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Mons. Viganò – Church leaders are corrupt accomplices of the Great Reset

Feb. 12, 2022. Monsignor Viganò  , who has held prominent positions in the Curia and in Vatican diplomacy (Nuncio in the United States), gave an extremely important interview to the quarterly magazine “ CIVITAS  ” in which he explained the satanic dimension of this great restarts explained. In an interview given by SE  Mons Carlo Maria Viganò, the prelate denounces the corruption of Vatican leaders .


How is the Great Reset an expression of the spirit of evil?

The  Great Reset  is the tool the globalist elite intends to use to materially transform the economic, labor, social and religious dynamics of states. It represents an act of invasive interference by financial potentates belonging to a small group of families – Rothschild, Rockefeller etc. – in the lives of the citizens of the planet and for the way this project is being pursued it represents a real subversive attack Purpose of this  big reset, by the same admission of its architects, is the transformation of global society into a mass of people denied their natural, civil and religious rights, or rationed through blackmail to force them to accept what they would normally never condone : total control of their shares via tracking  apps  , mandatory e-money and e-voting; the drastic reduction in labor costs through the dissolution of small and medium-sized enterprises and the impoverishment of the weaker classes; the imposition of a seemingly green Economy, resulting in the forced use of electric cars and the use of alternative energy sources in the face of rising oil prices; the privatization of public health, achieved through the pathologization of the population and the consequent unsustainability of public spending, the lack of investment in the sector due to the cuts imposed by the European Union and the imposition of Geneserum vaccination; finally the  Fourth Industrial Revolution  , implemented by the  Great Reset aims to reduce world population, achieved through birth control, incentives for abortion, euthanasia and sex reassignment, homosexualization of young people and planned eradication through the use of noxious drugs and food. Add to all this the funds allocated to states by the European Union, all of which are ideologically oriented (Europe gives more to gender equality than health) and which states are spending under threat of intervention from the European Commission and the ECB tie.

This project uses the collaboration of national and supranational public institutions: the UN and its agencies, parliaments, governments, civil servants, police forces, judges, teachers, doctors. Alongside them, the pounding media campaign bangs the pandemic alert, the climate emergency, the terrorist threat or alien invasion (I’m not kidding), the risk of an internet collapse, with the aim of forcing the masses to accept the inevitable measures that constraint to the advantage of a very small number of billionaires to the detriment of the majority of the population.

I also remember that the Grand Masters of the Grand Orient of  Italy on the  17th  of the last two centuries have been pushing for mass vaccinations and at the same time have  been part of this environment „recalling that the Luigi Sacco Hospital in Milan was founded after a Masonic Doctor who – coincidentally – “  has persuaded numerous Catholic ministers to include the benefits of the sera in Sunday sermons  ” (  here  ).

The Great Reset is an expression of evil because the ideological matrix on which it is based is essentially satanic. We cannot pretend not to know that all the protagonists of this global plan are united by belonging to Freemasonry, to the Trilateral Commission, to the Bilderberg Group: these power groups hate Christianity and Christ himself and make no secret of their worship of Lucifer. On the other hand, even without examining their esoteric roots, it is enough to see what they do: their culture of death, fear, lies, ruthless economic calculation. They are wicked, the servants of the devil, the evildoers preparing for the coming of the Antichrist.

What is the connection between the Covid-19 epidemic and the Grand Reset?

