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We are the good guys!

Today Ukrainian President Selensky, despite admonishing Joe Biden not to appear there because a Russian soldier had moved, gave his eagerly awaited speech at the Munich Security Conference (msc), addressing clear words to the EU and NATO. As usual, he called for more weapons and more EU membership. That was already on the whole what he had to say.

The big rest of „his“ speech consisted of scaremongering. He spoke of millions of dead to be expected in the event of a Russian invasion, and of dying children massacred by Russian soldiers in the Don Bas.

„Ukraine longs for peace, Europe longs for peace. The world says it doesn’t want war, while Russia says it doesn’t want to intervene: Someone is lying here.“
Adding to this, he said, „That Putin won’t be alive much longer because of his age.“ Sounds to me like a threat to Putin „that you won’t survive“, doesn’t it?

The interlocutors of the Atlantic alliance agreed with him, and see in Putin a danger that must be countered with all means.

As an interim result of the msc conference, it remains to be said that Americans and Europeans want a military confrontation. There are several reasons for this.

  • An enemy image built on lies over many years is threatening to crumble.
  • The entire apparatus of lies of the transatlanticists is up for debate.
  • The great reset is faltering due to Putin’s courageous initiative.
  • The establishment has developed serious cracks

Putin’s justified provocation, expressed with 150,000 soldiers including military equipment, is the necessary backdrop to help the truth come to light. Putin wants talks and has done so for many years. He has tried again and again to enter into talks with the dark side and has been abruptly snubbed each time. Putin is no saint, but who is in such positions, but as far as the current conflict is concerned, he deserves the support of European and American citizens. The truth must come out in the open, that is the only way to solve problems.

Europe’s truth is a lie?


Media executives and EU politicians are playing a highly dangerous game with the truth in the media. Germany’s leading media are relying on influence and reader manipulation as never before.

Mathias Bröckers in an interview with Markus Klöckner FAZ:

What roles do the media play in this and which side are they on? Are we still experiencing independent reporting or has the media itself become a party?

„(…) The unprecedented Putin-bashing as well as the extensive denial of an aggressive Western geopolitics towards Russia lead, as described, for the first time to a clearly visible split between media and large parts of the audience. Remaining in the (elite) mainstream now demands from journalists an extreme degree of one-sidedness, hardly known before, which ultimately borders unavoidably on a loss of reality. Those who must more or less block out a growing part of reality in order to maintain their desired interpretation of the world find their ability to analyze damaged – and this damage can hardly be hidden beyond a certain point.“

„More and more citizens consider the escalation course that the West is staging toward Russia to be irresponsible, damaging to European interests, politically and morally one-sided, and, moreover, highly dangerous.

„We, the West, are always the good guys because we put freedom, democracy and human rights on our banners when we wage war. We are also always innocent when we occupy countries, destroy cities, murder civilians, torture people, etc. – this is „collateral damage“ that we cause but do not intend. Only the bad guys do that, people like Putin, who only act out of pure greed for power, for example when they take civilian airplanes out of the sky without firing a shot, but it is clear that they did it. Because they are the bad guys. To show the public such a black-and-white movie, a blame game at kindergarten level, and sell it as reality, that’s the basic manipulation we are currently subjected to by the media.“

„What is cynical, on the other hand, is when the photo of this man holding up a stuffed bunny on the debris field of MH-17 goes through the media worldwide, with comments about these barbaric, corpse-raping „separatists“ and it is suppressed that this man, as seen on the video, puts the bunny back, takes off his cap and crosses himself, visibly affected. What is cynical is that no one is demanding investigations from the Kiev government for the mass murder on the Maidan and the massacre in Odessa and about the real causes of the crash of MH-17 and an immediate end to the bombing of its own population – and all this is being blamed on a mega villain – „Osama Bin Putin“ – in a grotesque wave of indignation.“

„German and European policy cannot continue like this. We need an understanding and admission of failure by politicians. We need a reorientation in all our political actions. Away from misanthropic politics, towards more direct democracy. The citizen must once again be recognized as sovereign.“

Translated with (free version)

The interview is from 2015. The statements of Mathias Bröcker, are still surpassed today by the reporting. In Germany, there is complete disinformation, across all channels. The full program, as with Corona.

Veröffentlicht von Karlheinz W. Gernholz

Dipl. Ing. Architect (Germany) Structural Engineering/ Construction management/ International experience mainly in Arabic countries, especially Tunisia

3 Kommentare zu „We are the good guys!

  1. You are right, it is hard to tell who is lying and who is telling the truth, if anybody. But one thing is clear: Joe Biden, who so desperately tries to compete with Donald Trump, wants war. He wants to look like a tough guy. With that mentality, war is inevitable on our side. Biden will not place sanctions against the pipeline because Europe, especially Germany, does not want that. And sending Kamala Harris to Europe is a joke. I am quite certain that the American people do not want war. And talking about war with Russia is a distraction from all the other problems in America.

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    1. We agree, even though there are so many kilometers between us.🌹

      That also means we get to see the same news, the same pictures, only the reporters see differently in each country, but talk the same nonsense. So they act globally.

      Who is lying and who is telling the truth is obvious. Globalists and multilateralists lie. And the rest is lied to.

      Imagine you would live in a beautiful house with sea view, you would have service staff and in the garage there are 10 luxury cars, at the jetty your sailing yacht is waiting for you and everything is guarded around the clock by a private security service, i.e. the police (Ottawa!).
      Imagine that you would have that not only at the Côte d’Azur in France, but also in other countries, and you could go there and there with your private jet, depending on your mood.

      Imagine that there are several million people who live these comforts in the same way.

      Then you can also imagine that these people know exactly that they have destroyed the planet, and they also know that they can continue to enjoy their luxury life only if in a short time the population figures sink worldwide.

      They have called the project the „Great Reset“.

      Gefällt 1 Person

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