oben Kommentar) versucht zu erklären.

      Danke Dir Cherry.🌹

      Gefällt 1 Person

      1. You’re most welcome. And I understand. I’m getting majorly concerned as well. We know that the far Left crazies actually want a war and war is the last thing we need. But the Left isn’t concerned about the people. The only they’re concerned about is grabbing power. It’s terrible!

        Again, You’re welcome and I appreciate your thoughts.

        Gefällt 1 Person

        1. Maybe you haven’t heard, but Putin has just set his nuclear machinery in motion.

          It’s time for the Trump Army to do something. It’s not just my life at stake. In Germany and Western Europe, no one will stand up because they’ve been told the bad guy from Russia is to blame.

          I really believe that the time is ripe for Trump’s army. If not now, when?

          So slowly I’m getting scared and anxious here.

          Thank You Cherry 🌹

          Gefällt 1 Person

          1. You’re most welcome! And you’re right, we need Trump right now more than ever. Biden is a weak, spineless piece of trash and the rest of the world knows it! That’s why things are happening like they are now. When the tough leader is away, the bullies will always come out to play.

            Gefällt 2 Personen

    2. The initiators and perpetrators (NATO and the EU) of this unspeakable, dramatic and dangerous war are not interested in the peoples of Western Europe. This can be seen from the fact that the sanctions against Russia are not only getting harsher, but are also harming their own peoples. The exclusion from the Swift agreement, may even lead to a global financial and economic crisis, was said in the media, but only once so far and that late at night.

      I also have to admit more honestly that a real unease is starting to creep up on me. Putin is able to press the red button. Why? Did I try to explain at Dawn Pisturio (above comment).

      Thank you Cherry🌹

      Translated with (free version)

      Gefällt 1 Person

      1. I’m concerned right along with you. The far Left wants this war to happen awful badly, that’s why they’ve been poking the bear all this time. And you’re right- they don’t care about the people. They only care about grabbing power and oppressing the people. How I wish they’d reinstall Trump and get rid of cheater Joe!

        Gefällt 1 Person

          1. And to be honest, Karlheinz, most Americans can’t stand Biden and have ZERO respect for him! Americans want Biden GONE! Every time his motorcade rolls through one of our towns, the people are waiting for him with middle fingers🖕 high in the air and waving Trump flags. We just can’t stomach the Bidens.

            Gefällt 1 Person

  2. It was clear at the Olympics that Putin and Xi Ping have made some kind of deal, and rumor has it that the Chinese are backing Russia financially, so the sanctions will not have any effect on Putin. Biden put the USA into the same position as Europe – if we cut off Russian oil, that means higher energy costs for everyone. Biden is already waffling on the sanctions. Ukraine is a done deal. The question now is whether China will invade Taiwan, Iran will attack Israel, and the radical Islamic terrorists will begin their reign of terror again. The resolve of the Ukrainian people to be free or die should be a wake-up call for all people everywhere. We must show the same resolve when fighting back against repression and totalitarianism. At some point, we will have no choice. I am praying that something good will come out of all of this. Have a great day, Karl!

    Gefällt 2 Personen

    1. „We must show the same determination in resisting repression and totalitarianism.“

      That is probably true, only then in your enumeration of the danger spots the USA (under Biden) and the EU are missing. They are on the way to totalitarianism and we have felt their repression in the last 2 years.

      What I don’t like is Putin’s choice of words. Calling Selensky and his staff „drug addicts“ or calling the ongoing partisan struggles in the Donbas „genocide“ do not serve his cause at all.

      I had hoped so far that he would focus on the underhanded NATO expansion to the east and name the reasons for it, but I have waited in vain for that so far.

      You know what I fear is that there are now private mercenaries in Ukraine who could extend the war to a NATO member state.

      That was probably also the case on the Maidan.

      Translated with (free version)

      Gefällt 2 Personen

        1. It is of no use if I tell the builder that the subsoil, the foundation is stable, if it is not at all. The house will collapse sooner or later.

          But what really worries me is Putin’s current condition. He is in a corner, his room for maneuver is getting narrower and narrower, and he sees how NATO and the EU continue their construct of lies on the political and media stage, and he sees how powerless he is, comparable to us citizens, who also have nothing more to say. A man in this condition is possibly able as a last resort to send a nuclear missile at Berlin or Brussels. He is a man of the underworld. He knows very well the criminal society and he hates abysmally because he has been terribly hurt and disrespected for many years.

          And let’s not forget the NWO factor of „depopulation.“

          I wonder, because you brought it up, if it is even necessary to „know the whole story“. I don’t think so. But what we do know are the effects of the actions of political actors in history. We see it every day, after all. The world is collapsing, and not because it feels like it, but because demolition companies are at work, billion-dollar global demolition companies.

          The despicable treatment of Putin personally, and the incitement of Russians (Nawalny and other NGO’s), are part of the NWO agenda. That is the bitter truth. I’m not saying this because I like it.

          The truth, or let’s say the facts, are all known. The truth has already come out. Now we just have to learn to speak it.

          Thank you dear Dawn.🌹

          Translated with (free version)

          Gefällt 1 Person

          1. For the last six years, the Democratic Party and the liberal media have made Putin their scapegoat, accusing him of all sorts of lies and terrible things, such as the whole Russian collusion hoax, which was proven to be a lie, and Hillary Clinton paying Russia to create a fake dossier. All of those lies and scandals are coming back now to haunt Obama, Biden, Clinton, and the Democratic Party. Except, the whole world is suffering right now. It’s shameful, and these people need to be held accountable for their deliberate dishonesty and corruption. Thank you, Karl.

            Gefällt 1 Person

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