The link between the pandemic and the  Great Reset  is crucial: as people like Jacques Attali or Klaus Schwab have said, the pandemic offers a unique opportunity for the realization of the  Great Reset  , since it allows patients‘ compressions to be presented as justified by the health emergency , civil rights, invoking fear, creating enemies – like the so-called  No-Vax  – on which to vent mass tension,  envisioning distance learning and smart working as advantages, and finally by leading us to believe that the dead and chronically ill caused by a criminal depopulation plan are caused by a „deadly“ virus (0.07% fatality rate), when we know full well that Covid-19 is a form of the flu can be cured, but for which therapies have been banned and absurd protocols imposed, resulting in a number of otherwise preventable deaths. Even the so-called experimental „vaccine“ from which drug companies are making huge profits, attributable to certain financial groups – starting with Black Rock – is causing an exorbitant number of deaths and serious injuries, against which BigPharma is preparing to increase its revenues by insuring treatment for the next decades. That graphene is in this serum and can also be used for other purposes is a question that needs to be addressed by experts and judges when there are still some not of service to the regime. Surely it will be necessary to think of a new Nuremberg to judge and punish those responsible for this crime against humanity.

Are we not witnessing the establishment of a new religion?

The cult of Satan has been a painful constant in all historical epochs and in all civilizations in the mystery of injustice that has plagued humanity since the expulsion of our ancestors from the earthly paradise. Malthusian ecologism, the cult of Mother Earth, the oriental pseudo-philosophies of the pantheistic matrix and last but not least the „cosmic Christ“ longed for by the heretical Jesuit Theilard de Chardin are just declensions of the same theological deviation. Ultimately, behind the Pachamama is always Satan, his envy of the supernatural fate that God the Redeemer has reserved for man, his hatred of life and beauty as an expression of the omnipotence of God the Creator, his aversion to everything that reminds of it presence of Jesus Christ in history,

Beyond these considerations, however, the role of the ritual component in the dynamics of the  Great Reset  , and particularly the so-called pandemic emergency, should not be underestimated. In my opinion there are two aspects: one related to the  new creed  of the Catholic Church and one related to the new globalist  religion. The first represents a falsification of the immutable Magisterium, the second the culturalization of globalist ideology.

Church leaders have embraced the examples of ecological, ecumenical, and immigrationist ideology that represent the exoteric version of Masonic thought, that is, the translation for the masses of Luciferian esotericism. This sharing of a thought alien and opposed to the Catholic faith was prepared for decades, if not centuries: first modernism and then conciliar heresy prepared the ecclesiastical body to accommodate acceptable heterodox teachings that the Roman popes up to Pius XII had condemned in the bud. The so-called „renewal“ of the Second Vatican Council was intended – at that time only  in its core expressed – doctrinal and moral premise of today’s mentality: the ecumenism of  Dignitatis humanae opens the doors to intercommunion with heretics and even with pagans; the collegiality of  Lumen gentium  is the basis of the Bergoglian  synodal path  ; The emphasis on the community dimension of the fair was a first step towards  collectivization , which is now imposed by the state on citizens, according to the communist idea that the collectivity triumphs over the individual. The secular state theorized by the Council and prosecuted by Cardinal Casaroli under the pontificate of John Paul II with the revision of the Concordats deprived the Church – on her own initiative – of any moral influence over governments that are now free to  impose gender theoryand to legalize LGBTQ ideology out of elementary school, euthanasia and postnatal abortion, forcing citizens to vaccinate a serum made with abortive cell lines, without objection from the Holy See. The abdication of ecclesiastical authority to its own role has recently “evolved” – as was inevitable – into a genuine adherence to the demands of globalism: the Holy See under Bergoglio has adopted the ecological and ecumenical creed that is a prelude to Religion Universal is hoped for by Freemasonry to betray its mission and cause the loss of so many souls who feel defended from the pulpits for these errors, which existed until Pius XII. were sentenced without appeal.

At the same time, globalism is preparing its own world religion, in which it wants to bring together the progressive currents of the Catholic Church, the various non-Catholic sects and other religions. The role of forerunner evidently belongs to the Bergoglian Church, whose leader believes he can carve out the role of  leader for himself or one of his disciplesof the universal religion as if it were a privilege to be a representative of Christ’s church. But as history teaches, early collaborators are invariably overwhelmed by those they served once their cooperation is no longer required. And Bergoglio should know this well, since he himself is the first to behave in this way towards the prelates with whom he associates in Santa Marta, see the recent case of Cardinal Becciu.

