Odessa – Potjomk Stairs

Odessa – Potjomk Stairs. The legendary 192-step staircase connects downtown Odessa with the port and is the city’s landmark. It climbs 30 meters in 142 meters. It was built from 1837 to 1841 and represents an architectural masterpiece. An optical illusion is created by the steps, which get wider and wider from top to bottom, the top one measuring 12.5 meters in width and the bottom one 21.6 meters. Viewed from above, the staircase appears to be the same width over its entire length, while viewed from below, it looks longer than it actually is. In addition, 10 landings are placed between the steps along the entire length of the staircase in such a way that only the landings and not the steps are visible from above, and only the steps and not the landings are visible from below.