It must be said that the dissent of the conservative part of Catholicism regarding the Covid-19 emergency is significantly weakened by the presence of fifth columns dedicated to supporting the pandemic narrative together with the effectiveness and moral legitimacy of the mRNA Prescribed gene serum made with miscarriage cell lines. . Such flattening by some Catholic intellectuals on these issues is incomprehensible, to say the least: in my opinion, it also shows that “conservatism” and even some “traditionalism” are only a moderate declination of the conciliar mentality, with a similar  gatekeeping  mentality to function what some civil parties are playing.

Isn’t it possible that Covid-19 and the Great Reset are harbingers of the Antichrist?

I just said it, and I’ll say it again: The New World Order that the Great Reset must enable and establish had—and still has—an indispensable pretext, through the pandemic farce, to hold together the colossal lie against humanity. Without Covid-19 they would certainly have invented something else – they had already tried it with swine fever in 2009 – but the pandemic has also made it possible to enforce the administration of Genserum and the establishment of the health passport, which prepares a capillary control system of citizens in view of activation of  social credit already tested from 2014 to 2020 in communist China and a few days ago also in Australia. This passport and other systems for converting humans into peripherals connected to the global network evoke the mark of the beast mentioned in the Apocalypse: it would be foolish to believe that these events, so accurately described by the apostle John, could have nothing to do with these disturbing methods of coercive mass mediation. In Italy, the only country in the world, the green passport became  mandatory for all employees of public and private companies, forcing millions of people to either get vaccinated or buy expensive tampons at their own expense that certify the negativity of the virus. who have the green passport In short, he will not be able to work, his salary will be suspended and therefore he will not be able to buy or sell without having the mark – the QR code – as proof of his submission to the health dictatorship. ‚  He caused everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on the right hand and on the forehead; and that no one can buy or sell without having this mark, that is, the name of the beast or the number of its name  ” (Ap 13:16-17). All in the complicit and conspiratorial silence of the judges, the armed forces, the self-appointed opposition, the ecclesiastical hierarchy.

How, then, to explain the complicity of the highest authorities of the Church who, far from denouncing the danger, urge Catholics to blindly follow the instructions of the civil authorities?

It seems clear to me that the behavior of the leaders of the Catholic Hierarchy is not a contradiction, as it is an integral part of this plan. The great apostasy consists precisely in this: to have imposed, as it were, an ultra-progressive heretical church on the true church of Christ; a Church whose hierarchy formally coincides with the Catholic hierarchy and which thanks to this is able to enforce with its own authority those deviations and errors which it should instead combat and eradicate.

Underlying this betrayal of the Roman Sanhedrin is above all the loss of the supernatural dimension and the salvific role of the Church. If belief is viewed as a product to be sold to customers, it is obvious that the goal is to customize the product to make it more marketable in order to increase sales. But this is a corporate approach that sees pastors not as evangelizers in a converting world, but as for-profit business leaders or poll-conscious party officials. To this we must add the authoritarianism and witch-hunting climate created by Bergoglio’s „pontificate,“ the blackmailing of many prelates promoted to strategic roles precisely because they are maneuverable, the moral corruption of much of the clergy and a misunderstood concept of obedience among the faithful. On the other hand, what is to be expected of characters who betray their ministry by perverting the faith, corrupting morals, destroying the liturgy, and abusing their authority to condemn the souls entrusted to their care?

It is certain that without the massive and pounding support of Bergoglio and his magic circle, the pandemic narrative would have failed miserably and met with firm opposition from the Vatican and the World Bishop. If this has not happened, it is because Church leaders, already corrupt themselves, made a conscious  choice to become accomplices to the Great Reset,  and not because of an error of judgment or an over-reliance on „science“; Their disobedience to the orders of the elite would have brought to light new and very serious sexual and financial scandals committed by prelates who have risen to the top of the hierarchy.

On September 17, Jorge Mario Bergoglio received Irish President Michael D. Higgins at the Vatican and praised him with these words: “Today I have not only met a man, a President, I have met a wise man today. I thank God that Ireland has such a wise man at its head.”

One commentator recalls that Higgins is the one who „signed the first abortion law into law in 2013, which decriminalized the killing of the unborn child when the mother threatened suicide or the pregnancy threatened her life, he was the one who signed the 2018 law.“ legalize abortion for up to 12 weeks and until delivery in case of fetal malformation; He was also the one who signed the so-called same-sex marriage law in 2015. And he’s still the one who signed legislation in 2019 speeding up divorce“ (ibid.). And it was Higgins himself who banned the celebration of masses during the pandemic like in the days of Oliver Cromwell. Apparently not a word about the killing of innocents or the moral state of the Irish;

The responsibility that rests on the conscience of these apostates, beginning with the  prime testimony  of the vaccines occupying Peter’s throne today, can only be imagined as we pray to the Lord to shorten the times of great persecution. And to do this in the hope of finally seeing the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Most Holy, we must make ourselves worthy of God’s grace through prayer, the frequency of the sacraments, penance and fasting. Before the humble and trusting prayer, the Lord allows himself to be moved to mercy: “  Sacrificum Deo spiritus contribulatus; cor contritum et humiliatum, Deus, non despicies  ” (Ps 50:19).

Carlo Maria Viganò,  Archbishop.

Veröffentlicht von Karlheinz W. Gernholz

Dipl. Ing. Architect (Germany) Structural Engineering/ Construction management/ International experience mainly in Arabic countries, especially Tunisia

9 Kommentare zu „Mons. Viganò – Church leaders are corrupt accomplices of the Great Reset

  1. Hello from the UK.

    Many thanks indeed for your post. As regards the Roman Catholic Church i noted the following:

    An anagram of ‚Vaccination‘ is ‚Icon Vatican‘ or even ‚I con Vatican‘. Icon is an image or perhaps a brand or mark. The Vatican is beastly.

    Hence we have a mark of the beast. I write much on Covid 19 on my site. I will use humour, plays on words or puns to help relieve the mood or help make the points.

    Kind regards

    Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson
    Please excuse the nom-de-plume, this is as much for fun as a riddle for people to solve if they wish.

    Gefällt mir

    1. Your question is interesting. It is interesting because I would like to expand it.

      How is it possible for America to be ruled by a socialist?

      How is it possible that Western Europe is controlled by socialists?

      How is it possible that 97% of the Western media is in socialist hands?

      It is possible because the world government, the inventors of the Great Reset want it that way. They have the power. But power is endless, truth is not.

      That is my explanation. Do you have one too, maybe another? Thank you Dawn.🌹

      Gefällt 1 Person

      1. Well, from my point of view, there are only a handful of real Socialists/Communists/Revolutionaries in the USA. There are a lot of liberals with that 1960s attitude of „Everything is everything.“ They want everything to be beautiful and peaceful and harmonious, but they are incapable of accepting or dealing with the darker side of human nature. They are unrealistic. Having this attitude makes them feel better about themselves. When Bernie Sanders became more popular, he appealed to college kids with the idea of free college education. These kids want freebies, but they don’t want to pay for them, and they don’t care if other pay for them. They don’t understand basic economics. But it sounds good, right? The Democratic Party became threatened by Sanders and actually rigged the primary against him in 2016. In 2020, he was still popular. The Democrats undermined his campaign and then embraced his policies in order to get the youth vote. His policies, however, have been a failure because Bernie Sanders doesn’t know what he’s dong, and most Americans were against him to begin with. The Democrats foolishly propped up the radical elements of their party, and now, they are hated and rejected. The people they consider radical are not real Socialists, they are opportunists. They’re love for money and power is obvious. Bernie Sanders and his ilk are Fakes. You can’t own three houses and two sports cars and call yourself a Socialist or a revolutionary. It’s nonsense. Now, some corporations are beginning to reject all of this. But, people like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg and others have their own megalomanic ambitions and global agenda. They are billionaire capitalists, but they push socialism and subservience on the rest of us. They are power hungry people who like control. They want to rule the world. People like Barack Obama are idealists but they are also corrupt. They can’t convince people of their ideas, so they try to force them down our throats. They think they are the only ones who can „save humanity.“ I believe the destruction of Europe during WWII led a lot to the socialist regimes in Europe. People had suffered a lot, and it sounded good to them. The media in America and elsewhere, for the most part, is in bed with the liberals, but they have become corrupt. They deliberately spread lies and propaganda. And then, there’s the global economy. Global corporations take a transnational stance and push diversity in order to ensure the long-term survival of their companies and profits. I don’t know if this makes any sense, but this is what I have observed and pondered.

        Gefällt 1 Person

        1. Thank you for your reply. It is very productive and also informative for me, because I always like to hear from Americans how they see and judge things. You know more than we do in Europe about America and vice versa.

          You mentioned Obama, Sanders, Gates, Zuckerberg, liberals and the economy. Republicans do not appear in your list. I’m thinking of Bush, Rumsfeld or Powell.

          My point is that I have the same difficulty as you do in correctly assigning specific individuals or companies to specific ideologies.

          However, I believe that the distinctions we have been using are no longer valid today. Sometimes they are even reversed.

          There is not only a geopolitical, ideological confusion, but our words have been emptied of meaning.

          Back to your answer, it occurs to me spontaneously that in Germany, liberal means something different than what you say about liberals in America.

          Here the liberals are more on the right side of the political spectrum. In your country, according to your explanation, they are more like the old 68ers. You can find them here among the socialists.

          There are no real socialists/communists/revolutionaries anymore, at least they are not so visible in public.

          But I know one real revolutionary and that is Donald. Without him we will have no more chances to ward off the coming and present disaster.

          I hope he will not disappoint us.

          Gefällt 1 Person

          1. I agree that Donald Trump is our greatest hope, and I’m glad people in Europe recognize that. The media always tried to say that he was despised around the world, but I never believed that because so many people agree with him. It sounds like there is a difference in labels between Europe and America. Thanks for explaining that. Do you like having the Green Party in control? I was disappointed about that, but maybe that means something different than in the USA. Here, the Green Party is a tiny fringe group. Everybody’s eyes are on Canada and the horrible tyranny and oppression that’s going on. It’s a wake-up call for everyone.

            Gefällt 2 Personen

            1. In Germany, Donald is still portrayed as a Nazi and sexist. Through Linda’s blog and my blog, we try to put Donald in a better light, and I think through „Linda’s Einblick“, we have already succeeded with some people. At least we get likes now and also responses from time to time.

              The problem with us is that we are blocked from the net giants and our reach is severely limited. German Media Watch and WordPress still host us, but no one else does.

              I’m sorry to disappoint you a bit, but in this case the media is right, he is despised, in Germany and Western Europe. The closer the midterm elections come and the presidential elections in 2024, the more the machinery of lies is set in motion.

              Not only is Donald being ostracized but so is his Army.

              No, I don’t like it at all that the Greens, the SPD and the FDP are in power. The current new government will unfold as the worst government since 1945. It will be even worse than Merkel and her CDU.

              When I saw the pictures from Canada, not in the mass media, they were not shown there, but on the net, it really sent a shiver down my spine and Linda and I had tears in our eyes.

              Yes, Canada is a wake-up call but we have had so many wake-up calls before, all of which have fallen flat. The same people are always woken up, namely us and we have been wide awake for a long time.

              I think we need to talk and share more about the impending, threatening transformations of humanity, especially across the pond.

              Thank you Dawn.

              Translated with (free version)

              Gefällt 1 Person

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